Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. They don’t know they’ve been chosen – for a very specific purpose – The Hunt.::Universal Pictures

Also Known As: Lov, Polowanie, The Hunt, A Caçada, Ловът, Vadászat, Medziokle, La cacería, Охота, Полювання, La caza, Το Κυνήγι, La chasse

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  • justin-black
    justin black

    The Most Dangerous Game, Deadly Prey, Hard Target, The Condemned, Manhunt: hunting humans for sport has been done to death in the movies, but not since Turkey Shoot (AKA Escape 2000 or Blood Camp Thatcher) has it been so unashamedly gory and so much fun. In addition to providing the viewer with plenty of over-the-top violence, The Hunt delivers a healthy dose of scathing social satire, making it a hugely enjoyable way to spend 89 minutes (the perfect run-time for a film of this ilk).The film sees twelve strangers waking up in a wooded area with no idea how they got there. Making their way to a clearing, they discover a crate full of weapons, but no sooner have they armed themselves than they find themselves under fire from their abductors – a group of rich liberals who have selected their prey for their ‘deplorable’ conservative views. Unfortunately for the hunters, one of their unwilling targets, Crystal (Betty Gilpin), is a highly trained servicewoman who isn’t too chuffed about her predicament.From the opening assault on the abductees, which is chock full of cartoonish gore, to the wonderfully executed, lengthy and very brutal final fight scene between Crystal and Athena (Hilary Swank), the leader of the liberals, The Hunt is pure fun. The playful script by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof delivers a few neat surprises regarding the nature of some of the characters (although we never do find out whether Don is ‘in on it’), while director Craig Zobel displays a lot of flair for both action and comedy – I sure hope we’ll be seeing more from him soon (fingers crossed that the Corona virus doesn’t kill this film’s chances at the box office).I know there hasn’t been a lot of competition (Cats, Sonic, Fantasy Island, Brahms, Birds of Prey-hell, even The Invisible Man disappointed), but The Hunt is easily my favourite film of the year so far. 8/10.

  • geoffrey-perkins
    geoffrey perkins

    The Hunt is the third Blumhouse film this year and whilst it’s no Invisible Man, it’s miles better than Fantasy Island. The Hunt is 89 minutes of non-stop fun. It’s insanely enjoyable and stupidly fun. It doesn’t take itself seriously as you can tell from the start. The opening 15 minutes were awesome.The film is amusingly funny especially at the hyper violent deaths sometimes. It really is creative in that aspect at times.The main character played by Betty Gilpin is great here. Everyone else has limited time in their roles but they still shine at times.There isn’t really any downtime. It is short, sweet and to the point. That being said the film isn’t really anything more than watching people die with some politics mixed in with it but it works so well. It isn’t biased, it’s just used as a comedy aspect.

  • krssnnmuurti-jyotsnaa
    krssnnmuurti jyotsnaa

    Good concept, absolutely ruined by sheer cringey acting. I think this is probably the worst film I’ve ever paid to watch. How it made it as far as the cinema is beyond me.

  • lot-van-rijthoven
    lot van rijthoven

    There may be spoilers here, so I’ll make it as such.The Most Dangerous Game. That’s all this really is. They try and add some dark humor elements but none of that matters because it falls apart because it’s so utterly unbelievable. I mean the premise of the idea is always unbelievable to begin with but this one isn’t good.Here’s why it doesn’t work.-It’s entirely unbelievable from top to bottom- Game, set, match.This is the single biggest killer. If you watch another movie that’s done the premise better like Surviving the Game it at least remotely possible even as remote as it might be and it’s better acted.The graphic violence here doesn’t really add anything to this. Adding dark humor combined with the graphic violence leaves it seeming less political and more like a campy b grade horror comedy film. The plot works in a darker grittier film but here it just comes off as silly. If I want silly humor then I’ll watch Shaun of the Dead.Now I have nothing against attempting to do a horror/comedy/satire. Rideshare is a movie that did a good job of it. It didn’t try and be more than it was. The Most Dangerous Game works in theory if you look at the loose plot outline, but movies like The Thinning carry a political element to it better without rehashing as much of a rehashed story.It doesn’t help that the end is also formulaic and predictable.If you want The Most Dangerous Game watch Surviving the Game, it’s at least remotely believable and better acted. If you want some sort of humor with a hint of social commentary disguised as a horror watch Rideshare. 2003’s version Texas Chainsaw Massacre combines humor, violence and horror better if you want more violence. If you want a darker take on political thought without all the b grade horror campiness watch The Thinning or The White King.

  • aurora-camacho-amor
    aurora camacho amor

    I was very pumped for this film to come out last September and thought the trailer looked absolutely bonkers in the best way but then came all of the backlash from both political sides and it was cancelled. I was very upset at this once again happening to an anticipated film or show much like the Deathwish remake and the punisher series. I still held out hope that it would be released eventually and luckily they had the guts to do so. In fact their recent media spots have only exploited the controversy of the cancellation/delay and it may work in favor of Blumhouse. For all we know this was just a smart media ploy to bring attention to the climate we are living in.The film itself is an absolute intense wild ride full of action, brutality, and some undeniable Sociopolitical commentary that does a great job at showing just how radically extreme things can get with people’s morals and beliefs on both sides of the spectrum . The violence is purely gratuitous and no holds barred. The planning is never what you expected to be an actually very well written. The conclusion is very smart and will have many people shocked and maybe even triggered but I think that’s the whole point of a film like this.The cast is very well put together with some familiar faces They all do a decent job though many don’t last as you will see. Overall as I said this is a very vicious film that will be sure to divide sides but in a climate like this it works on many levels.

  • songurkan-karadeniz
    songurkan karadeniz

    The makers of The Hunt most feel prophetic. The pre-release uproar over it could serve as a companion piece. Some of the conservatives who prejudged this one might have a hard time swallowing the message of this film as its theme mirrors such ignorance (truly a lack of knowledge; it isn’t a jab) among conservatives and liberals alike. Which is a shame bc they probably would have enjoyed seeing the jabs themselves and liberals. The latter group gets the brunt of the caricatures and satire, but it’s pretty evenhanded.As for the film itself, well, it’s a mixed bag. The script and its star are the real highlights here. I won’t mention the latter anymore bc part of the fun is not knowing who the protagonist is. The only major problem of the film is the directing. It almost feels like two different movies. The first half is clumsy and rarely hits any of the marks it is going for. Thankfully, the script and some of the actors can get us through this part. Then halfway through something magical happens. We get a scene that is just three actors sitting in chairs talking. And all of sudden the film seems to know what it is. A coherent tone and visual style shine through to the end. And to top it off we are treated to one of the best female on female fights since Kill Bill.All it all, it’s good fun that takes swipes as where we are as a society. And it’s much better than all the low scores from the conservative hit squad.

  • mhaadev-maandiip
    mhaadev maandiip

    Poor attempt at recreating surviving the game. My advice would be save your money and watch surviving the game

  • karlo-poulsen
    karlo poulsen

    Pure fun. Bloody, hilarious and Betty Gilpin is fantastic. Do not look for deeper meanings. Enjoy!

  • sergio-debora-cunha
    sergio debora cunha

    Wow, what a surprise…This movie was HILARIOUS…If you like Horror comedies, you should love this movie…VERY well done!!

  • fazekas-g-gabor
    fazekas g gabor

    This movie was awesome! It’s listed as horror, but there was plenty of action and comedic moments as well… will be watching this again soon!

  • milada-kolarova
    milada kolarova

    The witt with this movie comes from the fact that the smart ones play stupid and the stupid ones play smart. Imagine The Hunger Games with a bit of Hide and Seek. And that’s what this movie is. The liberals play the bad guys, and the conservatives play the good guys. Which was anything BUT how the right wing media outlets portrayed it as. The acting from the protagonist Betty Gilpin is one of the best things about this movie! She took her role and absolutely ran with it. Where the film does fall flat is from it’s extremely predictable plotline. Which copies from various thriller films made in the past. Overall I liked this movie! It was dark comedy with a strong politically charged twist.

  • paula-tate
    paula tate

    I enjoyed the political potpourri of every party, background and lifestyle. Betty Gilpin character delivers an action packed heroine that will have everyone cheering.

  • bruna-do-azevedo
    bruna do azevedo

    A daft nonsensical mess of a film with very little in dialogue with no consistency, the humour is a problem at best and a very poor cast other than the bad ass blonde ofcourse who held the film in her lonesome.

  • sr-a-joaquin-rael
    sr a joaquin rael

    How interesting that so much controversy would be generated by a film an inherently, and deliberately, silly as this one.A group seemingly unconnected Americans, of various ages and genders, awake to find themselves on a strange compound with the only clue to their situation being a large crate nearby. The crate contains a variety of weapons. Once armed, the people are then picked off by an unseen enemy.I don’t know why I’m being so coy in my synopsis, as you’ll know from any of the advertising that the film is about “liberal elites” hunting “deplorables”. What you won’t get is the tone of the film, which is pretty much a comedy. A black comedy at times admittedly, but occasionally just an out and out comedy. The film I’d most compare it too is “Cabin in The Woods” – as it takes a similarly well worn premise and manages to do some different and new things with it. However, “The Hunt” doesn’t have “Cabin’s” rewatchability. Once you know the plot, I can’t really see another reason to come back to it.I’d also say, the trailer for the film really does the movie a disservice, as it gives away a couple of the films secrets, including revealing who the lead “Liberal” is played by – which the movie goes to great lengths to keep concealed. The deaths are nicely done though, and often come out of nowhere, with a wonderful practical feel to the effects and it’s a funny film, occasionally laugh out loud so. Betty Gilphin is great, as ever, in this.The controversy that’d dogged the film seems pretty silly once you’ve seen it. – although the advertising has played into it too – so they only have themselves to blame. I felt the film not only attacks both sides in equal measure but has an overall message of once you scratch the surface there being more that unites us than divides us.It’s a solid, entertaining film – just not one with much replay value.

  • sig-ra-piersilvio-serra
    sig ra piersilvio serra

    I’ve been waiting so long to see this and I wasn’t disappointed!! Lots of action and lots of on the edge tension! Betty Gilpin is great!! Honestly loved!!

  • alois-moravec
    alois moravec

    The Hunt is a film that loses itself in its own cleverness.When a bunch of “degenerates” are thrown together by a group of rich people and hunted for sport, its up to the small group to try to escape and find who is doing it to them.The film isn’t close enough to Hostel, from which it borrows plenty of its ideas, whilst also being way too far away from anything that works well enough to make this film truly enjoyable.The mysterious Athena who is behind all the events of the film is not revealed until way too far into the action, in a move which makes absolutely no sense. Why attempt to keep it a secret before showing her face? It was lined up to be a big reveal then just felt all a bit “so what?” when it happens.We then have the 12. The reason they are there is touched upon for a couple of them but never really explored. You have some of them who cinema goers may recognise who just get killed off way too quickly, although some of the deaths are executed pretty well.But everything just feels like it gets lost inside a good idea. When it gets to the end following one big confrontation and moves into a one to one confrontation, you kinda feel like it doesn’t actually matter… Then there is one major gaping plot hole around the text message and then the setup of the events of the film which just doesn’t make any sense at all.It’s bang average and should have been either a full blown thriller, or a hilarious black comedy, but it falls way short of both and just never really delivers anything it should.

  • dr-anthony-barros
    dr anthony barros

    Greetings again from the darkness. Let’s face it. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. In the wake of mass shootings, the release date of this film was delayed when its subject matter was deemed controversial, even scandalous The film’s new marketing slogan became, “The most talked about movie of the year is one that no one’s actually seen.” Of course, it wasn’t really true, as very few were actually talking about it. But that’s what made it genius marketing … they created interest amidst controversy that has since proven unnecessary. Director Craig Zobel (Z FOR ZACHARIAH, 2015) has delivered the least controversial, non-polarizing film of the year. It basically laughs at extremes on the left and right, and reminds us how laughing at something can often take away its power. And regardless of your “side”, you’ll find some laughs here.If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that the premise has a group of liberal elites hunting a hand-selected group of social media-active MAGA deplorables. It’s a twist on Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, although the modern day rich aren’t hunting for sport, but rather for political affiliation – gun lovers and climate change deniers. That may sound politically charged, but in fact, it plays as more comedy than comeuppance. Sure, the violence is over-the-top and often quite graphic, but this is a skewering of both red and blue.Preventing the project from falling into B-movie muck is a standout performance from Betty Gilpin (“Glow”) as Crystal. She’s a Rambo-type who speaks (with a southern drawl) only when necessary, and seems to have learned a lot while serving in Afghanistan. Most of the time she looks like she has “a pinch between her cheek and gum” (a tip of the Stetson to Walt Garrison), and she also hums to herself and tosses down some unusual facial expressions. This is a seriously oddball performance that is the film’s highlight.One of the best sequences of the film comes quite early as the dozen or so ‘deplorables’ slowly wake-up and find themselves gagged in a field. A container of weapons leads to an early massacre that allows the filmmaker to tease us with numerous familiar faces taking turns as the heir-apparent lead. Some of the faces that pop up include Ike Barinholtz, Wayne Duvall, Ethan Suplee, Emma Roberts, Christopher Berry, Sturgill Simpson, Kate Nowlin, Amy Madigan, Reed Birney, Glenn Howerton, Hannah Alline (flight attendant), and Usman Ally.Of course we know this is headed to a showdown between Crystal and Athena (2-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank), the ringleader of the hunting party. A fight scene reminiscent of the KILL BILL movies (sans Samurai swords) takes place at Athena’s “manor”, and it is stunningly staged and executed. Unfortunately this scene also highlights the mostly inadequate dialogue that exists throughout the film. Some of the quips click, but many fall flat – surprising since the co-writers Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof have previously collaborated on “Watchmen” and “The Leftovers.”Blumhouse Productions keeps cranking out these offbeat genre films, and this one likely benefits from a misplaced scandal, and it strives for self-importance by comparing itself to George Orwell’s “Animal House” and with an obscure reference to TEARS OF THE SUN (2013). It’s not at the level of last year’s gem READY OR NOT, and it missed the opportunity to make some political points, but it’s a hoot to watch and as an added bonus, Hilary Swank teaches us the proper way to make a grilled cheese sandwich!

  • ltaa-saayaa
    ltaa saayaa

    Oh boy this is fun.”The Hunt” had preview screenings tonight, and I am SO glad I went to one. I have not been this entertained by a movie in a long time.Originally scheduled for release late last year, due to media spin about a movie most of the complainers hadn’t seen, Blumhouse Productions delayed the release, while they waged a quiet counter-campaign.They were right, to do so. This movie IS NOT what the hue-and-cry suggested it is. To be sure, “The Hunt”is about political leftists hunting political conservatives (aka: “Deplorables”) for sport, but this is satire; tightly scripted, brilliantly executed, and with every trace of polemics themselves lampooned for dark…very dark…laughs.”The Hunt” is above all funny. If you have the sense of humor for it. It is also grisly; filled with flying body parts and graphic violence worthy of the horror movies Blumhouse is rapidly becoming famous for. But all of that is in service to political satire from which no point on the spectrum escapes unsoiled.Best of all is the direction. Delightful twist follows carefully delivered surprise again and again. And just when I though I had the algorithm figured out, Director Craig Zobel gently pulls the rug, and I laugh at myself for thinking I could anticipate any of it.”The Hunt” is rated “R”, and it earns it. As I said, the violence is graphic and real. The language is as legitimate as angry people arguing for their lives, and their beliefs.I would not say that the movie gains any special benefit from being seen in a theater, but I have a feeling this film is going to be a HUGE hit, and if you wait for a home release, you may experience people spoiling it for you. At the very least, you will be an outsider, listening to people rave about “The Hunt”.I give it nine stars.Nine very shiny stars.

  • benizelos-siranous-mpillas
    benizelos siranous mpillas

    I know that none of the bad reviewers even watched this movie. It’s not really a left or right movie but it shows how bad both of those sides are and the hero actually seems to be like most of us, somewhere in the middle. I hope people will give it a watch before passing judgment on it.

  • alan-czak
    alan czak

    It had similar vibes of Ready Or Not, ideas and themes of The Purge and the unpredictability of The Cabin In The Woods. The first act is pretty strong and it really throws you off course as to who you think the main protagonist will be. That just set me up nicely for not having a clue of where it could go next. It moves at a good pace, the violence is brutal but cartoonish in its execution, the gags are solid and go down brave but potentially dangerous routes. I was fine with them. But it wouldn’t surprise if some might offend the SJW cinema-goers. While the end was the most formulaic part of the film. The journey getting there made it a worthwhile watch.

  • bogdanova-evdokiia-valerievna
    bogdanova evdokiia valerievna

    Good: Great idea on paper, yet never fully reaches its full potential and does not fully develop, lacking a full cohesive story. The acting is average all around with Betty Gilpin being the standout of a strong female lead. There is humor to be had, but not much with just a lot of quick quips here and there. The film starts off great, but then fizzles away with pacing issues…Bad: The writing is messy, and the middle drags. The story just does not add up to much and lacks depth and production.Overall: The movie tries to be political but never quite works out. The advertisements and political uproars are unnecessary. The film has a unique idea, but the low budget world does not come together.2.5/5

  • aldo-dragobratovic
    aldo dragobratovic

    Take a hint, my title is satirical, as was this film. Anyone finding the need to pick a political side from this film needs to give their heads a shake. This was pure mindless entertainment, and writers Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof nailed it! I want/ed more! Directing by Craig Zobel was excellent. Casting was perfect, and both Gilpin and Swank delivered. Despite the awesome violence and gore, in the end, it’s just a feel-good movie, comedic in nature, as one bad guy after another gets what everyone in the audience thinks they deserved. The critics got this one wrong – they either took it too politically, or had their neck-ties on too tight. A definite recommend from me, and a well deserved 9/10!

  • jacopo-riva
    jacopo riva

    What a lovely coincidence. Recently i saw Amazon Prime’s Hunters, then McQueen’s The Hunter n now this n later Mads Mikkelsen’s The Hunt.Inspite of so many movies based on the similar plot where humans r hunted as a sport, this movie is still a very good, fast paced, action/horror/thriller with enuff humor to entertain. It even boasts of two lovely ladies in great shape n a scene of eyeball horror for Fulci’s fans. The last fight is similar to the one from Kill Bill. The initial kills were totally unpredictable.

  • srlaa-diikssit
    srlaa diikssit

    Much more enjoyable than expected.The beginning of it is funny enough, but it is the ensuing few scenes which are riotously HILARIOUS and make it worth watching- I literally laughed until I cried.Toward the middle of the film, there is a wide gap where the laugh-out-loud moments are slowed and further and further apart, but still bring a smile or giggle here and there. The ending while okay, is overshadowed by a preceding fight scene that is one for the books. It was really, really well done.The best part of the entire movie though, and what makes it stand out, is that if a person watching has more than two brain cells, the dialogue is spot-on close-to-perfect in mocking BOTH SIDES of the political divide. And here, is what I think people are missing: NEITHER side is depicted as being ‘better’ than the other. Or worse. It has fun at the expense of everyone and it doesn’t do it in any overtly mean way, but in a way where we can nod and nod and nod and laugh … at ourselves … no matter who we are or where we stand.Lastly, a horror film – it is not. Somewhat gory, yes. A “horror” film? no.7.2/10

  • aurelia-tomescu
    aurelia tomescu

    This movie was written to basically call everyone an idiot if they base their whole lives around politically based ideological garbage. It’s saying that regardless of being far right or far left you’re still basically the same breed of moron and that it’s the people living in the middle, who are actually trudging away just living our lives, are the actual badasses. Well not me specifically, but the general “we”. The people who ignore the extremes of politics and just get things done. This movie portrays that in the least subtle way possible and I thought it was pretty hilarious.There is almost no plot to this movie, which I’m sure will turn people off, but that’s honestly what I liked about it because as commentary it speaks to political discourse that we see every day. It’s all crap on both sides. Just buzz words and stupid conspiracy theories with both sides trying to paint each other into a box with very specific ideologies. Then we have the protagonist, a woman we know nothing about, nothing is ever explained about her, and she just takes over everything. It’s all a very hamfisted analogy for modern society but I thought it was hilarious.The plot is dumb, the characters are disposable, you never know what’s going to happen next, everyone is insulted by the end, and Betty Gilpin does a hilarious job of just being bizarre. She also shows off some of her skills she’s developed from starring on GLOW and her body is crazy tight in this. This is overall just a silly, ridiculous, popcorn flick with gratuitous violence…which is exactly what we need in an overly charged political era. It’s a 6 because it’s no masterpiece or anything, but it’s plenty enjoyable.