Frankie Fane has clawed his way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Now, as he’s preparing to win his Oscar, his friend Hymie Kelly reminisces over their life together, and Frankie’s ruthless struggle to the top and the people he’s stepped on (i.e., everyone else in the movie) to make it there.

Also Known As: Confidências de Hollywood, El oscar, オスカー(1966), La statue en or massif, Vägen till Oscar, Hayâl ve Hakikat, Sucesso sem escrúpulos, Prin apo tin dysi, ...denn keiner ist ohne Schuld West, Vehkeilijä Hollywoodissa, El Óscar, Osukâ, Tramonto di un idolo, Оскар Soviet, The Oscar, Oscarul, El ocaso de un ídolo

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