Explores Austen’s adage that general incivility is at love’s essence. Sylvia’s husband dumps her for another woman, so Bernadette and Jocelyn organize a book club to distract her. They recruit Sylvia’s daughter Allegra; Prudie, a young teacher whose marriage may be on the rocks; and Grigg, a sci-fi fan who joins out of attraction to Jocelyn. The six read and discuss one Austen novel per month. Jocelyn tries to interest Grigg in Sylvia; Allegra falls in love with a woman she meets skydiving; Prudie contemplates an affair with a student; Sylvia’s ex keeps popping up. In the discussions, characters reveal themselves in their comments. By the end, are truths universally acknowledged?

Also Known As: Le club Jane Austen, Der Jane Austen Club, A Jane Austen könyvklub, O Clube de Leitura de Jane Austen, Jane Austen -lukupiiri, Leshi gia erotevmenous, Jane Austen Book Club, Литературният клуб на Джейн Остин, Rozważni i romantyczni - Klub miłośników Jane Austen, Klub bralcev Jane Austen, The Jane Austen Book Club, Conociendo a Jane Austen, Lettre ouverte à Jane Austen, Cercul literar Jane Austen, Жизнь по Джейн Остин, Jane Austeni raamatuklubi, ジェイン・オースティンの読書会, 珍奧斯汀的戀愛教室, Il club di Jane Austen

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