Elderly and a virtual prisoner in her own home due to her concerned staff and daughter Carol, Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman prime minister, looks back on her life as she clears out her late husband Denis’s clothes for the Oxfam shop. Denis is seen as being her rock as she first enters parliament and then runs for the leadership of the Conservative Party, culminating in her eventual premiership. Now his ghost joins her to comment on her successes and failures, sometimes to her annoyance, generally to her comfort until ultimately, as the clothes are sent to the charity shop, Denis departs from Margaret’s life forever.

Also Known As: Järnladyn, Čelična lady, Железная леди, The Iron Lady, Jernladyen, Čelična lejdi, A Dama de Ferro, La Dama de hierro, I sidira kyria, Zelezná lady Czech, Eshet ha'barzel, Untitled Margaret Thatcher Project, Η σιδηρά κυρία, La dame de fer, La dama de hierro, Żelazna Dama, Желязната лейди, Raudne leedi, Doamna de Fier, Gelezine ledi, A Vaslady, Železna lady, Demir Leydi, Die Eiserne Lady, Rautarouva, Залiзна ледi, La dama de hierro South, Jernkvinnen

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