In an unidentified area of war-torn Eastern Europe, a young boy is sent by his parents to live in safety with his aunt. But she dies unexpectedly, so he sets off on a journey to return home. He roams alone in a wild and hostile world in which only local rules, prejudices and superstitions apply. His struggle for virtually physical survival after the war turns into a battle of a different type. A battle that he doesn’t even realize, a fight with himself, a fight for his soul, for his future.

Also Known As: Nabarvené, Розфарбований птах, Pomalované vtáca, Nabarvené ptáce Czech, Боядисаната птица, Раскрашенная птица, Malowany ptak, ペインテッド・バード, Το βαμμένο πουλί, The Painted Bird, Festett madár, Boyalı Kuş, 異端の鳥

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