A writer gets involved by an adventurer friend in the search for a legendary object: a golden pearl left in a Buddhist monastery by a dragon.::Rancid Frog

Also Known As: La leyenda de la Perla Dorada, La légende de la perle d'or, O thrylos tou hrysou margaritariou, Wei Si Li chuan ji Hong, A Lenda da Pérola Dourada, The Legend of Wisely, La Légende de la Perle d'Or, The Legend of the Golden Pearl, Legend of the Golden Pearl, Legenda o zlaté perle, Legenda o zlatej perle, L'astronave di fuoco, Die 7. Macht West, Wisely, Az aranygömb legendája, Legenda o zlotej perle, The Legend of Wisely Hong, Legend of Wu, La leyenda de la perla dorada, Wai Si-Lei chuen kei

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  • miguel-augusto-ruiz-bahena
    miguel augusto ruiz bahena

    THE LEGEND OF WISELY is an enjoyable addition to the Wisely series of Hong Kong science fiction movies made over the last few decades and featuring the titular character as a famous novelist investigating strange, sci fi-related mysteries. It’s not as out there as THE CAT but it’s still worth a look and reminded of Jackie’s ARMOUR OF GOD a great deal. Wisely (in the form of Samuel Hui) gets involved in the threat of the famous “dragon pearl” from a Nepalese monastery and finds rival factions competing for possession of it. Most of the action is set in a picturesque Egypt, and to add to the fun Shaw Brothers legend Ti Lung plays in support. The film offers a good mix of Indiana Jones-style globetrotting adventure, furious fight scenes, a spiky Joey Wang and a big effects-fuelled climax.

  • brittany-contreras
    brittany contreras

    It’s excellent movie from Hong-Kong. In my opinion, it’s very interesting, amazing and full of action production. Here’s everything what likes follower of adventure movies: magic Bedouin, quick cars, escapes, fights and many other attractions. It isn’t boring, but it’s very, very amazing. I’m fascinated Asian culture, so that movie is sensational experience. It’s something from genre Wuxia with comedy elements. How many is productions of this type? A little bit, but it isn’t popular. My special fondness for this movie is understandable, because I has it on the my old VHS. I watched in Poland many times, when I was a child. It’s real masterpiece!!!

  • gustaf-johannesson
    gustaf johannesson

    Wisely, the famous writer/adventurer, is tricked by his friend (played by Teddy Robin Kwan, the film’s director)into helping him steal the dragon pearl. Sam Hui plays Wisely in this big budget HK movie, with production units filming some scenes by the Great Pyramids, and many scenes in Nepal. There are car chases and crashes, chases by horsemen and plenty of fights along the way. The Legend of Wisely is a live action comic book. A lot of effort went into making this movie, and it shows as Wisely goes from one hazard to another, a HK version of Indiana Jones. If you can, see the Universe DVD version of this movie, a widescreen transfer that highlights the panoramic views of the Himalayas in Nepal, where much of the on location action takes place.