After the American Civil War, outlaw Jesse James forms a gang comprised of himself, his brother Frank James, Cole Younger and his two brothers, Jim Younger and Bob Younger as well as Ed Miller and his brother Clell Miller. The gang is led by Jesse James and Cole Younger. The gang starts by robbing small banks and stagecoaches in the Midwest and in their home state of Missouri. Later, the gang targets bigger prizes, such as larger banks and trains. This criminal activity attracts the attention of the railroad company owners who hire the Pinkerton Detective Agency to capture the gang. When the gang kills a few Pinkerton detectives, a war of sorts starts between the Pinkerton Agency and the James-Younger gang. Sometimes caught in the middle of it are innocent civilians. In 1876, the gang is running out of banks to rob in Missouri and decides to raid a supposedly fat bank, far up North, in the state of Minnesota. But the Pinkerton Detective Agency is setting up a trap there.

Also Known As: Jesse James balladája, Long Riders, Straceńcy, Jahači na duge staze, Long Riders West, The James Family, Forajidos de leyenda, Jesse James' sidste skud, Cabalgata infernal, Lainsuojattomat, Jojantys iš toli, Ездачи отдалече, Oi kavallarides me tin megali skia, O Bando de Jesse James, Uzun sürücüler, Cavalgada dos Proscritos, Bandit Kings, Banda fratilor James, Outlaws, The Long Riders, Le gang des frères James, Скачущие издалека Soviet, De laglösa, Hosszútávú lovasok, ロング・ライダーズ, I cavalieri dalle lunghe ombre, Psanci, Cavalgada Infernal, Calaretii cu umbrele lungi

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