Charlie has a “job” to do. Having just left prison, he finds one of his friends has attempted a high risk job in Italy right under the nose of the Mafia. Charlie’s friend doesn’t get very far, so Charlie takes over the “job”. Using three Mini Coopers, a couple of Jaguars, and a bus, he hopes to bring Torino to a standstill, steal the gold, and escape.

Also Known As: Wloska robota, Um Golpe em Itália, Faena a la italiana, L'or se barre, Den vilda biljakten, Italyan Usulü Soygun, A Fuga, Az olasz munka, Brottsplats Italien, Riehakas ryöstö, Listeia... ala italika, Italyan usulü soygun, Итальянская работа Soviet, Den ville biljakten, Charlie staubt Millionen ab West, Dobar posao u Italiji, Un colpo all'italiana, Ληστεία αλά ιταλικά, Maxi-job i mini-biler, Jaf în stil Italian, Um Golpe à Italiana, Az olasz meló, The Italian Job, Charlie staubt Millionen ab, Un trabajo en Italia

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