Following an absence of eight years, Jet Cosgrave (John Derek) returns to his hometown of Colton, Colorado. His quest is for the recovery of his rightful heritage, the great Circle C Ranch, from his uncle, Major Cosgrave (Jim Davis), and to that end, he brings with him nine hired gunmen, headed by “Dude” Rankin (Bob Steele). His accusation that his uncle stole the ranch by a will forged after the death of his father brings instant reprisals. Judy Polsen (Joan Evans), one of a poor family of ranchers, falls in love with Jet after saving him from a bushwhacking by two Circle C gunmen, The Kid (Ben Cooper) and Bert (Harry Carey Jr.). She then vouches for him to her father, Chad Polsen (Frank Ferguson) and her brothers Boone (Slim Pickens), Asa (Nicolas Coster) and Zeke (Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry),

Also Known As: Les proscrits du Colorado, コロラドの急襲, Il cacciatore di fortuna, Oi tyhodioktes tou Colorado, Tropel dos Vingadores, O Tropel dos Vingadores, De fortuinjager, Contienda por un imperio, Red Horizon, På lovens grund, Brandmal der Rache, Kampen om Cirkel C-Ranchen, Farlig mark, The Fortune Hunter, The Outcast, Koston merkki, Proscrisul, Brandmal der Rache West, El marginado

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