Tells the life story of a wolf named Lobo. He grows from a playful, curious cub into a wolf with a huge bounty on his head. Along the way he makes friends with deer, tangles with rattlesnakes, has a family, and matches wits with man. The movie doesn’t try to sugarcoat the truth and is as close to real life as can be in a movie.

Also Known As: La leyenda del lobo, Lobo - Den Fredlöse, 狼王"ロボ", Lobo, harmaasusi, Lobo, der Wolf West, Lobo - ulvenes konge, La leggenda di Lobo, Lobo, den fredløse, A Montanha do Lobo Solitário, Lobo, a farkas, The Legend of Lobo, La légende de Lobo, Legenda o wilku Lobo, Legenda lui Lobo

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  • rango

    very nice and informative family film.Love soundtrack