Tom Rath lives in Connecticut and commutes to work every day in Manhattan. He’s happily married and has a loving wife and three children. Money is a bit tight and when the opportunity arises, he applies for a public relations job with a major television network. During his long commute to work everyday, Tom reminisces about the war. Although 10 years have gone by, he is still haunted by the violence and the men he killed. He also thinks of Maria, an Italian girl with whom he had an affair while stationed in Rome. At his new job, the head of the network Ralph Hopkins takes an immediate liking to him. Tom soon realizes that he will have to choose between becoming a wholly dedicated company man or maintaining a healthy work-life balance. When he learns that Maria gave birth to his son after he left Italy, he decides to let his wife know and ensure that the boy is cared for.

Also Known As: L'homme au complet gris, O Homem de Fato Cinzento, Roma'daki sevgili, O Homem do Terno Cinzento, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, L'uomo dal vestito grigio, De man in het donkere grijze pak, Harmaapukuinen mies, Manden i gråt, El hombre del traje gris, Omul în costumul de flanel gri, Mannen i grå kostymen, Mannen i grå dress, A szürke öltönyös férfi, Der Mann im grauen Flanell, Der Mann im grauen Flanell West, O anthropos me to gri kostoumi, Covek u sivom odelu, Человек в сером фланелевом костюме Soviet, Mardi Ba Kot o Shalvare Khakestari, Czlowiek w szarym garniturze, Мъжът в сивия костюм

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