A 16 year old Louisiana girl moves in with her homosexual half-brother and immediately starts coming on to his sexual partner, finally forcing him into an affair in which she becomes pregnant. The whole affair blows into a scandal exposing her school teacher brother and the true parent of the child is called into question as it is revealed that there have been a series of lovers.

Also Known As: Pasmat sekaisin, O Oposto do Sexo, Nu numai sex, Lo opuesto del sexo, Helt uden skrupler, Противоположность секса, Το Αντίθετο του Σεξ, O Oposto de Sexo, L'envers du sex, Suprotno od seksa, To antitheto tou sex, Wojna plci, Suprotni pol, The Opposite of Sex - L'esatto contrario del sesso, Nem ér a nemem!, Suprotno od seksa Bosnia and, Sexe et autres complications, The Opposite of Sex, Das Gegenteil von Sex, Lo opuesto al sexo, The Opposite of Sex - Das Gegenteil von Sex

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  • michael

    This is the wrong movie..

  • wayne-king
    Wayne King

    They uploaded the wrong fucking movie. This is NOT the real movie!!! 🙁

  • konstantine-ramishvili
    konstantine ramishvili

    Overlong, and at times dull and confusing, ‘The Opposite of Sex’ appears to be one of those films which tries too hard to impress the viewer, perhaps due to its independent nature, making the director want to scream, “Look what I did with so little money!”. Although designed to be a comedy, the story was too unbelievable which really causes it to lose its “indie” appeal, as the draw of these movies tends to be its true to life nature. This said, Ricci’s portrayal of the bitchy Dedee Truit is a joy to watch as once again she puts in a first rate performance. This movie shows how much she has matured and developed her ability since her early days in ‘The Addams Family’ and ‘Mermaids’ to name a few. Her narration of the film is unique and extremely humorous, and this actually makes this a film worth renting for those lonely days of Winter.

  • augustas-kalvenas
    augustas kalvenas

    “The Opposite of Sex” starts with Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci) in an off narration, saying absurd things and complaining about everything, while she is shown at her stepfather’s funeral throwing things on the grave. This marking characteristic of hers and the narration will continue till the end of the film, while the story is shown. So you’ll hear many strong words and absurd sentences and see Dedee and the other characters doing absurds. Well… This is “The Opposite of Sex”. And guess what… I loved it!One of the reasons for explaining why I liked it so much is its cinynicism. There are some hilarious lines- specially in the beginning of the film, when Dedee talks about her mother and her stepfather, and when Lucia tells that she seems like the villain of “The Sound of Music”. The movie is a satire about people in unusual situations, doing the same that “Election” did this year of 1999. In some moments it is even a road-movie, and in others there is a dramatic side. It’s a very unusual film, and independent movies should follow this one and Kevin Smith’s movies.Many people complained about Dedee’s narration, but I think it is one of the best points of “The Opposite of Sex”. She is able to manipulate everyone, including the audience. In some moments she cheats us, telling lies to show the truth after.Christina Ricci, in a very, very inspiring performance, show that she is a great actress, besides her age. As Dedee she deserved to be nominated to the Oscar, and Lisa Kudrow also did as the annoying Lucia. Some characters of the film are not to be taken very seriously. The gay men are the most normal ones, believe.I highly recommend “The Opposite of Sex” if you want some fun. It is funny, it is dark, it is wicked. Have yourself a great moment with Dedee Truitt, Lucia Darlury, Bill Truitt, Carl, Matt and Jason.

  • dora-suciu
    dora suciu

    Christina Ricci plays the film’s main antagonist and voice-over narrator, Dedee, a white trash, runaway teen slut from the Deep South. In this oddball black comedy, Dedee shows up unannounced and broke on her half-brother’s suburban doorstep one fine day. Her half-brother, a gay, thirty-something teacher takes her in, and soon she’s making a hash of his well-ordered life. It gets pretty grim, pretty quick, but that’s the movie’s plot.The Opposite of Sex steers clear of most, (but certainly not all), of the clichés and stereotypes so popular in movies of this type. It has enough originality, good scripting, and acting to move itself along and deliver the goods. Lisa Kudrow is good in a role as the half-brother’s stressed-out friend that seems like a warm-up for a similar role in Analyze This. I’d give The Opposite of Sex a B-.

  • elizabeth-harrell
    elizabeth harrell

    Christina Ricci as a sexy vixen? Who would have guessed life imitates art? In a role that seemed meant for a plump sexpot as herself (who isn’t so plump anymore), Ricci fully embodies the conniving attitude of Deedee. Told in a rather unusual manner, this film featured some deadpan performances by Johnny Galecki, Lyle Lovett and Lisa Kudrow. While the film needed some help in regards to the pacing and structure, it was still a fun movie to watch, especially in regards to Deedee’s voice overs.

  • betty-erickson
    betty erickson

    This film is about a disturbed teenage girl wrecking up everyone’s lives around her.The plot portrays Dedee’s antisocial and unstable behaviour well. Dedee’s character is developed so well that it is easy for people to dislike her. Christina Ricci’s performance is great as usual. Lisa Kudrow is also good in her role as Bill’s supportive best friend. There are indeed laughs as well, there are many jokes that work in the film. The “Mr I will pull out” joke really got me laughing! The hospital scene towards the is touching and affecting. That scene is the only time Dedee means what she says, and she says it with much sincerity and emotion. Great film, I recommend it!

  • andrew-cook
    andrew cook

    Ricci, a wonderful actress, is an intolerable (and all-too-common, especially in “indie” films) bitch throughout–and she’s narrating. If that doesn’t drive youaway, Lisa Kudrow’s constant whining and the usually solid (but lackluster here) Martin Donovan’s masochisticsimp should finish you off. The script is loaded with the lazyyoung Turk’s approach to “clever observations about modern life”–namely, two-bit cynicism, which was mildlyfresh about 10 years ago. Potshots aplenty at Christiansand gays–wow, how “revolutionary”! Oh, and Lyle Lovettdoes Lyle Lovett to a “T.” Still, this movie had potential; toobad it was utterly squandered by unimaginative direction,bad writing, and insufferable characters. What could’vebeen a wry, dark comedy falls apart under the weight of allthe post-modern pretense, nasty attitude, and Ricci’s grating narration, a vapid effort at a clever conceit. Thankheavens she redeemed herself completely in later projects!

  • trokhim-nikoliuk
    trokhim nikoliuk

    The producers of THE OPPOSITE OF SEX have gone through great pains to advertise their film as politically incorrect. But it doesn’t take very long to see right through their charade.This is your standard politically correct Hollywood fable. While the film is narrated by Deedee, she is not the protagonist, she is in fact the foil. The true protagonist of the story is her homosexual half-brother Bill. It is him that we sympathize with, not her.The film takes its standard politically correct potshots at gun owners, the religious right, Christians, Republicans, etc. They even dredge up that “evil” boogeywoman Anita Bryant to lob a rhetorical tomato at.The movie is very well made, well acted, very funny, and highly entertaining. The problem is the preaching of liberal propaganda. If this does not bother you, or you are able to overlook it, you will find this movie very much worth a rent.

  • dott-loretta-rizzi
    dott loretta rizzi

    I don’t understand why this movie got great reviews. The title should have been “The opposite of Good”, which is just what the movie was-bad. On paper the movie reads well. However the way the movie was made, makes one want to run out of the theater. The last scene tries to put the whole movie together. However it didn’t make up for the hour and some minutes of non-sense.

  • kevin-bentley
    kevin bentley

    Evry movie has to have a fan. Who is the fan for this movie? No one I know, or would want to knowPlot: A slutty brat tells a story about how slutty and bratty she is. Then mixed lovers happens.The acting in this movie was at the same level of a high school play production. You really don’t relate or feel for any of the characters except for her brother who gets screwed numerous times (you kind of wish he just goes postal on everyone). Lyle Lovett is a great singer/songwriter, but he can not act. On a positive note it addresses and deals with some very deep issues concerning sexual societies and homosexuality.Bottom Line: I wouldn’t recommend it, yet I feel that there has to be a certain audience that would like this movie, maybe bratty slutty teenagers.

  • ricardo-rocha
    ricardo rocha

    Right off the bat, Christina Ricci’s character is 100% annoying and she even lets us know she will not get any better as the movie progresses. Does it progress? Or does it just go deeper into “worse”? I love Ricci and Kudrow and, yes, the bi boyfriend is total eye candy. Everything seems filmed pretty decently -except for the fact that for every location there seems to be only one shot available and everyone “shares” the exact same hotel room set- but the story. Dios mio. Ricci’s character talks us through the story as though we were demented -and blind- viewers, who must “not forget” she has gun. She “will use it later”. Uh-huh.Probably the most pathetic example of this over-talking is when apparently she/the movie is trying to tell us how to feel about some of the characters. Could you just let us feel whatever we like, please? Have you EVER heard of showing instead of telling? Looks like not. The crassest jokes I’ve ever heard. Eye-rolling, throw-something-at-the-screen baseless plot twists. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. Do NOT pay more than a buck to watch this movie, even if it’s just out of curiosity.

  • tiina-laas
    tiina laas

    sorry, this is the biggest spoiler i´ll ever write, but this definetly is one of the most boring movies i´ve ever seen.the story-line is ridiculous dumb, the characters are unironical white-trash-squareheads and there´s not one character in the movie, that would be performed in an inspired way of acting: this is a square head soap opera. christina ricci plays as if she got a brain damage, martin donovan as if he had an overdose of valium and lisa kudrow is just a pain in the a**. the best actor in this movie is William Lee Scott (no joke! he´s definetly not one of the best actors ever, but hes the best one in here, hes even smart!) and maybe Lyle Lovett, but just because he´s got such a funny face. there´s definetly no reason to make such a boring movie, just because the subject (homosexuality) may offend someone. it seems as if the moviemakers tried to do a “mainstream” film about homosexuality: to provocate, but “just a little”. just because one of the main characters says “vagina! vagina! vagina!” and another one talks about two men sucking each other´s d**** doesn´t make a good movie out of it. it´s like watching “the wonder years” with some obscene expressions in it.this movie is a waste of time!2 out of 10 (and the two are for WL Scott and L Lovett) recommendations (just to proove that i´m not homophobic): ich bin meine eigene frau, boys dont cry, der bewegte mann.

  • arman-t-ovmasyan
    arman t ovmasyan

    I admit, I readily get caught in movies, even the most incompetent ones. I laugh and more importantly I cry when I’m supposed to. I am a sucker. In fact, I have laughed and cried with Roos’ other projects, swept along as per design.But this movie is different, and it pushed past the ordinary barriers I establish for movie life, barriers I didn’t even know were there.Here’s the setup: we have a movie, with love and events and discovery just like any other movie. There actually are characters and some pithy engagement among them and with us. But thats only the excuse for the filmmaker to have a completely separate dialog with us. The movie is the excuse for that dialog, though sometimes the higher level of engagement between us and Roos will borrow from the story.He is, in fact, having a sort of sex with us at the same time he tells us its the opposite, a different sort of attraction and seduction.Roos’ surrogate is Ricci in voice-over narration. It is the very best she has been, except for that bowling alley scene in “Buffalo.” Since she isn’t a great acting talent, what this means is that the role is a perfect fit for her sort of sexual detachment.The narration starts out commenting on the movie, telling us what kind of movie this is not, and how we cannot expect her to behave as if she were in a movie. She leaves home and steals a gun. While doing so, she tells us to pay attention, that the gun will prove significant. Then, she deliciously shifts back into character and says that’s foreshadowing and we studied that in school.This is pretty shocking stuff, this shift out of the movie, using moviedom’s most intimate trick, the internal noir narrative that starts such films. We immediately have a bond with this girl, but in her role outside the movie. As the movie rolls on, she bonds intimately with many characters, and each is an opportunity for us to readjust the relationship we have with her outside. It is sex, no it is the opposite of sex, at least movie sex. But it is attraction as strong. And when it goes wrong, as it must, it is devastating. We know how to have movie sex, but few of us seem to have any dexterity with these things outside of movies.And that’s the point. I guess we can thank Hal Hartley from paving the way for this.Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: Worth watching.

  • jovan-bauer
    jovan bauer

    This movie was compared to “Clueless”. What a mistake. After the first 20 minutes the story doesn’t go anywhere new, it’s just more of the same. The “strong” language and gay-theme may be funny and shocking to U.S. audiences, European viewers are probably less easily shocked into laughter.There’s no emotional theme that I could see, or it would have to be the AIDS related death of a main characters partner that gets dragged into the story kicking and screaming.I’d have walked out of the movie if it weren’t for my companion who wanted to see it through to the end.

  • kalevi-haapanen-pekkala
    kalevi haapanen pekkala

    This movie starts out feeling a bit like “Ghost World”. And then, poof! While “Ghost World” is one of the best movies that I’ve seen in the past five years, this is one of the worst!The so-called “pomo” material is fresh and beckons for a heckuva good treatment, but poof! Don Roos, he of the “Diabolique” debacle, lays a pretentious egg! The movie feels episodic and disorganized, which some people might call an indie movie feel. I call it “crap”. Nothing is really said or accomplished, and there is no attempt to scrap the surface of any of the characters.All of sudden, after good performances in “Casper”, “The Addams Family”, and particularly “Buffalo 66”, poof! Christina Ricci can’t act! Her one-note whine is insipid and dull. The rest of the acting is quite bad, as a matter of fact, it may be one of the worst ensemble acting performances I’ve ever seen! Lyle Lovett is miscast, if that is possible. Lisa Kudrow has the most potentially juicy part, but poof! She is too weak to pull it off!This reminds me of the excellent director Henry Jaglom’s most indulgently bad movies. I had to struggle to make it to the exceptionally unsatisfying ending.And poof! It rates 2/10!

  • tomas-vlcek
    tomas vlcek

    Ricci was really good. Has talent & will be seen again. The movie was so thoroughly unbelievable. Rented it on video when my local store had a “two for one” night. Big mistake. When will hollywood wake up????

  • julianna-sacharczuk
    julianna sacharczuk

    There’s something so off-kilter about this film. Something that makes it stand apart from others of its kind. The structure is pretty complex, if one takes into accounts all of the turns in the story the film makes. The performances are aces, but Kudrow really stands far and away at the top. One of the finest TV actresses ever, if not the finest (her work in TV is masterful) she has the perfect blend of comedy and drama here. Her work is effective on a dramatic level, even though it’s also a pretty hilarious turn. This is a fantastic performance, hitting all of the right notes and pitch-perfect keys that one can hit. This is highly recommended.

  • susanna-karppinen
    susanna karppinen

    Christina Ricci plays a brunette Lolita in this charming indie comedy from 1998. She visits her brother, straight-laced Martin Donovan, and then proceeds to seduce and confuse his hunky boy-toy, played by Ivan Sergei.The film is no big deal, but it made a fairly large impression on me back in 1998. Ricci gives a terrific performance, successfully navigating the transition from childhood to adult actor. But the highest praise must go to Lisa Kudrow, who broke out of her “Friends” character and actually generated a little bit of deserved Oscar buzz for her performance as an uptight prude.Grade: A

  • stewart-singh
    stewart singh

    A cast of talented actors and actresses does not make up for a what a tired and time consuming miss-match of a movie this is.One liners may be all the rage in ‘Will & Grace’ but this particular ‘flick’ left with a funny taste in my mouth (no pun).Character development is hidden away amongst the over-the-top narration. The story lacks emotion and depth and is very contrived – even for a Hollywood picture. It is a movie where the stars look quite simply out of place in their surroundings.High expectations of a wholesome quality film were suddenly tail-spinning just 30 minutes through. At the end of the movie we had crash landed and I wanted my money back.

  • olivia-rocha
    olivia rocha

    This film has laughs, but they are not all clumped in together. Which is good, because with a story like this, it is neccesary to have comedy in just the right spots. The film shows us Deede (played to perfection by hot Christina Ricci), a 16 year old going on 17 who is having a baby soon, but the results of the next 9 months will surprise everyone (which includes a cast of Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow, Johnny Galecki, Lyle Lovett and Ivan Serguei). A good idea becomes a close to very good film by vhaving a good lay out of a story and good sarcastic humor to match. One of the better films of 1998. A-

  • karen-pham
    karen pham

    OK, now I understand the reason why many people will dislike this movie. It deals with many taboo issues, such as underage sex/pregnancy, homosexuality in a unfavourable light, murder, profanity, mischief and illegality. Writer/director Don Roos gambled the movie’s entire ideologies in order to get the important message across. Lets face it, it’s not as if Roos is an inexperienced scriptwriter of this ilk. After all, he penned the screenplay to another “Anti-women’s liberation” movie, ‘Single White Female’. He seemed the perfect guy to translate the honesty of lower/middle class America to the screen; and the style he chose to produce the movie in needn’t be mentioned at this stage. Now, onto the film itself…Didi Truitt (Christina Ricci) is the most cynical and sarcastic of all teenage girls. She believes the world owes her favours and should pay dividends. Her step-father passes away and so she leaves her mother and goes to find her long-lost step-brother Bill Truitt (Martin Donovan) in hope that he will take her in and give her the life of Riley, which she never had at home. She takes a gun with her…She knocks at his front door – his boyfriend answers; this shakes Didi up, but nevertheless she is in desperation, although she never lets it transcend. Her step-bother is an English teacher at the local high school: He is a pushover of a man who has no discernible masculinity whatsoever. He lost a very close ex-boyfriend to AIDS a year before which is obvious to the viewers that this wrecked his life, but to his “handsome airhead” of a boyfriend, Matt Mateo (Ivan Sergei), it is not.Due to the close relationship he held with his ex, he has since adopted a possessive and maniacal “sister-in-law” figure, Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), who wholeheartedly disapproves of Didi right away. Lucia is a dominant presence in Bill’s life and she takes the helm whenever any crisis is imminent. Many people hate Lucia – she doesn’t care.Didi and Matt have a crush on each other and basically, they end up in bed together. After months of sneaking around behind Bill’s back, Didi announces that she is pregnant, and that Matt is the father. They steal Bill’s $10,000 stashed in his safety deposit box and elope to Los Angeles where Matt takes up a minimum wage job to support Didi and the unborn child. Matt quits his job after running into Bill and comes home early one day to find Didi in bed with Randy (the guy with one ball). She announces to Matt that the baby is in fact Randy’s. The latter has a terrible temper and he and Matt begin to rumble. Didi and Randy leave together and set up home elsewhere. He and Didi have a confrontation in which she ends up killing him.Matt visits and they leave together to escape the law. Didi has the baby and the audience’s expectations are toyed with again here. The narrator (a monotonous and cynical Didi) tries to convince the viewers that she dies during childbirth. This is held for about 15 seconds, then the truth is revealed.At the end of the movie, Didi goes back to school – more bad-tempered than ever – and Bill is left with the child, while he becomes involved with Didi’s parole officer. The final shot is where Didi shouts “Go!” to the audience. A sign of anxiety and depression, or just plain swings-and-roundabouts for a troubled teen? Anyway, I’ve missed out a bit involving a character called Jason and the media circus that he erupts on Bill’s already sucky life. But just in case you read this before watching the movie, at least there’s a couple of surprises in there for ya.All in all, an excellent, if complicated, movie (of course, in my opinion). There are not enough honest movies like this one. In a time when the only teenagers Hollywood churned out were those from ‘American Pie’ and ‘Cruel Intentions’, it was a breath of fresh air. I am a firm believer in that people should be taught the importance of self-discipline when growing up. Knowing how to deal with certain situations, etc. I also believe that Hollywood perhaps shouldn’t gloss over things as much as they do. It is really important that some people have access to a film that deals with adolescence frankly; and as far as the message goes – It leaves a deep mark that you won’t soon forget.Great Movie – ****

  • theresa-hettner-b-eng
    theresa hettner b eng

    I selected this movie on an impulse and ended up loving every bit of it. It isn’t as black a comedy as most people profess, you laugh at some very witty scenes and a few conversations are very poignant and insightful. Note these bits: Lucia and Bill at the hotel in LA when they have a conversation about relationships, Matt and Bill at the log cabin in Canada and lastly, when Dedee delivers the last voice-over. I will remember this movie for quite some time. We have a trash-talking southerner: Christina Ricci (in one of her better roles) who takes some pretty illogical decisions in life and affects so many lives around her. Martin Donovan shines as her half-brother, seemingly very pacified and unnerved about things in life (a doormat personality, perhaps?). Watch out for Lisa Kudrow: she steals the show with her expressions and acting.

  • anthony-rice
    anthony rice

    I avoided seeing this movie for a long time but finally gave in last week. It was very funny, touching and insightful. It did occur to me that Lyle Lovett could use an acting lesson or two, and that Ivan Sergei is way too good looking; its borderline annoying. Martin Donovan and Kudrow make the movie; their characters were completely believable. Last but certainly not least is the best young American actress, Christina Ricci. She really makes every part she plays her own. I suggest the Christian Youth or whoever they are stay away; everyone in this movie has too many human qualities for you to tolerate.

  • gabriel-bou-collado
    gabriel bou collado

    The Opposite of Sex does what Don Roos set it out to do. It brings the subject of homosexuality in all its forms to light in a hard hitting, funny in your face joy ride – but yet it’s not a ‘gay movie’. Ricci is wonderful as Dedee, our young ‘tour guide’ to this strange journey. Through her eyes we see her world of lies, deception and confusion. At times you might not like her, but thats what is great about the movie, it pulls you in. If your into witty one liners, a fast story line and terrific acting (two thumbs up to Lisa Kudrow!)than this movie is for you. After a movie that makes you think about other peoples lifestyles and situations? give it a try. As an eighteen year old, I recommend this movie for older teens and up and give it a 8/10.

  • dawn-harris
    dawn harris

    I absolutely love this film. Christina Ricci is perfectly cast and gives a great performance as a 16 year old who tries to manipulate and bully all of the other characters into bowing to her sick and twisted view of the world. While Ricci’s character is not immediately likable she is somehow compelling and is effecting in driving the film. Ricci’s character does and says hateful things throughout the movie but the film is successful in maintaining it’s own view on these topics without squelching her characters voice. Hopefully what we see through her character is that despite the hateful things people do, there are real human beings behind these actions. I ended up liking the character for her survive at any cost mentality and her resolve.The movie is hilariously funny and at times touching. Lisa Kudro turns in another great performance as a lonely single girl who is pining for the affections of Ricci’s gay half brother. The humor is not of the joke a minute or slapstick variety but grows out of the situations and relationships between compelling characters.The writing and directing are also superb. I especially liked scenes where the director showed how easily we can be manipulated by mood and music as well as the points that we show in a character’s life. Ricci’s narration is biting, wicked, clever, bitchy and witty. I can see however, how one could be offended and turned off by it. But the narration is not for shock effect but rather to frame the main character.I wouldn’t change a frame or a line in this film. It’s funny, intelligent and warm in a strange sort of way. A definite must see.

  • christine-rocher-mallet
    christine rocher mallet

    The Opposite Of Sex – 1998The Opposite Of Sex stars two of my favourite actress’ – Lisa Kudrow and Christina Ricci. Needless to say, they were my main motivations for seeing this film. Expecting a fairly average film you might say I was a little shocked when this turned out to be a well scripted, well acted, suitably gritty and compelling drama. The Opposite of Sex is narrated by the appropriately cynical lead character, Dede Truitt (Christina Ricci). The narration is highly amusing and witty and provides the audience with a release during tense and heavily themed situations. Dede Truitt basically walks into her half brothers life (Martin Donovan) and causes a stir among his sister in-law (Lisa Kudrow) by stealing his boyfriend who was originally thought to be gay and now decides he is bisexual. The whole film is constantly asking questions about Sex and what it has done to humanity. It works on two levels, one being that it has heavy themes and can be coarse at times. However Lisa Kudrow offers comic relief playing a straight square teacher who disapproves of everything and everyone in life especially sex. That is until she finds Sex on her doorstep. The Opposite of Sex is a brilliant film, when Christina Ricci was in her prime. It deserved much more praise than it got which is such as shame. 9/10