Always interested in movies, Max Roth, as a young man, aspired to be a screenwriter, but ended up in the outwardly more cutthroat world of talent agent in Los Angeles. His glitzy city life takes a slight detour when he learns that recently deceased May Sprague, who is more commonly referred to as May Sugar – his maternal aunt who he barely remembers – has left him her small peach orchard in Peachland in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Even his mother, who did not keep in close contact with her sister, doesn’t know why, Peachland where Max has not been since he was a child. Max, who will rely on technology to continue to work, plans to head to the Peachland to prepare the property for sale before he returns to real life as he knows it. Not caring what happens to it, he will take the highest offer which generally means developing the property for a higher use than agriculture. He will find some snags along the way, the biggest being a young woman named Olivia Cunningham – Olive in more familiar circumstances – who was a friend of May’s and who, as a free spirit, will use unconventional means to protest any sort of move away from the property being used for anything but agriculture. Beyond some underlying issues affecting Olive’s unconventional behavior, Max may find that spending time away from Los Angeles and with someone like Olive may give him a different perspective of life, especially as he can feel his work world crumbling down 1,400 miles away.

Also Known As: The Orchard

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