While struggling to impress new hotelier client Kit Hawksin, Granger Woodruff of the ad agency Stimulus is told by Jennifer David of the CityOne Bank call center that his identity has been compromised and his credit card is being misused. While tracing transactions, both become friendly and agree to meet in San Francisco at the Hawksin Hotel. When she apparently does not show up, Granger befriends an Indian girl, Priya Sethi, who has flown in to attend a relative’s birthday party. Granger will get a rude awakening when he finds out that Priya is actually Jennifer, additionally the fiancée of wealthy Mumbai-based Vikram Bhatia. Since Priya has traveled to America without her family’s consent, Granger will also incur her family’s wrath, three of whom have felt compelled to travel there to locate Priya then escort her back home to marry Vikram.

Also Known As: Αγάπη στην αναμονή, A vonal másik végén, Llamando al amor, Calling in Love South, Po drugiej stronie, Agapi stin anamoni, На другом конце провода, Romance a Longa Distância, The Other End of the Line, À l'autre bout du fil, Amore in linea, Do Outro Lado da Linha, Bei Anruf Liebe, Call Center - Bei Anruf Liebe, Amor a distancia

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