A young married couple buys a beautiful house on several acres of land, only to find out that the man they bought it from refuses to let go of the property.

Also Known As: Intruder, Intruso, Незваный гость, Ke Xâm Nhâp Bí Ân, El ocupante, L'intrus, O Intruso, The Intruder, Motivated Seller

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  • mareike-weitzel
    mareike weitzel

    “Traffik” director Deon Taylor’s “The Intruder” (* OUT OF ****) qualifies as a potboiler. Webster’s defines potboiler as “a usually inferior work (as of art or literature) produced chiefly for profit.” Indeed, this dreadful B-movie about the trials and tribulations of homeowners serves up little more than an inventory of clichés. The thrills and chills in this psychological thriller are so scarce that this mediocre PG-13 rated yarn never yields any palatable, white-knuckled suspense. Its single-digit body count marks it as lukewarm from fade-in to fadeout. Nevertheless, this Screen Gems’ release coined $10-million during its first weekend in release on an $8-million budget! Statistically, “The Intruder” won’t shatter any box 0ffice records like Marvel’s “Avengers’ Endgame,” but director Deon Taylor and “Obsessed” scenarist David Loughery have doubled their haul with this monotonous, grade-Z melodrama. Actually, low-budget horror movies rank consistently as some of the most profitable Hollywood films. Creepy old white guy Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid of “Vantage Point”) sells his beloved manor in scenic Napa Valley, California, to a young, attractive, upscale, African-American couple, Scott (Michael Ealy of “Think Like A Man”) and Annie Russell (Meagan Good of “Shazam!”), for about $3-million. Every time the Russells turn around, however, they find Charlie loitering on the premises. After he sold the house, Charlie lies to them that he will probably drive to Florida, where his daughter lives, but he just cannot find it in his heart to abandon the house that has meant far more to him than we’ll ever know. Similarly, Dennis Quaid co-starred with Sharon Stone in director Mike Figgis’ sinister house thriller “Cold Creek Manor” (2003). Quaid and Stone played homeowners who left behind the chaos of New York City to take their son and daughter into the woods so they could get away from all the hustle and bustle. They bought a bank-foreclosed mansion, which had once belonged to an ex-con who has just been released from jail and appeals to them for a job. Since they are renovating the house, the ex-con persuades them to hire him because he knows more about the place than anybody. Comparatively, “Coal Creek Manor” winds up being ten times more exciting and entertaining than “The Intruder.”Advertising executive Scott and his free-lance journalist wife Annie sell their boisterous San Francisco penthouse and buy a quiet home in the country so they can start a family. Meanwhile, personal and professional misfortunes have strained Charlie so drastically he has no alternative but to sell his dream house. Christened Foxglove and built in 1905, this charming, ivy-covered villa lies nestled in the heart of America’s famous wine vineyards. Scott and Annie fall in love with Charlie’s sprawling mansion, and they want it. Reluctantly, Charlie sells it for a little over $3-million. Just when they think they have seen the last of him, friendly old Charlie behaves like a hopeless nuisance. For example, he mows the yard for them, but Annie doesn’t find him as insufferable as Scott does. The first time they meet the widowed homeowner, Charlie kills a deer with a high-powered rifle. Naturally, this horrified them, but they accept Charlie’s explanation that the deer was destroying vegetation on the estate. Nevertheless, Scott is forever traumatized by the shooting. We learn he abhors guns because his brother died from a gunshot wound. Predictably, he has a meltdown when Charlie visits them armed with a rifle. Initially, the couple treats Charlie as a relative who has worn out his welcome. Indeed, everything Charlie has ever known is wrapped up in this remote mansion and its many rooms. Eventually, however, certain things don’t add up. The first 45 minutes of “The Intruder” introduces us to Scott and Annie and then Charlie, and we learn Charlie regards the house and its rustic acreage as hallowed ground. For example, Scott’s colleague from work, Mike Renfro (Joseph Sikora of “Jack Reacher”), drops a cigarette butt on the property, then discovers later somebody has burned a hole in the leather upholstery of his sports car. The relationship between Charlie and Mike reflects the dark, tormented side of Charlie. Unfortunately, Taylor and Loughery turn Charlie into an instant B-movie villain without allowing his villainy to evolve believably, so we know a clash is inevitable between Charlie and the Russells. Earlier, some questions arise about other disturbances in the woods, which were unfairly attributed to Charlie. Kids prowl the forest around the palatial house, making out and getting drunk on it. Nevertheless, Scott has doubts about, but not enough to make the first strike. Scott sees through Charlie’s ingratiating manner much faster than Annie, but she gives him the benefit of the doubt. It is exasperating that Annie isn’t as intuitive about Charlie as Scott. The filmmakers turn Charlie into a leering psycho and the ultimate confrontation is drawn out while Annie fears that Scott is relapsing into marital infidelity. Before they were wed, Scott cheated on her, and an incident occurs with a client that revives Annie’s dreadful memories. Similarly, the longer they reside in Foxglove, the more they learn about the enigmatic Charlie and his notoriety.”The Intruder” amounts to a shallow carbon-copy of countless stalker sagas. Scott should have driven Charlie off the premises, but Scott gets tangled up himself in a web of his own deceit. When he is flirting with a woman after hours at a bar, Scott dispatches Mike to keep an eye on Annie. Mike doesn’t stand a chance against Charlie, and only then does the image of Charlie as a maniac emerge at its most malignant. Mind you, Dennis Quaid steals the picture, making Charlie seems harmless initially before he changes into a homicidal maniac. Sadly, Michael Ealy and Meagan Good both languish in woefully under-written roles that cast them as completely clueless. By this time, “The Intruder” has sacrificed any semblance of subtlety. The dialogue is as forgettable as the plot. Ironically, as brain-dead as this heroic couple are, you may hope Charlie succeeds in his treacherous plans.

  • angel-mullen
    angel mullen

    The movie has been rated by only 136 people so far. We should wait a little bit more. However what surprised me was the Metascore which is completely irrelevant for a movie that used a classical way of evolution in its line of action, without falling in the trap of predictable movements. Its action tends to be the closest to reality. Review your reviews as it shouldn’t be quickly condemned.

  • denise-thomas
    denise thomas

    It’s fun… that’s it. There’s nothing unique about it, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously by adding some good laughs along the way. There weren’t any glaring plot holes, and the acting was decent . It’s a no frills thriller. If you’re looking for a good date night this will do the trick.

  • lori-murray
    lori murray

    The bad guy is white straight man owning guns wearing a maga hat and full of toxic masculinity. Lol. However, no matter how left the movie intended to go, the protagonist constantly declare gun free zoom on his property and filing for restraint order totally made the bad guy listen {except it didn’t}. It is funny how in the end the protagonist realized 2nd Amendment saves life.

  • gintalas-sigita
    gintalas sigita

    Of course this was not supposed to be a masterpiece. Yes it’s predictable but it had its moments. It’s a silly fun movie which keeps you on your seat. I had a good time and 2 extra stars just for Dennis quaid. He gave a crazy fun performance which made me and other audience feel uncomfortable at certain times. Especially the shower scene in bathroom, that’s just pure gold. It’s so uncomfortable that you’ll just laugh. Overall its a fun movie to watch with your friends in a weekend.

  • dan-hethur
    dan hethur

    I give this an 8 for beautiful scenery, good acting, Dennis Quaid’s creepy performance, suspense, and actually being original in the home invader trope.Surprisingly entertaining. Worth the price or movie popcorn.

  • brittany-durham
    brittany durham

    I give this movie an 8 for entainment, acting, beautiful scenery, suspense, and actually doing something original eith the home invasion trope.Definitely worth the price of popcorn.

  • susan-griffin
    susan griffin

    I’m not a movie critic so, I won’t get all analytical about the plot and production. It was a really good thriller that had us gasping and jumping…it was well worth the price of admission and a great way to spend our time! Highly recommend!!

  • jacqueline-moran
    jacqueline moran

    Terrible acting from the couple and terrible acting from Dennis Quaid with his silly smile. Story line was weak, so many ridiculous sub-plots and irritating on so many levels. The husband was simply awful, his wife was just as bad, and their smoking friend was an idiot. Very disappointing and suggest that you don’t bother with this.

  • loginova-margarita-lvovna
    loginova margarita lvovna

    Jumped out of our seats multiple times. Loved this movie. Dennis Quaid does not disappoint. Plays a great role. Story line well written. I liked it better than the movie US that’s out right now.

  • ricky-figueroa
    ricky figueroa

    This movie was absolutely amazing.. why are people so down about it? I found every second of The movie very entertaining.. Charlie was an amazing character

  • andrea-eaton
    andrea eaton

    …to the likes of Eric Roberts to accept any role to acquire a paycheck. On the one hand, the film is fun (thus my 2 stars), but it is full of new Left propaganda about guns, race, and subtle comments against Conservatives. This is what we expect from Hollywood these days. Propaganda.

  • laura-lam
    laura lam

    Just looks awful even though Dennis Quaid was believable as the psycho, I didn’t care for M Good’s character. So dumb and naive she was, which made me mad her character was so naive that it began to annoy me a bit. Annie “the wife” has to be one of the DUMBEST characters I ever seen in a movie. She was dumber than a blonde bimbo in a Friday the 13th movie. Never seen Dennis Quaid in a role like this before. Sorry to say it sucked. It was long, and slow, I am all for black leads in a film but we have to stop making this trash. Stop supporting it. And demanding better written/ directed material. This movie belong in the 90s. Snooze. Sad that Dennis Quaid is wasting his talents in movies like this

  • laura-patel
    laura patel

    Extremely predictable I have no idea why the good reviews or I mean glowing reviews?!!? I mean it’s watchable but if you’ve ever watched movies before u know every single thing that’s going to happen. I felt this from the first 5 minutes of this movie, but saw Dennis Quaid & thought ok maybe itll surprise me…nope. Idk I guess I’m not mad I rented it for 1.75 lol.

  • kenneth-tapia
    kenneth tapia

    Starts out in a capitalism friendly sort of way w/these quotes: “Closed the deal.” “#1 earner in our company.” So w/lots of money in hand, hopefully no harm to any living thing or planet, our nouveau riche are off to buy a small country estate, but the previous owner has issues. Usual lots of dumb mistakes (how did they get so wealthy) to keep the tension brewing. Usual former owner has his nasty sneaky ways. Predictable events & ending. Acting, dialogue – barely passing.

  • martha-gross
    martha gross

    I’m being generous with a 5/10 only for Dennis Quaid. He’s a damn good actor and fit as a fiddle. But his performance couldn’t save the film when the Meagan’s character is very dumb right from the writer’s desk looks like. Ambiance is also ruined by her daftness which makes the hip hop tunes during the sex scenes more laughable. Can’t black actors have intercourse without a rom com suited song LOL. Some people can sit through this (fans of Michael and Meagan ) and fans of acting will be very disappointed by the end.

  • kazimierz-wisz
    kazimierz wisz

    First off, this has nothing to do with the political undertones imployed throughout the film, even though the movie was full of them.Walking out of the theater, I remember thinking, “This was potentially the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. It was incredibly predictable, the humor was terrible. Whenever I was supposed to be afraid, I laughed. Whenever I was supposed to laugh, I scratched my head.” After further review, this wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it was close. Every jump scare was cookie cutter, repeated from thousands of horror movies (all better than this one).The tensest moment of this film, while Dennis Quaid’s character is staring into the mirror, was comedic goal. In fact, the entire theater errupted in laughter in what was supposedly a rigid and “terrifying” scene. It epitomized the flop this movie was. Although Dennis Quaid did a fantastic job playing the “crazy conservative”, I’m not sure his performance rubbed off on anyone.I would never see this movie again, and it was a waste of $11, and nearly two hours of my time. It did a diservice to the political cause it was attempting to progragate.

  • amanda-mayer
    amanda mayer

    This movie had the dumbest portrayal of characters I have ever seen. Quaid was predictable, and that’s because Good and Ealy played the dumbest roles as homeowners dealing with a stalker who invaded there space at every turn and did absolutely nothing about it until the very end. There was so much stupidity in almost every scene that you just wanted to get to the ending, knowing that that is not how real homeowners handle intruders. They will shoot your trespassing ass on day one you show up on their property unannounced. This movie was totally asisnine and the writing was dumb down and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who is older than twelve years old.

  • matthew-day
    matthew day

    It was fun, entertaining and suspenseful! The movie gives you early 2000’s film vibes where it isn’t over-dramatic and doesn’t try too hard like a lot of movies do now-a-days. There’s a few laughs in there but it still maintains the suspenseful vibe it’s suppose to. I was skeptical about going to see it given the iffy reviews but it definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s worth watching.

  • ronald-carroll
    ronald carroll

    I thought this movie was awful all the way around. Terrible writing, predictable plot, the acting of Meagan Good was terrible but some of that was due to the way her character was written. Overall it just didn’t work for me at all. Two good points of the movie was Dennis Quaid and the overall scenery on the movie.

  • michael-woods
    michael woods

    Sorry but when you make a movie with this cliched storyline, you absolutely have to make it different from the many films like it we’ve seen before. This didn’t stand out at all. There was nothing special about it. It was just a very generic retold story. I’m not sure what the point of even making it was.

  • erik-aas
    erik aas

    It started off being promising . Then it became a cliche and very predictable . Then end scene was very clumsy and it seemed as though the director just wanted to get the movie over with . Maybe he didn’t want to go over budget .Some scenes were just plonked in and didn’t flow in the movie . And didn’t need to be in there ! It was like to fulfil the cliche ‘this and that ‘ had to be in the movie , so they dumped it in!Dennis Quad’s acting was great at the beginning , even in the middle part he was good , but then suddenly he started overacting . Why? It’s much creepier when an actor is silent and works with his eyes and slow movements, instead of overplaying the role. Quad looked ridiculous in the final sceneThe final 5 seconds at the end was good.

  • jane-poole
    jane poole

    The people who are giving this movie such low ratings obviously go to movies to just pick apart every little detail instead of just watching and enjoying it for what it is, a fictional movie. These wannabe movie critiques like to insult people like me who just want to enjoy a simple little movie and not act like it’s my life’s mission to find every little minor detail that was flawed. Ok now with that being said, I really enjoyed this movie. It had me glued to the screen the whole time, and omg Dennis Quad’s performance was worth the price of admission, creepy times 10. If you’re expecting an Oscar winning movie, definitely not it..if you just want to see a fun little movie that had a few good jump scares and one creepy man..this is the movie for you.

  • susanne-celina-mahe
    susanne celina mahe

    Go see “The Intruder”, it is more than worth the price of admission. I really didn’t expect much from this film but a formulaic thriller, but I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t allow professional or non-professional cricis to deter you from this film. Dennis Quaid is terrifying, and he is a frightening amalgam of Jack Nicholson in the Shining, Christian Bale in American Psycho and Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. And there were a lot of nods to The Shining in this film. Meagan Good, Michael Ealy and Joseph Sikora were all very good in their roles. But Dennis Quaid stole the movie because when he was on-screen, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. His character could become one of the best and most memorable film psychos we’ve seen in years.The Intruder intruded itself into the box office with $865,000 at 2,073 North American locations on Thursday night. It also topped Lionsgate’s romantic comedy “Long Shot,” which opened with $660,000 at 2,500 locations during Thursday night preview showings. STX’s animated comedy “UglyDolls” took in $300,000 at 2,250 sites on Thursday night.

  • susan-bennett
    susan bennett

    The Intruder is about a man played by Dennis Quaid who sells his house to a young married couple. The only problem is that the man selling the house has a serious obsession over it.I went to this movie during opening weekend, and I was the only one in the theater. I don’t think that it has everything to do with the fact tha Avengers: Endgame came out the weekend before because after watching it, I can see why. This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a while.A big problem with this movie is that it’s filled with several sub-plots that go absolutely nowhere and bring it to a screeching halt on multiple occasions. There are, for example, several points in the film that test the relationship of said married couple, and a few minutes later, the tension drops immediately, making it feel absolutely pointless. There’s also a sub-plot involving the male lead who is against gun use, which is hardly foused on, which also makes it feel pointless up until the climax. I could point to other examples, but that would just drag the review.My biggest issue with the film, however, has to be that the main characters are total idiots. They make so many choices that make me question their sanity. For example, when Quaid’s character shows up frequently, which makes the male lead uncomfortable, he tells himself to call the cops, and never does. There are moments like that plagued all over the film that made me want to scream at the screen, and I should’ve, considering that I was the only one here. The female lead, in particular was absolutely atrocious, as she’s easily manipulated by Quaid’s character throughout nearly the entire film, and she doesn’t question his motives. I don’t want to get into spoilers, but there were so many instances where she could’ve thought about the fiasco with the former house owner.The only thing that saves this movie from being considered a 1 for me is Quaid’s performance as the former house owner. He does a fantastic job with what he is given to work with as the villain of this film. He comes off as discomforting, creepy and psychotic, which is exactly what I would expect from a character like this. He’s the best part of the movie by a landslide.Aside from Dennis Quaid, The Intruder was plain awful. This film is filled with so many unnecessary plot points and stupid moments that it made the movegoing experience harrowing for me.2/10