When Ex Colonel Merton discovers a burglar ransacking his home, he is shocked to find out that the thief is a former trooper from his tank regiment. When the thief escapes, Merton tries to contact former members of the regiment, in order to find out what set the thief on the road to crime.

Also Known As: The Intruder, Inkräktaren, Provalnik, Kutsumaton vieras, The Intruder New, Le visiteur nocturne, Um Ladrão na Noite, 6 Came Back, De indringer, Otan sopasoun ta polyvola, L'intrus, En mand jages, Six Came Back, Όταν σωπάσουν τα πολυβόλα, Indbrudstyven, O Intruso, Intrusul

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