Lucas Thomas’s grandmother Caroline returns every Valentine’s Day to the station where, at their then first wedding anniversary, she waved off to the pacific war theatre in 1944 naval pilot Neil, officially still missing in action. Lucas, a former baseball star and reputable physiotherapist about to publish, tells the story to a station manager, who assigns the item to Susan Allison. She gets involved and befriends Caroline, but resists her crush on Lucas on account of an already soulless engagement with international reporter Andrew Hawthorne. Caroline’s mild cardiac crisis seems to ruin everything.

Also Known As: Изгубеният Свети Валентин, Amor Desaparecido, L'amour à la une, Zdruzena v ljubezni, Különleges Valentin nap, El San Valentín perdido, Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Lost, Dragostea pierduta, L'ultimo San Valentino, Потерянный Валентин, The Lost Valentine

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  • jayden-van-den-velde-kok
    jayden van den velde kok

    I don’t usually cry watching a movie, but i was balling. That was such an incredible movie.

  • pan-boleslav-tsiupa
    pan boleslav tsiupa

    Sometimes their are good movies and then there is great movies. This movie really hit me hard. Such a beautiful story, and I don’t care what anyone says about Hallmark some of the best movies I have ever seen have come from that network. I laughed, I cried, I yelled, but I mostly cried. All the feels from this beautiful movie. This is definitely going in my heart for my favourites forever and ever. 10/10 😍🌹😍🌹

  • matilda-babic
    matilda babic

    Wonderful love story. Well done for the creator and full cast/crew. Story people can relate and some lived and still do, From the past. present and future. Believe me you going to cry.

  • sig-gianriccardo-coppola
    sig gianriccardo coppola

    This is a wonderful movie. Betty White is amazing in this part. She is just spectacular. I was totally captivated by her performance. Jennifer Love Hewitt is also very good. She is very believable as a young woman who is conflicted about her future – am I ready for marriage – is he the one I want to be with for the rest of my life – etc. The only error I see is a small one. When the young couple is fixing up their house, she is wearing a button-front dress that is unbuttoned up to her hip. Her panties are revealed for the whole neighborhood to see. In the 1940’s a respectable young wife would not go around dressed like this. She may leave a button or two unbuttoned to show some leg, but she would not unbutton her dress so high that her panties are revealed.

  • daniela-ribic
    daniela ribic

    Hallmark Movies have long been synonymous with Tear Jerkers and sometimes multiple tissues required.This movie is no exception. Betty White stars as a young mother to be whose husband goes off to war as a pilot and becomes missing in action. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a news reporter wanting to do a story about the lost love and hopes to help find out exactly what happened to the missing pilot. The plot also features an absent boyfriend and grandson as potential new love interest.Good movie – worth a view!

  • rtn-daaraa
    rtn daaraa

    WOW!! Although this wonderful TV Movie has a sad WWII basis, the themes of unconditional love, enduring love and marital devotion permeate throughout. The dramatic performance of Betty White, a major departure from her previous comedic roles, primarily Rose(“Golden Girls” and “Hot in Cleveland”) is absolutely superb! Like her character, Caroline, Betty in real life never remarried after her husband passed away. Betty, who is in her late 90’s continues to shine! The casting of Jennifer Love-Hewett(Susan), who most will remember from “Party of Five”(Fox), and Sean Faris(Lucas), is a credit to the casting department. The chemistry between the two shines through in every scene!! The writing and direction is first class. The final scene when Neil’s casket is brought home to the station where Neil – so wonderfully portrayed/acted by Billy Magnussen thoughout – & Caroline said goodbye and where she returned every Valentine’s Day – was so emotional, tears were running down my face as I’m sure happened for the cast. This movie is a must see one for anyone who is truly in love, on Valentine’s Day.

  • mare-golubic
    mare golubic

    After several months of sitting in my DVR, I finally decided to watch this “Hallmark Hall of Fame” movie that stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White. Ms. White is Caroline Thomas, an elderly woman who-despite her Navy husband declared missing since World War II-still waits for him to return at the Union Station after about 60 years. Ms. Hewitt plays a reporter named Susan Allison assigned to cover her story. I’ll stop there and just say how excellent Ms. White is in her performance. It’s probably because of her that I found myself crying several times during the film. Ms. Hewitt, who’s also an executive producer, isn’t too bad on her end though sometimes I think her character can get a little annoying. Still, she holds her own when she’s with Ms. White. I also loved the actors that played Caroline as a young woman and her husband Neil. And Sean Faris is okay as Ms. White’s grandson and potential love interest for Ms. Hewitt. And dig the vintage music from the likes of The Ink Spots, The Mills Brothers, and Louis Armstrong! All in all, a nearly excellent picture presented by the producers of “Hallmark Hall of Fame”. So on that note, I highly recommend The Lost Valentine. P.S. Was interested enough to watch the Hallmark commercials-both classic and current-spread throughout especially the one from 1967.

  • roar-holm
    roar holm

    I watched The Lost Valentine this February 2013. I cried from start to finish. It was the most beautiful love story since The Note Book. What a wonderful touching story of a love so strong and so sweet that she never gave up hope.Please run this movie EVERY Valentine’s Day it will touch so many people and it WILL become a classic.I will not post a spoiler because I want the next person who reads this to be excited about seeing this movie through their own eyes. That is if they can stop crying long enough!The performances by all of the actors was really lovely. Betty White was so perfect for the role and did a wonderful job. I hope it will be on regularly as a Valentine special because it is a wonderful movie.

  • tazio-galli
    tazio galli

    I have never cried and smiled so much for a movie. Purely amazing, very heart touching. I recommend this to everyone and anyone. You could feel the emotions of the actors. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. And this is coming from someone who never cries while watching movies.Good for any age group. I guarantee you’ll cry while watching this.I cannot explain how much I truly enjoyed this movie. Purely Outstanding . The Notebook used to be my favourite romantic movie. But after watching this, I have without a doubt changed my mind. If you ever get a chance to watch this, I highly recommend you do. I promise you will not regret it! Long story short,absolutely fantastic, and a must watch.

  • doroteja-kruze
    doroteja kruze

    This is my first review, and the one reason i’m actually writing this review is to express how much i absolutely adored this movie. i bawled my eyes out, cried rivers to say the least, over at least most of the 2nd half of this movie. Betty white is fantastic, you can sense the emotion going through her face, and billy magnussen also surprises me by delivering very well on his part. the scenes of them falling in love warms the heart, only to break it when we learn the truth at the end. it kinda reminds me of pearl harbour, and it surprises me how this movie is a little on the unknown side. Jennifer love Hewitt and Sean Faris make an interesting modern romance to compliment the hard core my-husband-is-off-to-battle kind of love. my only critique of this movie would be the fact that they used the song “dream a little dream of me” which i instantly recognized as being a song not produced till years after WWII (yes, i realized before reading the goofs of this movie 😛 ), but regardless it fits the scenario beautifully (and i can’t say i don’t love the Doris day song!) in conclusion, this is an absolutely terrific movie, casting especially was great, and if you’re reading this before you see the movie, be prepared to end up puffy eyed after this.

  • alexander-van-eck
    alexander van eck

    I have seen this movie four times now and it seems no matter how many times I watch and know what is going to happen, it catches me off guard and I cry, especially the end. I love this movie. Betty White is awesome and the perfect fit. I would like to have seen the son involved a little more but I loved her grandson and the new taking over for the old. The Western Union gentleman was excellent. Those were hard times and unfortunately they still are. Loved the music and it fit so well. Though I am a baby boomer I have a very soft spot for music from the 40s. I definitely plan to buy this movie for my collection which I don’t do often.

  • susanne-laine
    susanne laine

    Superb Bette White leads an equally phenomenal cast in this Hallmark Film about a lost love. Despite the fact that her husband has been missing for 66 years, Caroline Thomas still faithfully waits for him at Union Station each Valentine’s Day. This recounts their separation when he went off to be a navy pilot during World War 11 and never returned. Their romance, marriage and year together are vividly remembered.A young reporter wishing to do a documentary on the subject falls for Caroline’s grandson and love abounds in a new generation. Isn’t this the same old story? However, it’s so well done here.White reminds me of Gloria Stuart recounting a lost love in “Titanic.” These films are so poignantly done.The ending, providing closure, will forever tug at your heart.

  • ausonio-conti
    ausonio conti

    A Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation that tugs at the heart strings and brings an unashamedly tear or two. Newlywed Caroline Thomas(Betty White)says goodbye to her young Navy pilot husband on Valentine’s Day in 1944. He is off to war and she hands him a handmade valentine as he promises to come back safe to the LA Union Station. Caroline returns every Valentine’s Day and waits for a train carrying her husband. Her husband is considered MIA, but she returns to the train station…for 60 years. A young TV journalist(Jennifer Love Hewitt)sees a poignant human interest story that may just boost her career. In the process she falls in love with Caroline’s grandson(Gil Gerard). The use of flashbacks really add depth to the story line and Meghann Fahy is absolutely gorgeous as the young Caroline.

  • anna-voutilainen
    anna voutilainen

    Caroline Thomas (Betty White), a grandmother, goes to the train station every Valentine’s Day. It was there that she last saw her husband, Neal, who was shipped off to the Pacific during World War II. Also, the two of them, young and in love, were married on February 24th so its a special day. Since the day Caro got the telegram stating that her husband was missing in action, this fine lady makes this gesture of hope that he will return one day. Luckily, she does have loving support from her handsome grandson, Lucas (Sean Faris), whose father never met his dad, Neal, because his birth came after the squadron was sent away, too. By some happenstance, the story of Caroline’s faithful station visits comes to the producers of a show called American Diaries. They send beautiful reporter, Susan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) to Mrs. Thomas’ house to investigate the possibility of doing a human interest television spot on the war widow. At first, she is a bit reluctant, but soon she is delivering a captivating tale to Susan. Grandson Lucas also spars with Susan a few times but then grows warmer in his attitude. This begins to complicate the situation because Susan is almost engaged to another globe-trotting reporter named Andrew (Will Chase). Then, Caroline has a mild heart attack. Also, Susan discovers that she may have path to discover what did happen to Neal. So, will the program be made and will it include the truth about Neal’s fate? This lovely film deserves to be FOUND, by anyone and everyone. It is just terrific in every way, from the cast to the production to the heart-felt story. White doesn’t get to display much of her sensational humor but she is great in a more serious role than she normally undertakes. Love-Hewitt and Faris make a very fine, potentially romantic duo. Also, the flashbacks to the forties are made with care, providing a wonderful glimpse into an era gone by. Do you want to spend an evening at home with the best possible entertainment? Then, silly, don’t wait and go find The Lost Valentine.

  • hanne-lore-dowerg-mba
    hanne lore dowerg mba

    This movie is one of the best movies i’ve seen in a while. The cast does such a great job bringing all the characters and the story to life. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’ve seen almost everything she appear in and I can honestly say that she is amazing in this movie and it’s probably one of her best work she has done to the date. In the other hand Betty White has done some amazing comedies but she does a great job in this drama and, finally, Sean Faris was good in Never Back Down but in this one he really is great. The story is really good and touching. It’s a shame it was only a TV-movie and it’s not world wide known because it should be.

  • laurita-gronskis
    laurita gronskis

    This is a very lovely story, and, in the right hands, should have been a very good film. It isn’t because it doesn’t quite know, or reconcile, which ‘love story’ it is trying to tell, and through its parallel development of two romances it blurs and blemishes the story rich for the story poor.Betty White, Billy Magnussen and Meghann Fahy are excellent throughout, and there are some superbly delicate cinematic touches in the telling of the tale of a young airman who goes missing in action in WW2, his wife and her loving devotion to a Valentine’s Day anniversary ritual of awaiting his return. The initially reluctant interest of a TV presenter/journalist (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) is also cleverly interwoven into the story but then this part of the script goes off the rails.Susan, the journalist, is also, it seems waiting for love to return except her would be fiancé is alive and well and waiting. And there lies the problem, for is Susan’s interest in a “really romantic story” just over compensation for her apparent failure to settle her own heart. Now call me old fashioned but the romantic life of Susan is easily eclipsed by the deft touches observed in the central theme and yet the film cannot make up its mind which is more important thus almost losing both. And there is the pity because the delicacy of Betty White lifting her pretty little feet to the sound of a radio dance tune was worth ten times as much as the clumsiness of Susan’s romantic awakenings.And so, as much as I enjoyed the central theme, it wasn’t strong enough to support the parallel bungled plot which by comparison seems contrived, pretentious, and downright fake.Three out of ten (and it could have been so much better).

  • duane-gonzalez
    duane gonzalez

    On Valentine’s Day 2010, Caroline Thomas visits Union Station for the 65th time, hoping her husband Neil will return. The friendly conductor says she’s been on time every year for the 25 years he has worked there.Susan is a reporter for the TV news magazine “American Diary”, and she is tired of stories that she does not consider meaningful. Still, she gets sent to do an interview with Caroline, which she considers more of the same. She’s about to find out this is the best story she has ever done, and one of her show’s best stories as well.Andrew, whose job involves lots of travel, proposes to Susan in front of their friends, but Susan rejects him because the proposal was not romantic enough–and not done in private. Andrew goes off on his latest trip.Susan and her crew meet Caroline, who is reluctant to do an interview at first. Caroline is persuaded when Susan claims to know her grandson Lucas, a physical therapist who she met once. Lucas helps talk his grandmother into doing the interview, and it becomes clear that Lucas may be a better match for Susan than Andrew.Through flashbacks narrated by Caroline, we learn that Caroline and Neil met but did not have a relationship at first, but then they became reacquainted after Neil became a Navy pilot in World War II. At the time, Neil was not part of the fighting, and he and Caroline married and moved into a rundown house which they fixed up (and they must have done a good job because Caroline still lives there). Then, after Caroline was already pregnant, Neil decided he had to join the war. In one of the first flashbacks we see Neil getting on the train and Caroline handing him a handmade heart–a very emotional scene. One wonders if this couple will ever be able to separate.During the war, Caroline receives numerous letters from Neil, but she occasionally sees the Western Union man delivering bad news to her neighbors. And then one day it’s her turn.But missing does not mean dead. Susan and Caroline become good friends, and Susan has become quite fond of Lucas as he has helped her with back problems. And she really wants to find the conclusion to the story. There are clues as to what may have happened to Neil to keep him from coming back.Meanwhile, though Susan and Andrew are not getting along, Andrew has connections in the Phillipines, where Neil was last seen. The investigation uncovers a wonderful story, which is well-done, though I shouldn’t give away too many details.The final scenes prove a worthy tribute to our men (and women) in uniform, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.Betty White gives the best performance of all, and I expect to hear about her when Emmy nominations are announced. Although she is best known for comedy, she delivers a full range of emotion, sometimes demonstrating her comic abilities but also achieving fine results with drama. Yes, there is heartbreak, but it’s not all bad.Jennifer Love Hewitt does a good job here, though I have to say her scenes with Andrew seemed more like a Canadian Lifetime TV-movie than a Hallmark Hall of Fame. She and Sean Faris have much more appeal, and even give us some laughs in a movie that really needs them.Billy Magnussen and Meghann Fahy both do a good job as the leading cast members from World War II. They too have a couple of scenes with some laughs, but they mostly deliver real drama.I really liked the World War II music in the flashbacks. Mostly, though, these scenes had the pleasant orchestra music that seems almost boring by comparison to the high-energy jazz from wartime.It was a perfect story for Valentine’s Day, even if it aired two weeks early.

  • daniel-rivero
    daniel rivero

    I saw The Lost Valentine a few months ago on you tube it was the kind of movie that pulls at the heartstrings and makes you believe that when it comes to true love anything is possible. Betty White is a fantastic woman and actress having seen her comedic performance as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls and other television shows as well as films.This is a movie that touched my heart not just because of it’s content but also due to the wonderful performances of it’s talented cast featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sean Faris, Bill Magnussen & Meghann Fahy. There were a few scenes that brought tears to my eyes such as when White’s character learns the tale about her husband’s fate and when his body is brought back home and given a proper service, seeing her finally get to say goodbye was emotional.On Valentine’s Day 1944, it’s Neil Thomas’s (Magnussen’s) first wedding anniversary and his pregnant wife Caroline (Fahy) has gone to the train station to say farewell as he goes to fight in World War II. He makes a promise that he might not be able to keep and that is he’ll return home safe by the next anniversary, 66 years later a now elderly Caroline (White) accompanied by her grandson Lucas (Faris) has come to the train station every year on valentine’s day in the hopes that she will finally welcome her husband home.The story is brought to cynical reporter Susan Allison (Hewitt) who at first refers to it as a fluff piece rather than the true tale that it is, she apologizes and the interview begins. As it progresses Caroline talks about how she & Neil met, to their wedding day and the house they fixed up that she still resides in and how for all these years she’s been unable to get any information from the navy about her husband. Also Susan & Lucas appear to be falling for each other, as the film gets close to it’s conclusion she hears about what Neil sacrificed in order for others to live and with help from Susan’s ex boyfriend Andrew(Chase) they locate a Filipino man named Morang (Zano) who via teleconference tells the truth about what happened to Lieutenant Thomas he was killed by a Japanese sniper and then buried. Seeing her reaction to the news was heartbreaking, I mean her love for him was what kept her going all those years and never did she give up hope that somehow he would return.The final scene shows Caroline dancing in her garden reminiscing about happy times she shared with Neil and a vision of him appears with his arms around her while they dance. The Lost Valentine is a wonderful story not just for 2011 but for all times and anyone who believes in true love.

  • heather-kim
    heather kim

    Saddest movie I’ve ever seen. Betty White’s best acting. Yu think of her as the funny girl from Golden Girls, but no, she can be real dramatic when she needs to be. Jennifer L.H, also did great, and so did the rest of the actors. I hope that Betty White will stay around longer to be in more serious movies, but I have a feeling that 2011 will be her year(notice how the golden grils are dieing in a row). At least she did perfect in this movie. At least the super bowl will be coming soon, and we’re sure to see more of her. I do hope to see more of Jennifer Love, too. She was the perfect actor for a reporter, and whoever played Betty’s character’s husband was pretty good, too.

  • dr-aaron-shepherd
    dr aaron shepherd

    What an outstanding movie about a difficult time in history. Everyone in the cast displayed excellent acting abilities; absolutely believable. The people at Hallmark earn my business with their outstanding contributions – this being one of them, and one of the best.I really like Ms. White and she does (as the rest of the cast) a marvelous job…I would very much like to think of her in real life as this character, NOT what I have seen on Saturday Night Live or Lake Placid. She does not need vulgarity to be a great actress, especially in her twilight years…Only glaring mistakes – watch for them – using the small 50-star flags in a few scenes instead of the 48-star flag, correct for the period. And as for the Philippine village scene, well it looks like the tropical rain-forest about as much as my back yard in Indiana!!! These are very small nit-picky things in comparison to how fantastic and enjoyable this movie was. Thank you Hallmark, you always send out “The Very Best”!!!

  • luna-lijn-marchal
    luna lijn marchal

    This movie is now one of my all time favorites. The cast did such an amazing job bringing this story to life. No matter who you are you are going to ball your eyes out! The love Caroline had for her Neil is something that everyone wishes they had in their lifetime. Watching how their love began and how they were separated and then how they reunite in the most heart wrenching way was like something I have never seen before. It was very interesting to me to see how things were during the war back in the day, very different to how we are now while we fight this war in Iraq. This movie will hit very close to home if you have a loved one in the military.

  • mamontov-milii-iosipovich
    mamontov milii iosipovich

    I have never cried and smiled so much during a movie before! Juxtaposition right? Well, this movie made me cry like a little baby. I kid you not, I went through the tissue box. The story line is good, the actors are amazing. The whole thing was so believable and Betty White.. Ohhhh Betty White… I am speechless. I wanted to go and hug her. I literally just finished watching it and my eyes are all red and watery, but I can’t get over how good it was! Honestly, one of the best movies I’ve seen. Hallmark almost never ceases to disappoint. Most Hallmark movies, though, are very light and fluffy, and your typical rom-coms with happily ever afters, but this one goes the extra mile. It’s happy, it’s sad. It’s the real deal.I also loved the message is sent out throughout and at the end, with the rose (which is not a spoiler at all). The ending seemed a bit scripted, but it was good. It’s already 2 AM. I told myself I’d finish the movie tomorrow, but I couldn’t stop watching! If I left it for tomorrow, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight and would be analyzing the different outcomes of the movie.Sean Farris and Jennifer Love Hewitt :: loved it! Absolutely wonderful! The cast was chosen so well, I don’t think they could’ve done a better job with it!Altogether, I give this a 10/10 because it truly exceeded my expectations and made me laugh, and cry, and love, and hate. Stories like this make you believe in everlasting love. It does exist. And after watching this movie, I hope to someday find it.

  • mtro-lucas-juarez
    mtro lucas juarez

    Here is a story that so could have easily gotten out of hand, but it didn’t. It stayed quite believable from beginning to end, with solid direction, writing, cinematography, and production from music to costumes. All the actors gave solid performances, but Betty White is in her glory here. Capping a life time before the cameras playing every part from bubble-head wife, to game show staple, to man-chasing TV “Home Maker” to senior Nordic-American widow, we now have a consummate pro, the caliber of Tracey or Heburn in their latter days giving a performance that is total “Emmy” caliber all the way. If you some how missed this, catch a rebroadcast, or put it on your purchase or rental list when it appears on DVD or Blu-Ray disc. You will not be disappointed. One caveat: Have the box of tissue handy because Betty’s gonna get you!

  • paula-gonzales
    paula gonzales

    Sometimes I think that Betty is risking overexposure considering all she has been in lately, but then you see something like this. Wow! Did the other actors bow down on the set in “we’re not worthy” reverence? They should have. All the actors were fine in their roles – no big issues with any of them. Betty just stepped it up several notches.You watch something like this that links to such an iconic time in history. You realize that there are fewer folks around who lived it, and maybe they know or knew something we have forgotten. Like how to love completely and forever. They are now old and generally carry their hurts with such grace and dignity that it can really pull the tears out when you get a glimpse at what their life has forced them to bear. Betty makes you believe it totally. Let’s keep her around forever.

  • zora-bracun
    zora bracun

    I had always thought of Betty White as a comedienne, and an excellent one. But it turns out that she can also do drama, and here she delivers an Emmy-worthy performance. Clearly the World War II era and the story of the Greatest Generation still has a hold on the American psyche, and this story captures that. It’s about an American World War II widow named Caroline Thomas, whose veteran husband has been missing since 1943 and is presumed dead, yet she goes to the train station where she last saw him in hopes of welcoming him home. Her story catches the attention of a television docudrama network and they assign crack reporter Jennifer Love Hewitt to cover it. She initially dismisses the assignment, but quickly becomes attached to both the story and to Caroline and her family, especially her handsome grandson Lucas (Sean Faris). However, the story delivers some surprises. The ending, while perhaps far-fetched, is surprising and moving. There are a few unexpected twists to the story and a few which are no surprise at all. Yet even the obvious points don’t matter. The entire cast delivers credible performances, but White truly commands the story. The moment when White’s character finally tells her husband goodbye is an example of filmmaking at its best. This show is a credit to everyone involved.