The Million Dollar Hotel follows the supposed murder of Izzy Goldkiss. FBI Agent Skinner is sent into investigate the crime, and to weed out the killer. When he reaches the ‘hotel’, he comes across many of the forgotten types of people living in the city. You have Geronimo, who is a self proclaimed Native American artist. Dixie, played with great gusto by Peter Stormare, as the ‘fifth’ Beatle still waiting for his royalty payments as well as recognition. Eloise, who is the neighborhood ‘whore’. And then there is Tom-Tom, played by Jeremy Davies. He’s the center of the story, being that he’s the ‘village idiot’ of the bunch, and has the trust of everyone in the Hotel. Agent Skinner has a few days to find out who the killer is, while the residents of the hotel devise a scheme to sell off Izzy’s fabled ‘Tar Paintings’.

Also Known As: El hotel del millón de dólares, O Hotel, Hotel za milijon dolarjev, ミリオンダラー・ホテル, The Billion Dollar Hotel, Miljoonan dollarin hotelli, Отель 'Миллион долларов', Milijono vertas viešbutis, Millió dolláros hotel, Hotel od milion dolara, O Hotel de Um Milhão de Dólares, Million Dollar Hotel, Хотел за милион долара, Hotel od milijun dolara, The Million Dollar Hotel, Million Dollar Hotel Czech, Sırlar oteli

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