Two drifters are passing through a Western town, when news comes in that a local farmer has been murdered and his cattle stolen. The townspeople, joined by the drifters, form a posse to catch the perpetrators. They find three men in possession of the cattle, and are determined to see justice done on the spot.

Also Known As: Omca za nevinog, De rampzalige ochtend, Dommer Lynsj, Incidente en Ox-Bow, Möte vid Ox-oket, Iнцидент в Окс-Боу, Omca za vjesanje, Ritt zum Ox-Bow, Kuolemantuomiopaikka, L'étrange incident, Alba fatale, L'aube fatale, Consciências Mortas, The Ox-Bow Incident, Zdarzenie w Ox-Bow, Hævnerne fra Ox-Bow, Incidentul din Ox-Bow, Különös eset, I polis tou misous, Conciencias muertas, Случай в Окс-Боу Soviet, De døde ved daggry, Strange Incident, Ritt zum Ox-Bow West, Инцидентът в Окс-Боу

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