FBI director Jack Devine always sets up his brother Joe as undercover to trick mobsters. His latest cover is as movie producer Joe Diamond, to get Tommy Sanz for Teamster racketeering. His cover requires a script – the one movie theater manager Steven Schats and his brother Marshall ‘Paris’ wrote, supposedly a cancer biopic. So Steven is hired as director, his greatest dream, even if producing an Arizona desert drama on Rhode Island is far from ideal. When a former Oscar nominee volunteers to star, the cover gets out of hand till everyone believes in it, even the FBI brass- or not?

Also Known As: El último golpe, Последният кадър, The Last Shot - Die letzte Klappe, I teleftaia sfaira, Last Shot - mafian jäljillä, Az utolsó jelenet, ラスト・ショット, Son Perde, Zadnja klapa, Providence, O Último Golpe, Последний кадр, Luzes, Câmera, Ação, Last Shot, The Last Shot, Die letzte Klappe, Ujecie

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