When legendary swordsman Wang Wu challenges the authority on a blanket arrest of men when really only one is guilty, his intervention (and its success) is observed by politician Tan Tzutung who tries to buy him a drink but is rebuffed. Later, Wang is attacked while getting his hair braided and Tan assists him, making them friends and allowing them to talk. Tan is a reformer but there are moves against such men and Wang knows it. He enlists Wang’s help but within the world of politics nothing is to be trusted and soon the friends are in great danger in the name of their reforming efforts.

Also Known As: Da dao Wang Wu, O Guarda Costas de Ferro, The Knight and the Scholar Hong, Le gorille de fer, O Guarda-Costas de Ferro, Wang Wu - Der Kämpfer mit dem Phönixschwert, Vasöklű testőr, The Iron Bodyguard

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