Cliff Henderson and his family are traveling aboard the SS Claridon en route to Japan. The Claridon is an old ship, on its last voyage before heading to the scrap heap. An explosion in the engine room weakens the hull and the ship is now taking on more water than the bilge pumps can deal with. The Captain seems to have difficulty accepting that his ship will sink. Henderson’s wife Laurie is severely injured and trapped under a fallen beam. While the men in the engine room work frantically to shore up the hull, Henderson tries to free his wife from the wreckage with the help of one of the crew, Hank Lawson.

Also Known As: Die letzte Fahrt der Claridon, Viimeinen risteily, A Última Viagem, Panique à bord, Ostatnia podróz, Son Yolculuk, The Last Voyage, Die letzte Fahrt der Claridon West, Sista kryssningen, Az utolsó utazás, Höllenfahrt, Последнее путешествие Soviet, S.O.S. 'Claridon' synker, Ultima călătorie, La crociera del terrore, Höllenfahrt West, Taxeidi horis gyrismo, El último viaje, O Grande Naufrágio

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  • phil

    That’s the first time I ever saw a fire in a confined space and there was no smoke or the objects burning were not consumed.none of the men are coughing the exstinguishers were making more smoke.