Cooper and Ed are brothers: Coop acts, in ads and soaps, spending his real energy chasing women for one-night stands. His younger brother Ed, an earnest young man, works in an ad agency. For the past year, since finding his girlfriend in bed with another man with a video camera running, Ed has been in a funk: he’s carried a torch, his social life has tanked, and his work has suffered. Ed will be fired on Monday unless he can save a major account. It’s his birthday weekend: he wants to work, but Cooper wants Ed to rediscover his sex life. Cooper works hard to help Ed score, but disaster piles on disaster. Can a decent guy save his job and get a life?

Also Known As: The Long Weekend, Trelo Savvatokyriako gia ergenides, Dugačak vikend, El weekend, Mein verschärftes Wochenende, Дългият уикенд, Rankka viikonloppu, Длинный уикэнд, Un lungo weekend, Sempre a Bombar, Hosszú hétvége, Un long week-end, Un long Week-End, Çılgın hafta sonu, Sof shavua' aroh, Pikk nädalavahetus, Quase Virgem

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