The small kingdom of Marshovia has a little problem. The main tax-payer, the wealthy widow Sonia (who pays 52% of the taxes) has left for Paris. So Count Danilo is sent to Paris, to stop her from getting married to a stranger, so that the danger of removing the money is averted. But this is not as easy as the ambassador in Paris has planned.

Also Known As: Wesoła wdówka, Vesela udovica, Die lustige Witwe, Den glade enke, Веселая вдова Soviet, La viuda alegre, La veuve joyeuse, Веселата вдовица, メリイ・ウイドウ(1934), Sen Dul, Het jolige weeuwtje, The Merry Widow, Glada änkan, I efthymi hira, A Viúva Alegre, Η εύθυμη χήρα, La vedova allegra, Die lustige Witwe West, A víg özvegy, De lustige weduwe

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