Simon is an aging actor who suffers from bouts of dementia. He is institutionalized after an incident during a Broadway play, then returns home, where he contemplates suicide in Hemingway style. When he embarks upon an affair with an ex-girlfriend’s amoral bisexual daughter, Pegeen his world starts to fall apart. It ends on stage, with even Axler’s audience and fellow actors unsure what’s real and what’s not.

Also Known As: Septintas veiksmas, La sombra del actor, Kiégés, Upokorzenie, Un nuevo despertar, The Humbling, O Último Ato, En toute humilité: The Humbling, The Last Act, Mapala, Az utolsó felvonás, En toute humilité, Dönüm Noktasi, Принизяването, Унижение, Der letzte Akt, Η ταπείνωση, A Humilhação

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