The sister of a famous, but as yet uncaught, criminal named The Hexer is murdered. Inspector Higgins of Scotland Yard believes that The Hexer will surface to take his revenge on his sister’s killers, and plans to set a trap to finally capture him. However, soon bodies start piling up, and it looks as if The Hexer may get away yet again.

Also Known As: Le défi du Maltais, Morderen etterlater ingen spor, O kataskopos apo to vytho tis thalassas, Edgar Wallace - Der Hexer West, Massemorderen fra Back-Street, Der Hexer, Hämnaren från London, The Mysterious Magician, Kostaja Lontoosta, Le 5 vittime dell'assassino, El mago contra Scotland Yard, The Wizard, Potkazivac, A boszorkánymester, The Ringer, Маг Soviet, El brujo

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