In a daring attempt to end the war by Christmas, Winston Churchill and the British High Command hatch an extraordinary plan – Operation Market Garden. 35,000 British troops are dropped behind enemy lines in German occupied Holland. In the midst of the largest airborne invasion in history, one small unit of men, codename “Matchbox” has its own agenda. When Matchbox are shot down short of their landing zone, the odds of their success seem hopeless. Seven very different British soldiers find themselves separated from the Allied invasion, on a collision course with three renegade German soldiers who also want to lay claim to the horde.

Also Known As: The Last Drop, The Last Mission, The Plan, Az utolsó bevetés, Opération Matchbox, The last Mission - Das Himmelfahrtskommando, Heróis de Guerra, Ostatni zrzut, Poslednji skok, Viimeinen tehtävä, Последняя высадка, Das Himmelfahrtskommando, El último asalto

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  • jankauskas-vyte
    jankauskas vyte

    This is the kind of movie that leaves you sad. Sad for all the beginning actors who hoped this was going to be their big break. Oh, this is so not that movie.If you have any knowledge at all of WWII, you will find much more to ridicule than enjoy during this film. All the stereotypes are here, right down to the Aryan Nazi leader in polished jack boots and bad lighting. There is no character development, or character explanation, or character monologue in a mirror while shaving, to even explain why you should care which side comes out on top. Heck, for the lazy war movie guy, there’s not even a bare breast, although there is cleavage, and some more poorly lit hosiery.If you like to find inaccuracies in movies, you might eke out your rental fee. The spliced-in footage from the era was interesting but incorrect for the scene (gliders in the movie, no gliders in the footage.) Uniforms and equipment were odd lots. Possibly the worst aspect was the score, which ranged from a dopey Yankee Doodle whenever the good guys came around, to ELECTRIC guitars during a chase scene, to a really annoying spatter of notes every time a particular house was shown. Repeatedly. In case you had dozed off and couldn’t tell where the guys were.OK, was there anything good in this film? Hmm. Some explosions. Pretty colors. I hate to be completely disgusted, but I can’t let anyone else watch this movie without warning you. It’s two hours you can never get back.

  • floriana-tomescu
    floriana tomescu

    I’ve just seen “The Last Drop”. Honestly, I had to watch it twice to see the whole film, for it failed to pull me in like other wartime-movies usually do. Having seen so many excellent wartime-movies, my expectations were at the beginning fairly high. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed for “The Last Drop” is no match for great movies such as “The Great Raid” or “Saving Private Ryan”. The film lacks tension and suspense, as it shifts from one scene to another, as well as professional acting to carry out a good quality performance. I agree with the rest of you who claim the accents being indescribable and improper for everyone seems to speak with his own variety of British accent. That’s just weird. To my opinion, the whole production of the movie is bad as the storyline loses thread and a viewer is thus left confused and rather disturb. On the other hand, putting in real footage makes the film a little bit more plausible and somehow makes up for the weak script reflected in excruciatingly poor dialogue. There is some ribald sense of humor to spice things up, yet not enough to bring characters into life. All in all, the scriptwriter and the producer of the film provide a viewer with low budget special effects, bad scenery and a sort of a mish-mash of old (jazz) and modern (rock!! :S ) soundtrack music. So, if you really do want to watch a wartime-movie, try to avoid this one and pick the miniseries “Band Of brothers” or one of the above mentioned movies instead.

  • harry-marino
    harry marino

    I did not know whether to laugh or Cry and i was only 5 minutes into the movie. I am still trying to recall if i have seen acting, direction and storyline all that bad in the same film.I had to admit i had my reservations when i saw that Michael Madsen had a cameo role, that usually consists of him strolling around just thinking of collecting his paycheck and as for introducing David Ginola !!!! He is a football Player and as a Tottenham Hotspur fan i say a great one but if his football skills were as wooden as his acting skills he would have never scored a goal.Billy Zane, Billy Zane, Billy Zane what can i say, you do have Kelly Brook but yet since this has happened Jason Stathams career has gone higher and higher and i don’t think you can go any lower.On a final note the Nazis were made to look like good guys….can i say any more, please don’t subject yourself to 90 minutes of torture DO NOT WATCH THIS for your own sake.

  • ove-lundberg
    ove lundberg

    An exciting movie I thought similar to “Guns of Nararone” but with a more complex plot. The choice of actors and actresses I thought was excellent and though I cannot remember them all by name they seem to fit there parts exactly. From the dour Scots soldier with the scar on his face to the perfectly turned out SS Major, Laurence Fox I believe, son of Edward Fox? The script was well written with spatterings of humor interjected which I feel added to the overall flow of the film. The initial fight scene when the glider landed was excellent and went on for a good few minutes. I also enjoyed when the German Fighter plane, was it a Messerschmit? , attacked them, some heroism from the medic. I was not disappointed and enjoyed watching this film. Can I recommend it to others? Mmmm, depends if you want a nice enjoyable couple of hours then yes. If you want something like Vietnam movie, appocalipse now style, then no.

  • tristan-martin
    tristan martin

    Bad acting, Bad accents, Bad dialogue. Terrible music the score is suppose to accompany the film but the bar brawl 80s electric guitar grates against you’re very soul. I turned it of when the SS officer in full uniform runs through a British platoon to get to a truck and gets away with it just after he says to his side kick we will use the artillery as cover, because artillery good for that. Stupid film that try’s to by putting in real footage in the hope of paying homage but the hole film seems to be taking the Mickey out of it. It’s such a shame because with today’s special effects they could make a great WW2 film as special after Band of Brothers think of all the different places the battles took place.

  • marita-lahtinen
    marita lahtinen

    Having watched “The Last Drop” a couple of times now I thought a few comments were warranted. All necessary aspects to make up a good story seems to have been catered for in this film and this combined with good chemistry from the actors and actresses make this into a superior film. Whilst some individual performances do come to mind, the British Soldier who fancied himself as Cary Grant comes to mind, overall it was a good performance by the crew.Possibly it may be an idea to focus on the German Soldiers for a possible follow up movie, I feel there are many stories that could be told here. I was impressed by the rural setting, if this was Romania then it seems an ideal place to make this category of movie, the windmill was a added touch and it really did feel like Holland. It was a relief to see some attention had been paid to making the uniforms and other props as realistic to that period as possible. Being a model aircraft enthusiast it was a nice touch to see the Computer Graphics showing the action in the air. Blending the black and white footage into color was an adventurous move which added the feel of going back in time. Thankfully the blood and gore aspects of a war movie were not dwelled upon, I reals this is what happens in a war but is it necessary to dwell on this for what is after all entertainment. So I would consider this to be a well thought out and produced film and will be adding this to my War movie collection.

  • amr-grg
    amr grg

    I could see a train wreck coming so I didn’t bother to watch the ending of this piece of trash. Given an intelligent editor before the script was finished, there might have been a good movie. It rambled all over, and when everyone came together I could tell it would get worse. At least those of you who haven’t seen this won’t have the ending spoiled by me! The people who reviewed this movie and said they liked the effects and the props were clueless. I was seriously annoyed when I saw that idiot US Paratrooper officer (played by Michael Madsen). The paratroopers were elite troops. Clowns just didn’t make it that far. Also, I noticed that his second in command had 82nd Airborne patches, while his superior had 101st Airborne patches. Every time I saw the US paratroopers together they were wearing a mish-mash of uniforms.I imagine the Brits who know a thing or two also detested the poor props.Anyway, don’t bother with this stinkeroo.

  • sop-ia-alieva
    sop ia alieva

    This filmed sucked from the start. Its just as well the guy in command at the beginning of the film got shot coz his accent was so indescribable and annoying. And what chances did they have with a dim wit medic like that. Who ever did the music hadn’t a clue, especially when Mr Madsen appears and its some sleazy late night bar jazz music going on and as for the lame rock music in parts..well not exactly on a 1940’s theme are they. I can understand the makers were trying to be funny but it was as funny as dying of dysentery in a muddy trench. Also were the black & white cut scenes really necessary. Yes war really did happen. In fact they were probably more interesting than the rest of the film. For the few good actors it starred it could have been a great film but alas the script was weak. Worst war film I’ve watched since ‘We were Soldiers’. Madsen was in it purely to boost the sales. I feel raped of my time watching this. Harsh I know but what a disappointment. Give me Kelly Heroes any day.

  • laura-benson
    laura benson

    We all like movies, my family that is, and after some discussions decided to settle down Saturday night with this one. My wife is not really a war movie fan but she enjoyed this as much as the rest of us.The script was witty and the special effects were quite good. The seemed to be a lot of well known actors in this film, it reminded me of a more modern version of “The Wild Geese” where so many of those actors went on to really develop their careers. I personally liked the story of the heist set when the war seemed to be at a deciding point with the Allied forces advancing across Europe. Cinematography was very good and the director should be complimented. The action sequences were well done and reasonably realistic. Yes I would recommend this movie for a nice evenings enertainment with the family.

  • kristian-ojanen
    kristian ojanen

    What an awful shame … with a cast like this and and a basically sound overall plot this movie should be a good watch, but this movie fails to hit the mark – it’s films like this that put a downer on the British film industry. The film completely fails to build any character empathy until far too late and there appears to be whole chunks of key story line left on the cutting room floor and they’ve thrown in some inappropriate music where they probably couldn’t afford a proper score. In places the acting was not up to mark that some of these actors have previously made. Poor accents with low budget special effects and scenery also disappoint – I had to watch the film twice just to make sure I hadn’t got it wrong!Kelly’s Heros does a much better job of the WWII bank robbery story with the bonus of Clint and Donald!

  • beray-gunar-safak
    beray gunar safak

    This film supposedly takes place during the first few days of Operation Market Garden, which was one of the biggest Allied assaults of the Second World War. In that attack, British and U.S. forces moved north into Occupied Holland, both by land and air drop, and this tale begins with a small British parachute unit being diverted under orders to a remote location behind German lines. In fact, the first ten to twelve minutes of “The Last Drop” are really well done.Or to be charitable, the first eighteen minutes, are quite good.And then this supposed tale of British derring-do and their nemesis, an S.S. Major appointed by Adolf Hitler to steal priceless Dutch artworks and artifacts, comes unhinged. The first flaw in this rickety fictional adventure is that it has three flaws: 1. The British detachment is led by a fascinating character, a Scottish captain, who is killed in the fire-fight following their crash landing in a glider ( off course, of course ). For the rest of the film the rest of the British soldiers quarrel amongst themselves over who’s the real leader.2. The National Socialist S.S. officer is clearly an important character to the plot development but we never learn much about him, until almost the very end of the story. This is a serious flaw, as it erodes the otherwise natural dramatic tension.3. Three renegade German soldiers — who somehow know about the treasure trove of Dutch artifacts and artworks — are introduced in the crudest possible way, i.e., as they interrupt an S.S. bureaucrat while he’s in a dalliance with courtesan. Who is really a part of their plot, only the S.S. dunderhead is too stupid to figure it out.4. Oooops, there’s a fourth flaw !! This kind of a film — the “caper behind enemy lines movie,” was done with such superb dramatization and excitement in “Kelly’s Heroes,” that any film auteur who wants to take it up again had better get himself or herself the current equivalents of Donald Sutherland, Carroll O’Connor, Don Rickles and especially a world-weary Clint Eastwood as the central player or leader. This was not done here, despite the fact that the budget for this film enabled wonderfully accurate costuming, equipment and weapons, accurate replication of tactics and lingo, and some exciting battle scenes.They had the money to do a great film and they muffed it. For some wholly unknown reason they drafted Michael Madsen for a meaningful cameo role and he gave them less than a cameo’s worth of value !! The plot is an intriguing one and based on many known historical facts but the execution, directing, music and the very ending itself fail miserably. By the real end of this film I was very glad that it was the end of this film. It’s not a spy movie but it has espionage elements, it’s not a buddies at war film but it has buddies at war, it’s not a cultural and political statement about war, but it has cultural and political statements about war. Yikes. What a mess. Unless the reader can get this film on DVD for free …. forget it !!

  • khristophora-kouloumpou
    khristophora kouloumpou

    The Last Drop. This was a good and sometimes funny war/action film about a plan to end the war by Christmas by having “Operation Market Garden”. In this operation, a large number of troops get dropped behind enemy lines in German occupied Holland. The film concentrates on one unit called “Matchbox”. Matchbox get shot down and the soldiers (from all walks of life) find themselves separated from the rest of the allied invasion. They meet up again and again with German soldiers who also want some of the loot to be had. The film includes some good performances from well known actors together with some not so well known plus a well written script which has made this a good film to watch all round. Performances from the likes of Billy Zane and Michael Madsen were as expected. David Ginola also proved that he was very capable of acting as well as scoring great goals! If you like war films or just have some time to spare… watch this one. Phil.

  • anita-ishkhanyan
    anita ishkhanyan

    This was sad. The plot & apparently interesting characters made me hope for a Kelly’s Heroes redux but instead ended up with something of a Bad News Bores. All the accents were horrible, be they German, Canadian, or some British varieties. The plot assembled a complex finale that was not only impossible to follow but it looks like it was impossible to shoot as well! Neither was it clear what everyone’s motivations were so you had to just put your faith in the director & screenwriter but without any reward.Interesting characters: the mysterious British paratrooper, the Canadian pilot (he had potential), the “dutch” partisans, and the pair of German ne’er-do-wells. But as in some Greek tragedy, they’re left to flounder by the gods.Operation Market Garden did exist. It was smart to put that event as a backdrop but difficult for the producers ($$) to convincingly place Operation Matchbox in this context – apart from the special effects involved in the gliders (I hope people know that this actually happened). As a result, the collection of oddball soldiers and this plot needed to work harder than they did to make this film shine. Sadly, nothing came through.What I liked is that many characters were not black & white – something that reflects true wartime conditions when the very best & worst in men & women comes out. Regardless, this was supposed to be an entertaining film, not what it ended up being.Some would question why I would see or review such a film. I do believe in diamonds in the rough and look for charm, lucidity, and originality but not at the expense of wasting my time.

  • jamie-fisher
    jamie fisher

    Surfing through the channels I chanced upon this film and was intrigued by its title – THE LAST DROP . What would this be about ? A morbid story about a hangman perhaps ? Or vampires trying to satisfy their appetite for blood ? Strangely the info button said it was a war film about a British unit sent to retrieve some Nazi gold during the war . Hmmm a sort of British DIRTY DOZEN . Strange title for a film set during the war since it says nothing about the plot . This should have been a warning sign along with the fact that it’s a British film that I’d never heard of If the signs were bad the reality was reinforced ten minutes in to the running time . An allied officer is verbally given his mission and cut to the interior of a glider where a bunch of soldiers sit . If you’ve had zero military experience you’ll still notice there’s something wrong with the mis en scene . Is it the fact all the characters seem to have 21st century hairstyles perhaps ? Certainly you can’t fail to notice that they all seem to have different uniforms with Sgt McMillan wearing either a desert tunic or he’s been dipping his clothes in bleach . Wouldn’t an elite unit be supplied with the same uniforms and equipment Things suddenly get worse for the characters as they’re shot down and things get worse for the audience too as we’re shown rather clumsy and fundamental errors in film making . Several characters are killed in a shoot out with the Germans and supposedly we’re to feel sympathy for their deaths . The problem is we neither know or care about these characters in order to feel any type of empathy save for the fact they’re fighting Nazis . It’s also an unlikely elite unit who make operational mistakes like walking through a field in broad daylight when there’s trees to provide cover This type of clumsy film making continues throughout the film . All the time the audience are asking the question what the heck’s the secret mission about ? The screenplay also tries to disguise its underdeveloped nature by occasionally adding a plot twist such as one near the start of the film where a SS man supposedly shoots a prostitute dead . An important rule of film making and life is when you’re in a hole you stop digging All in all THE LAST DROP is an obscure British war film that deserves its obscurity . It reminds me of one of those second world war re-enactment groups where a bunch of middle aged salad dodging bank managers dress up at the weekend to show us civies what war is like . Personally I think people should just stick to watching documentaries and reading history books if they want to know about the war

  • angela-perez-verdu
    angela perez verdu

    Went to the preview screening on 8th Sept and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.A well constructed plot, with three groups trying to get their hands on looted Dutch treasure: the Germans, who want to ship it back to Berlin before the allied invasion pushes too far; the British, who want to keep it in custody until the war is over; and the renegade Germans, who want it for themselves. Nicely paced throughout, with the plot revealing itself as the film progresses.Excellent, over the top, performance from Michael Madsen with a nice swipe at US foreign policy – shooting at anything that moves without knowing why.The locations are good and the occasional use of actual archive footage is a nice touch, giving the film an authentic feel.According to Carnaby, they are still working on a distribution deal. Based on what I saw, this shouldn’t be too difficult to get.Go & see it when it comes out.

  • ida-hoglund
    ida hoglund

    An insult to the Dutch, this film.Bad acting worries no-one, even though this movie is full of it.But look at the scenery. It doesn’t even *half* look dutch. At any time. What is that contraption they bring into view repeatedly to act as different “Dutch windmills”??? Have the makers of this movie ever even seen a real one? I don’t think so.Had the makers of this movie delved slightly deeper into the material that this movie pretends to be about, I’m quite sure they would have been able to make a real good movie….The story of the various treasures stolen by the nazi’s is still actual, and it should not be told by people who do not know how a real Dutch windmill looks.Forgive me for not going into the “bad acting” part. I have never seen worse.

  • ingelise-lind
    ingelise lind

    THE LAST DROP could have been a better WW II film had the writer and director decided on the focus. The directorial choices vary from very fine (mixing black and white grainy shots from war footage with stagy though competent settings in color) to questionable (allowing a musical score including steel guitar music and contemporary sounds to intrude into a time when such instrumentation was not even known) to mediocre (allowing the actors to be caricatures instead of players in a tense drama).Essentially the story is set before Christmas with the dropping of troops via gliders into Holland to secure a secret mission involving looted Nazi treasure. The Germans are fast-driving to capture it and send it to Berlin before the Allies land. The British team is determined to maintain custody of the goods until war’s end. And then of course there is a group of self-promoting Germans who simply want to capture the treasure for their own reward. Not a bad set of conflicts, but the film’s problems are centered on some bad casting choices that prevent the momentum from being as relentlessly forward as good war films should. Some of the cast members look so much alike that it becomes difficult to determine just who is who: in one case this is intentional as the plot reveals in its ending, but in most cases it is a problem due to cramped dialects, stiff acting, and over the top parody. With the exception of Billy Zane and Michael Madsen there are no big names here and in many ways that is a good thing because the two stars are the weakest characters.Though the plot outline has possibilities – what is war but greed under different names – the mixture of ribald humor and gut-wrenching realism fail to make the story work. Grady Harp

  • clara-garcia
    clara garcia

    This exciting warlike movie is plenty of action,suspense and shot during WWII in the important campaign called Market Garden , the largest airborne invasion though failed . In a last attempt to end the war,Winston Churchill conceives an extraordinary plan , 35000 soldiers are dropped behind enemy lines in the occupied Holland by the Germans . It was a flop by the allies to finish the war quickly by securing three bridges allowing access over the Rhine towards Germany, being the most important battle ,¨the bridge of Arnhem¨ (events filmed in ¨A bridge too far¨as well by Richard Attemborough). This historic recounting was an unsuccessful operation by British and Us forces to cross the Meuse,Waal and Neder-Rijn rivers in Holland Sept 1944 . British airborne forces were to capture vital bridges at Arnhem to open the way for an armoured thrust from the south . When the airborne operation failed, the armoured force was unable to reach Arnhem and the whole operation collapsed . But into British troops there are a misfits group,one small unit , codename ¨the matchbox¨ (Billy Zane, Sean Petwee, Tommy Flannagan, Nick Moran, Neal Jackson, among others) led on a daring mission . They must discover a rousing treasure formed by artist objects . Meanwhile , another band of German crooks formed by three renegade soldiers (Karl Roden, Alexander Skarsgard, Laurence Fox) has their own agenda to steal a fortune in gold from behind enemy lines . Besides , a American sergeant (Michael Madsen) has his mean purports as well.The picture is an explosive combination of warlike feats , adventures and suspense . The plot is partially similar to ¨Kelly’s heroes¨ , as also different soldiers find themselves separated from the Allied invasion who want to claim a loot . This stirring film contains an excellent plethora of players as Billy Zane (Titanic, Cleopatra, Total calm) , Michael Madsen (Kill Bill I, II, Sin city) , Karl Roden (Fifteen minutes , BladeII, The myth of Bourne) and Laurence Fox (The Hole) , among others . The motion picture was regularly directed by Colin Teague . Rating : Average although entertaining.

  • kitan-yilmaz-yilmaz
    kitan yilmaz yilmaz

    This is my first comment on IMDb. I am a big fan of WWII films, so when I saw this one at Blockbuster I picked it up. The plot summary sounded interesting. Unfortunately, the plot summary on the DVD case was the best part of this production.I can’t really comment on the quality of the acting, because I think it is impossible for an actor to turn in a good performance when he/she is given nothing to work with. The plot was muddy to begin with, there was no clarity as to why Operation Matchbox was so important for the British. The viewer was left in the dark as to what was going on. The rationale of the SS goons did happen to make sense, but the characters were so stereotyped as to make them seem like cartoon characters with no believability at all. Finally the motivation for Vollner’s character was never make clear. He and his friend Beck just seemed like a couple of refugees out of a Three Stooges movie out to make a score.Have I mentioned the cartoon like aspect to the writing yet? Madsen’s character ( the American Colonel ) was straight out of a comic book. What American military man did the writers have n mind – someone from Hogan’s Heroes? This is the first time I have given a 1 rating to a film. But this one was so horrid it deserved it. It also deserved it for being an insult to the intelligence of WWII genre fans. This was a real stinker of a movie. There is no excuse for this sort of amateurism.

  • isabela-cunha
    isabela cunha

    I have just seen “The Last Drop” and thoroughly enjoyed the Movie. For start to finish the action was very good.I found the Plot interesting but could I feel be confusing for certain people. Whilst it was loosely based on actual events the scenario was believable and could have actually happened with spoils of war programs now being topical. I also feel the movie broke new ground in giving the aspects of the Germans. I have not doubt there are many good stories from the German perspective about the war. Laurence Fox as Major Kessler played a very good role and not doubt we shall be seeing him in many good movies in the future.I found it good to has some humor injected into the script which helped the movie to flow smoothly. The computer graphics were good and reasonably realistic. Overall the film attempted and I feel succeeded to cover all aspects of the plot. The props, vehicles etc were believable. So if you feel like a good evenings entertainment’s I recommend this film.

  • franjo-petek
    franjo petek

    For me it was when Michael Madsen made his first appearance, probably fresh from the set of the mega-hit Bloodrayne sporting a look that could best be described as a biker dressed in uniform.This movie is a 6/10 only because it isn’t boring. Horrible acting by most of them and Billy Zane must have been reading the 0’s on his paycheck rather than the script cause he was the worst. Oddly though his is the first Canadian character in a long time that talks fairly authentically, at least for a Midwestern. Only problem is his character is from Ontario so thats like giving a southerner a New York accent. The movie constantly reminds us he is Canadian by him saying “Eh” nonstop. His character has nothing but one liner jokes I had expected this movie to be a serious war movie ala “The Great Raid” but it could be confused for a TV movie.This movie started off OK but then decided the Nazis were too evil so turned them into good guys I swear! How sad is it when a war movie loses the courage to paint bad guys and makes them all likable (even the greedy fat guy).I suppose the entire cast and crew voted for this 9.1/10 rating cause no way would anyone vote that after seeing this.

  • remy-gosselin
    remy gosselin

    The U.K. has a strong tradition in making decent WWII movies. This, is NOT one of them! The acting, script, storyline, accents, special effects,… you name it, are just so awful. Mr. Madsen’s appearance on the DVD cover drew me in but I was not rewarded with his capabilities. The same could almost be said of Mr. Zane who at least was capable and almost mildly amusing at times. It seemed he knew the film was rotten so he walked his way through the “action.”Mr. Tod (I do hope it is not Todd), I am sorry to see your money spent on this film. I do hope you will see the return of it due to rentals so that you can invest again in future UK films. In the meantime, I STRONGLY suggest avoiding this film at all costs. To see how a WWII film can be done in England, rent The Dambusters,

  • domenikos-bikentios-kriales
    domenikos bikentios kriales

    I know in the war and post war years the concept of the war-comedy genre was popular – and given the grim times the world faced in those times, it is understandable as to way – (i.e – think of the film one woman went to war). However the last drop is the most terriblest film I have ever seen.For starters the story line was not strongly thought out, the acting in it was just and well the whole premise of the film was just too unbelievable. Clearly today’s film makers have the ability to make decent war films but to have this sort of ridiculous story was almost making fun of war and its horrors and making fun of the resources that are offered to film makers today.To have the characters chasing after treasure in the middle of war time – come on please! I know a lot of looting of priceless artifacts did take place by the Nazis but the fact that it was made out in the film as that was the entire reason why they were in the war was not realistic. The way the screenwriter and director portrayed the two female resistance workers was terrible – and making out with the sniper out of gratitude – excuse me but I don’t think so – and not in the situation that they were. And the English actor who played the Nazi – he should stick to better movies like Gosford Park where he showed off his acting ability.The other day i watched the war film Sophie Scholl – and even though it didn’t have half the ‘big’ name actors in it and was foreign produced and acted it was the most brilliant film I have seen for awhile and the fact that stupid stupid films such as the last drop (more like the last war film for these film makers) are made, do not do justice to the real stories and real suffering that the occupied countries went through when the Third Reich was in power.DO NOT SEE THIS FILM.

  • akdora-yuksel
    akdora yuksel

    First off, someone needs to teach Billy Zane what a Canadian accent sounds like.His character is supposed to be from Windsor Ontario, about an hours drive from where I grew up. I don’t know anyone who speaks in such a manner.When he does research for his parts, he should go visit the “hometown” of his character to learn the way people speak. He uses the typical “Canadian” accent you see overdone on bad comedic TV.Rest of the movie is standard good guy/bad guy/hero/villain/bungling henchmen movie set in WWII.the special effects are OK for most of the movie, except for the airplanes in the first half of the movie. Should have used real planes instead of CG ones.4 out of 10. I didn’t turn it off, but it’s not something I’d go to the theater to watch. Good to fill a bored late night, or slow afternoon with.

  • horvath-magyar-laszlo
    horvath magyar laszlo

    I saw the last drop yesterday, and within a few minutes knew that i would be disappointed. The acting, on the whole was sub-standard, as was the script. And don’t get me started on the score…whoever thought putting 80’s style guitar rock music in the background during one scene should really be looking for another job.The action, to be fair, had it’s moments. There’s a nice shootout near the beginning, and whilst there’s no real ‘gore’ as such, the level of violent realism is fairly gritty.I suppose the crux of my dislike for this movie is based around that fact that it seems to present ww2 in a light-hearted way. There’s too many attempts at one-liner humour which just don’t come off, or might be better suited to a romantic comedy. World War Two was many things. Horrific, heroic, gruelling, disgusting, wasteful…but funny it most certainly was not.4/10