A sweet-natured Italian waiter named Pistachio Disguisey at his father Fabbrizio’s restaurant, who happens to be a member of a family with supernatural skills of disguise. But moments later the patriarch of the Disguisey family is kidnapped Fabbrizio’s former arch-enemy, Devlin Bowman, a criminal mastermind in an attempt to steal the world’s most precious treasures from around the world. And it’s up to Pistachio to track down Bowman and save his family before Bowman kills them!

Also Known As: Valepukujen mestari, O vasilias tis metamfiesis, El maestro del disfraz, Цар на маскировката, O Mestre do Disfarce, Мастер перевоплощения, Maskernas mästare, Il maestro cambiafaccia, Mestre do Disfarce, The Master of Disguise, Mistrz kamuflażu, Az álcázás mestere, Le maître du déguisement, Meister der Verwandlung, 変身パワーズ

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  • gina-valdez
    gina valdez

    Save your time and money-I can’t believe Adam Sandler had his name attached to this. My kids didn’t even like it. The funniest part of the movie is during the credits. Dana Carvey needs to stay away from writing. Funny guy but not a funny story.

  • bogdan-kovacs-katalin
    bogdan kovacs katalin

    some rainy, cold, day in 2001, a group of movie makers got together and started talking about what good movies they have ideas of. the only problem was, that it was at a bar. after about 2 hours they were all insanely drunk. then they started naming ideas, like, hey! lets have terrible acting in a movie! another one said, yeah! and tons of forced unfunny humor! another said, no movie would be complete w/o decent acting! then last off, another one said,”and lets tie it all together w/ a storyline that makes no sense and is embarrassingly dumb! they all combined their ideas and made, “The Master of Disguise” and it was everything they hoped it would be.

  • ustinova-anzhelika-igorevna
    ustinova anzhelika igorevna

    Dana Carvey was very smart for bringing a movie to the screen like this. Barely ever to SNL veterans do family comedys, but Dana Carvey(SNL, Wayne’s World) did. This movie is a bit kiddish in the jokes at times, but it has it’s moments. The audience in the screening of this film laughed at a lot of hidden adult jokes, like the Geoge Bush stuff(in SNL, Dana Carvey used to impersonate the elder Bush, in MASTER OF DISGUISE, at one point he does the new Bush). Anyway, even though I doubt very much it’ll do first at the box office(my theory will be goldmember, or a very close SIGNS at 1st, and Master of disguise 3rd), I’m still glad Dana could make a great kids movie, without a lot of unneccesary things in films that give it a PG-13 rating. There are a lot of films that would be great family movies, that are loaded with PG-13 material. I’m not saying all the movies should be family, I just hate when there is a really stupid kid movie, I mean take Stuart Little 1 or 2, which could be rated g, and right at the end of the first they throw in language, to give it a pg rating. They didn’t even have to do that. Same with pg movies jipped to pg-13. Sometimes you don’t need to do it, moviemakers, when it clearly is a kids movie, and filmmakers try to throw in things to make it pg13, when it’s kiddish, and no teen’s going to go see it anyway, so they’re stuck with 6 year olds, going to see pg-13s! I hope that more people realize, that some movies are adult, and some are family. Don’t throw things in family movies that don’t need to be there, just in hopes of getting older audiences. They’re still not going to go see it. But take my advice. See master of disguise, either in theaters, or on video. I saw the screening a few weeks ago, and I did laugh. Not a whole lot, but I laughed.2.5/5 STARS

  • ismail-ruppersberger
    ismail ruppersberger

    But before you chalk this up to being just the ramblings of a madman, a child or both, I would like to assure you that I am a 24 year old male with a broad sense of humor. I can’t believe The Master of Disguise got such harsh reviews. It opened in Denmark nearly a year after it did in America so I had plenty of opportunities to read the bad reviews. But I decided to ignore them and to form my own opinion. I went to see it with my sister and I genuinely liked it. Word must have got around, because we were the only ones there, but on the other hand it was one of the smaller theaters in a multiplex cinema on a workday. Actually it added to the whole experience because we could laugh as loud as we wanted. And boy, did we laugh. There were so many funny scenes like The Turtle bit and the all too specific pop-up book, not to mention the slapping dummy. I especially enjoyed the references to other movies like when Grandfather Disguisey shows up Father Merrin style or when Pistachio shows up at Bowman’s party disguised as Tony Montana. Another thing I liked was the cameos by for instance Bo Derek. I thought it was a great movie. The characters were both well cast and acted, furthermore I found that all the jokes were well carried out and none of them fell flat, not even Devlin Bowman’s flatulence. It’s nearly impossible to miss with a good fart joke.What can I say? Sometimes you just can’t rely on critics. I can’t wait to see Malibu’s Most Wanted. I know it too got some harsh reviews but I don’t care. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks good to me. I’m going. Even if it doesn’t open in the Danish theaters.

  • artemide-villa
    artemide villa

    …but it wasn’t. It had cameos almost as good as “Goldmember”. It has a babe as babe-esque as “Men in Black II.” And though it did have a running fart gag, it wasn’t as gagging as Fat Bastard’s. It was…well, restrained. Dana Carvey wasn’t doing Jerry Lewis. His character actually was trainable and actually could take care of himself, push come to shove. And that was worth an extra point up the rating scale.

  • lovre-vretenar
    lovre vretenar

    The ‘Jaws’ and ‘Scarface’ jokes alone, are worth to see this movie. Primarily targeted at a younger audience, ‘Master of Disguise’ is a comedy that won’t offend anyone and it’s got its moments of genius.Dana Carvey does an out of this world impersonation (quite literally) of Al Pacino in Scarface and a lot of other interesting ones too. Spiner proves once more that he is a genuine comical talent, as the likable villain.Dana Carvey is worth so much more, but ‘Master of Disguise’ isn’t bad. If you’ve got kids, they’ll love it.10/10 (Out of respect for Dana)

  • potapova-daria-iurevna
    potapova daria iurevna

    Hey C’mon guys… this movie is great… it has about a dozen moments that would make you laugh to death.Dana Carvey is a fantastic comedian…He does a lot of impressions in the picture that make the movie worth of a higher grade… about 7, I’d say.And… the scene from “Jaws”… almost made me laugh to death.Also, the actresse that shares the screen with Dana Carvey… as well as Brent “Mr. Data” Spiner, made a good supporting crew.I believe most people thought this should be a more serious comedy, more “intelectual”… but, no… it’s just simple and good jokes… C’mon… you guys should evaluate this movie better…Funny, very funny movie.

  • arak-sya-karakhanyan
    arak sya karakhanyan

    If I could give this movie a negative rating, I would have.I loved Dana Carvey on SNL. He was funny, had great timing. He did a great job in the Wayne’s World movies too. He worked great when his movies stayed within the 15-30 demographic.Then he destroyed his career with the Master of Disguise.This ‘comedy’ was so bad that it made me feel terrible just for watching it. I was embarrassed to be watching this movie in public. There’s nothing funny about openly pitying an actor as you watch him force the run time to 80 minutes with jokes so flat they don’t even register above the painfully boring dialog.”Painful” is a good way to describe this movie. Nothing works. Sometimes you can’t even tell when the jokes had happened. That’s how bad they were. I watched this with my brother and found myself asking “was that supposed to be a joke?” I guess so, because it happened over and over again.I don’t find his fake Italian accent as annoying as many of the reviewers, but how the hell is repeating the word “turtle” over and over again while dressed in a turtle suit to get into a turtle club supposed to be funny, let alone plausible in the plot? Was everybody involved with the film consistently drunk as this was being made? Surely somebody must have said something like “Guys, this really sucks. Lets burn it and never speak of it again.” I suggest anybody who accidentally came into possession of this bumbling nightmare do the same, to rid the world of its horrors forever.

  • artashes-paronyan
    artashes paronyan

    I was aware of The Master of Disguise’s dubious reputation, and after finally seeing it after years of avoiding it I agree that its reputation doesn’t lie. In my opinion, this movie is very poor. Some of the make-up is diverting on a mild level, but that is it. The editing feels cheap and slip-shod, the colours feel diluted and to be honest gave me a headache and the sets and effects are flat. The humour is also of quite a crude kind, including the idea of the villain breaking wind when he laughs, you can tell these are not the ideas of comedy geniuses. The direction is sorely lacking and Dana Carvey clearly looks embarrassed playing a character that is not so easy to relate to, though in fairness none of the characters are that well written at all. The worst parts of The Master of Disguise though are the screenplay which is very lame, the plot which is barely coherent and the mugging which gets increasingly desperate. In conclusion, very poor. 1/10 Bethany Cox

  • mathew-simpson
    mathew simpson

    As I was leaving the theater, I overheard one 12-year old tell another, “that was a dumb movie.” About the only laughter I heard during the showing of this so-called comedy were toddlers responding to Brent Spiner’s flatulence. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably best you keep it that way. I gave it a ‘1’ because I couldn’t find the zero button.

  • joris-galijn
    joris galijn

    I loved this movie!! It was so cute!! I had wanted to see it ever since I first saw the trailer for it. I am a big fan of Dana Carvey and I thought he was great in this movie. I can understand why most of you people didn’t like it because he made this especially for his children who are under 13. I loved his little Italian accent and I thought he looked so cute. I went with my dad (who’s in his 40’s) and my 10 year-old sister and they both laughed! My sister was laughing out loud and there were some parts that I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. I think I laughed the hardest at the Turtle Guy part. I really liked the guy from India who was charming the snake. I loved the voice he used. Yeah, this movie ain’t nothing like the work he did on Saturday Night Live but he does use his talent here and I just enjoyed it. I laughed and that’s what Dana wanted the people to do when they saw this movie. It was so great. Oh, and I will own this movie when it comes out on video!!!

  • darja-resnik
    darja resnik

    I rarely comment on movies, but when I see one getting such a bad rap…. I rented this for my 2 kids ages 8 and 12, and watched it with them and my wife. We all enjoyed it, and my kids have watched it several times since. It is obvious from the get go that this is a “goofy” movie, and it succeeds greatly as such. You can see the gags coming, but that only adds to the anticipation, as the goofiness is delivered in spades. We all loved Turtleman, and many of the other nutty characters invented by Dana. It is so difficult to find a family movie that we all can enjoy, that is harmless fun, with no scariness, no mom getting killed (a la Disney), no kidnapping, etc, etc. Only wish there was a sequel!

  • juan-carlos-becerra-olmedo
    juan carlos becerra olmedo

    It’s one of those movies that people who like will watch over and over. It’s silly, it’s fun and it looks like the people making it had a ball. For me there were many funny scenes, like Dana’s impersonation of Quint from the Jaws movie, and the extras shown during the credits. Some scenes fell flat, but the intention was there. There were many good in-jokes as well like Pistacchio’s impersonation “from the hit movie Shrek” (since Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have worked together on many ventures). Interesting that Adam Sandler is one of the executive producers and this is about 1000 times funnier than his anger filled junk.

  • pocius-enrika
    pocius enrika

    Sitting through this movie is completely worthless because everything that appears to be funny is in the trailer. I went expecting to see Dana Carvey go crazy with all kinds of disguises, but he is in costume for only the last 20 minutes or so, and basically every single one of the disguises is in the trailer. Don’t waste your time, watch something else.Elements of the plot that attempt to keep the movie going for the first hour are immature and crude. It isn’t suitable for young kids and adults have nothing to laugh at. Nothing is clever or creative. The movie is a sad jumble of wasted film. Unfortunate the Carvey submitted himself to such a production.

  • elizabeth-mitchell
    elizabeth mitchell

    Dana Carvey is an extremely talented comedian,which makes it a shame that his efforts since his Saturday Night Live days have fallen,at least for the most part,miserably flat.The latest effort,The Master of Disguise,is no exception.This film is horrid from top to bottom.It is a poor execution of what was a poor story idea to begin with.Executive Producer Adam Sandler’s ideas about comedy may work when Sandler himself is in the film,but he has yet to produce a good effort when solely behind the camera.Carvey’s efforts to make this a good film are indeed valiant,but he can’t do it alone.Even the character names (Pistachio Disguisey?) are evidence that not a lot thought were given to them.The supporting cast seems lost to the point where they don’t give good support at all.Don’t waste your time or your money.Here’s hoping that Dana Carvey will strike creative gold in the near future.He deserves it.

  • barbro-axelsson
    barbro axelsson

    I am shocked to see such a low user rating for this movie. Looking at the user rating of 2.9, one may think that its one of the worst movie ever made but that would not be right. I saw this movie a few years back on TV and thought it was really funny. Yes, this movie doesn’t make any sense but that’s why its a silly movie but it sure makes you laugh and that’s the reason why we watch a comedy. By the way, not many great comedy movies make sense or adhere to logic all the time because they need not do that, they are just suppose to be funny. So don’t be fooled by the poor user rating and watch the movie and then decide whether it is really that bad.

  • marica-rijetkovic
    marica rijetkovic

    i’m in my early 30s and i thought it was funny. it’s certainly not on par with the brilliant comedies made by monty python, but it’s much better than 95% of the PG-13 garbage that continues to be released.it was refreshing to see a PG comedy that wasn’t centered around children. i really liked the gammy num nums disguise, and i wish they had been able to work the Mayor Maynot disguise in the movie along with the painting guy. thankfully they were both on the DVD.i’ve watched it twice now, and will watch it again. dana talked (on a DVD featurette) about how he originally wanted to make a mission impossible type comedy with the master of disguise being part of the team, so maybe he’ll go to back to that for a sequel; although, it seems unlikely since the first seems to be rather unpopular.6/10

  • claus-petersen
    claus petersen

    this movie was way way way way kiddish, it was cute and everything, a cute idea and all that but it was way too kiddish for anyone over 8, i mean it was funny at some parts but kind of annoying at most, i wouldnt reccomend it for many, it bored me right down to the ground so dont go see it unless your with your little brother or sister or are a parent

  • mantas-povilonis
    mantas povilonis

    I mean, c’mon!! It was supposed to be dumb! My kid laughed and his friends laughed and I admit even I laughed at “Who’s your Daddy?”. After two viewings over the weekend, the kids were quite solemnly quoting lines and then laughing. OK there’s a fart joke too many, big deal, Carvey has a good time putting on tons of costumes and following the obviously silly story line as if it was something credible. The 2.9 average here is completely off base. It’s not gonna be anybody’s all-time classic favorite, but the way this film got sent to the cleaner really is almost unique. If you have a roomful of 11 to 13 year old boys, it’s raining and it’s absolutely necessary to kill a couple of hours, you’d probably rate really high if you brought this back from the rental shop.

  • friedlinde-conradi
    friedlinde conradi

    Oh my….was this a stinker.I tired to give it as much of a chance as possible because..you cannot believe everything you read from critics..and you cannot believe everything you hear.With “the Master of Disguise”, you can. This was awful. I don’t really think they meant it to be awful, I mean the story sounded good, I’m sure…on paper..to a bunch of film executives who were drunk at the time they heard it. Then it probably got by a bunch of other folks in various forms of development who thought, “This could really be a silly little film that would catch on”. But it wasn’t and didn’t.In some other universe, I wish there was a better script to punch up the story but they relied too much on Dana’s characters that were god-awful and unfunny. This movie was painful to watch — painful to see talented people on film in a very untalented movie. Someone should have pulled the plug..ceased production for a decade..something..anything.But here we are. This is a major pass..under any circumstance.

  • scott-day
    scott day

    I was lucky enough that I got to watch this film on a road trip in someone else’s car, as opposed to wasting 90 minutes of my own time (as well as a couple bucks). If you are forced to watch this film, that is probably the only time you should waste watching it. It tries to be funny, but fails miserably. I believe one review I read of it said that it disguised its funny moments better than the main character disguised himself. Sadly, that’s the complete truth. Adults, you will find nothing here that’s amusing, unless you’re really into totally lame, flat jokes. Kids, you will neither find anything amusing in the movie, as the actors are not funny enough to entice any one of any age. The direction was also poor, and the crude humor was (as is in most movies) pointless and dumb. I felt embarrassed just watching it. Skip this movie, and you will miss nothing.

  • egon-fransson
    egon fransson

    I have to say, I’m a little dissapointed that everyone’s ripping this movie to pieces. Granted… the story makes very little sense (this didn’t seem to stop Austin Powers 3 from getting rave reviews), but you know what? So what? This film is a fast-paced kid’s movie and there’s only one reason to see it: Dana Carvey. He’s absolutely brilliant. He creates one of his best characters ever (The Turtle) and does some of his best impersonations ever as well (Robert Shaw from “Jaws” was a personal highlight of mine.)When I saw this film, everyone in the theater laughed the whole way through. This is a film that will completely go over your head if you try to intellectualize it. It’s just good, dumb fun. It reminds me a bit of those really insane 60s comedies, except that it’s for kids. I have a feeling that this film will come to be appreciated over time on video and tv.

  • kristina-sepp
    kristina sepp

    Sheer genius cannot even begin to properly address this cinematic achievement, to call it any less is an insult. Dana Carvey, on the surface, plays a bumbling Italian waiter who inherits the power of disguise; however, if you dig a bit deeper & peel away the layers, you’ll find a motion picture which is a scathing, yet biting social political statement on society as a whole. One cannot begin to hopefully comprehend or decipher all the psychological & stereotypical boundaries this film breaks. It is a surprise to find this film in mainstream theaters as a film on this level & caliber would normally only be found in the finest arthouse theaters. If you plan on seeing Master of Disguise, I suggest keeping your afternoon free, as after viewing, no after witnessing it, you’ll need the rest of the afternoon to invest in deciphering the dense narrative. Admittingly some of the jokes were over my head, but all truly great comedies take a bit of effort for comprehension. Only for serious film viewers & students of the artform as a whole.

  • semen-gavrish
    semen gavrish

    `The Master of Disguise’ raises – and indeed answers – the question of whether or not it is possible for a movie that bills itself as a `comedy’ to run from beginning to end without offering a single funny moment. (The answer, by the way, is, yes, it can be done). Thus, while his `Wayne’s World’ partner, Mike Myers, is out there making both a fortune and an indelible impression on pop culture with his `Austin Powers’ franchise, poor Dana Carvey is reduced to appearing in disastrous vehicles like this one. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Carvey’s work on `Saturday Night Live,’ especially his impersonations of many of the major political figures of our time. However, Carvey’s manic, over-the-top style is, apparently, a whole lot easier to take in small doses. Watching him mug, cavort and pratfall his way through a laughless script for the better part of an hour and a half ultimately becomes as wearying as it is embarrassing to watch.Stealing much of its concept from `The Mask,’ `The Master of Disguise’ involves Carvey in some nonsense about a family of crime fighters who are able to magically don all sorts of disguises at a moment’s notice. This allows the filmmakers to enlist the aid of a number of real life celebrities who end up making cameo appearances, in the misguided belief, most likely, that this was going to be a fun, entertaining movie comedy. Boy, were they misled. Actually, I have rarely seen a film in which the jokes, `bits’ and setups fall as consistently flat as they do here. To get a general notion of the level of humor in this film, please note that the running gag involves one character’s tendency towards uncontrollable flatulence. It isn’t funny the first time it happens and, believe me, it is even less funny the fourth, fifth (or is it sixth?) time around.In addition to the celebrity walk-ons (Bo Derek, Jesse Ventura, Paula Abdul, among others), Harold Gould, James Brolin, Jennifer Espinoto, Brent Spiner and Edie McClurg are all good sports who deserve better material than what they have been handed here. So is Carvey when you come right down to it. But then Carvey wrote the screenplay, so he HAS to be a good sport about it. After all, he handed HIMSELF this material. I hope the other actors trapped in this mess at least got paid well for their endeavors.The only good news is that, in the closing credits, we get to see many of the scenes, lines and characters that were, apparently, filmed, then dropped from the final product. One can only imagine how much worse the film would have been had they all been allowed to stay in.

  • karen-harrison
    karen harrison

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