The Incredible Truth-2013
Genre: Horror
Director: Tak-Sam Leong
Writer: Tak-Sam Leong
Stars: Christy Chung, Yan Liu, Denden, Ikki Funaki, Tony Ho
Countries: China

An artist named Jiajia promised to show her girl friend Wei Ling around in Japan but eventually fails to show up for no reason. After Wei Ling goes and gets accommodated in a family-run hot spring hotel of Shimizu, Jiajia’s Japanese boyfriend, she begins her endless weird experience as if she’s haunted, and the hotel even sinks into a series of horrible homicides, in which the victims are all family members of the Shimizu’s without exception. Every clue found is connected to Jiajia.

Also Known As: Ren jian zheng fa, The Incredible Truth, Kuroisatsui, Yan gan jing fat Hong

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