Portrait of an American innocent. In 1955, Bettie Page (1923-2008 ) waits to testify before a Senate subcommittee investigating the effects of pornographic material on American adolescents and juveniles. In flashbacks, we see her childhood in Tennessee, a brief marriage, a gang rape, and her going to New York City in 1949. There she takes acting lessons, models for photos, and acts in short films for adults, earning the nickname, “The Pin-Up Queen of the Universe.” We see her relationship with merchants Irving and Paula Klaw, photographers John Willie and Bunny Yeager, boyfriends, and the public. Through it all, she is wholesome, sporting, and forthright – Eve before the fall.

Also Known As: Bettie Page, Az első szexikon, The Notorious Bettie Page, Непристойная Бэтти Пейдж, Notorious Bettie Page, The notorious Bettie Page, A Famosa Bettie page, Den ökända Bettie Page, La scandalosa vita di Bettie Page, Nuodemingoji Beti Peidž, Słynna Bettie Page, Bettie Pagen tarina, Sexsymbolet Betty Page, Bettie Page: la chica de las revistas, O thrylos tis Bettie Page, Bettie Page: Begehrt und berüchtigt, The Last Days of Bettie Page, The Ballad of Bettie Page

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