Sam Ali, a Syrian young man, took refuge in Lebanon to flee the Syrian civil war. There, he meets Jeffrey Godefroi, a famous tattoo artist, who makes Mr Ali’s back his canvas for a piece of work. Soon, Mr Ali becomes aliving work of art, worth an astronomical sum on the art market,l. Collectors are interested, auction goes up, human rights activists are outraged. Mr Ali must get out of the predicament he’s in; the man who sold his skin.

Also Known As: L'Homme Qui Avait Vendu Sa Peau, Alrajol allazi ba'a zahrah, L'homme qui a vendu sa, O Homem que Vendeu sua Pele, 皮膚を売った男, Człowiek, który sprzedał własną skórę, The Man Who Sold His Skin, L'Homme qui a vendu sa peau, Человек, который продал свою кожу, Човекът, който продаде кожата си

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