Hayley Mills plays twins who, unknown to their divorced parents, meet at a summer camp. Products of single parent households, they switch places so as to meet the parent they never knew, and then contrive to reunite them.

Also Known As: Die Vermählung ihrer Eltern geben bekannt, Ловушка для родителей Soviet, Apád-anyád idejöjjön, La fiancée de papa, Föräldrafällan, Forældrefælden, Ansa vanhemmille, Rodzice, miejcie się na baczności, The Parent Trap, As Duas Gémeas, Tú a Boston y yo a California, I adelfi mou kai ego, La fiancée de Papa, Η αδελφή μου και εγώ, Il cowboy con il velo da sposa, Die Vermählung ihrer Eltern geben bekannt West, Operación Cupido, Operação Cupido, Brudgom i nød, O Grande Amor de Nossas Vidas, Zamka za roditelje, Ikiz melekler, Szülõk csapdája, Abba Mitares

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  • birger-holst
    birger holst

    ***plot synopsis in this review***Once upon a time, before there were Barefoot Executives, Computers Wearing Tennis Shoes, Strongest Men In The World, World’s Greatest Athletes, and Invisible College Students, there was a studio named Disney that believed in making good live action family motion pictures. They made gems like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Old Yeller, Pollyanna, Mary Poppins and this little gem called The Parent Trap.Not only do we get Hayley Mills playing dual roles with perfection, we get a great script by David Swift (who also wrote the script for Pollyanna and directed both films) that draws us in right from the opening credits (despite a somewhat obnoxious theme song vocalized by Tommy Sands and Annette Funicello). Add to this one of the best supporting casts Walt could possibly have assembled, and you have two hours plus of rollicking entertainment.When Hayley is on the screen with herself, the effect is uncanny, and you almost believe there are two Haley Mills. These scenes are mixed with others where she interacts with a double, (the uncredited Susan Henning) and the combination works, due in large part to Ub Iwerks who came up with the special photgraphic effects to make it all possible. Remember, in 1961 there was no such thing as digital effects so this was a tremendous undertaking for it’s time, not having been done to this extent before.You should know the story by now but briefly, it centers around two girls, Sharon and Susan, who end up in the same summer camp and discover that they are identical twins who were separated from each other when their parents divorced, each parent taking custody of one of the twin girls. The rest of the movie centers on them changing identities, not only to meet the other parent, but in a wild scheme to get the parents (played by Maureen O’Hara and Brian Keith) back together again. Okay, so it is all far-fetched but it is far-fetched hilarity.Besides Hayley’s performance, Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara are great also, with Brian Keith never being funnier as the father who always seems to be getting the worst part of everything. Add to this a possible future step-monster played by Joanna Barnes, and Leo G. Carroll in a small but unforgettable role as a preacher, how could you go wrong? Even if you don’t like this type of film, it’s worth a look to see it at least once in your life.This movie was remade in 1998 with Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and Natassia Richardson. The update is equally fun, which just goes to show what a good idea they had in the first place.If I have a complaint it’s not with the movie but with the Disney Studios. This is one of their films that was given first class treatment on DVD, one of the best I have purchased. What makes this so maddening is that they can release a great DVD like this one minute, then rush out bad DVD transfers on fine films like Moonspinners and The Journey of Natty Gann. I’m not asking that they release every film in a special two disc edition, but there is absolutely no excuse why they can’t at least make a decent video transfer of some of their other films. Just getting a decent copy of the films would be enough. It’s frustrating.Till Next Time, Next Class Please

  • kamilly-barbosa
    kamilly barbosa

    This charming movie is definitely one of my favorites. There is something about classic Disney movies that will never be done again, as they have their own uniqueness to them. David Swift did an excellent job with the script and direction. This is just an all around, cute, interesting and enjoyable movie. Hayley Mills was just awesome as was the rest of the cast. One flaw, though, is the English accent Hayley falls in and out of, but it’s such a minor flaw that most people would either not notice or not care. It would have helped for Sharon to be from London (like the remake) instead of Boston. This film also displays beautiful homes and scenery. You can’t help but truly care about the outcome of this film, even if it is a little predictable. I recommend this classic film, if family movies are your thing.

  • inga-radke
    inga radke

    Featuring the sexy, ruggedly handsome Brian Keith and the flawlessly beautiful Maureen O’Hara, THE PARENT TRAP is a fun and funny family comedy about identical twins Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers (Hayley Mills, the ’60s Disney sweetheart) who don’t know each other exists until they meet at a summer mountain camp. Unable to accept that their parents don’t still love one another, they scheme to reunite the folks by switching places. Although I found it kind of strange that 2 Americans would have one twin with a British accent, I realized the maternal Grandmother is also sort of British. It doesn’t matter anyway, Mills is too cute. I really love Keith because he brought a realistic sense of humor as the flabbergasted Dad who just wants to remarry with some young broad and pretend he’s moving on with his life!!! O’Hara is also more than a pretty face. She’s hilarious. This film is colorful, fun and just sexy enough not to be boring to adults. I love it.

  • elizabeth-russell
    elizabeth russell

    As an identical twin who was born the year this film came out, it for obvious reasons holds a special place in my heart. I remember watching it on TV as a little girl with my identical twin sister and we loved every minute of it! We could obviously relate to the incredibly close (yet at times frustrating) bond shared by Sharon and Susan, played by the delightful Hayley Mills. I don’t think that you have to be a twin to have fun with this movie. It is a delight on all levels.Maureen O’Hara (at the height of her great beauty in this film) and the ruggedly handsome Brian Keith are perfectly cast in their roles as the twins divorced parents. A great cast of supporting players that include Charles Ruggles, Una Merkel, Joanna Barnes and Leo G. Carroll just add to the talent that went into making this picture. They just don’t make movies like this anymore, family movies that are great for everyone to watch without being overly sappy or dull. It makes me long for the good old days.For a fun family movie night don’t waste your time on the remake with Lindsey Lohan. Rent this little gem, pop some popcorn and curl up with your kids and have a good laugh. They’ll enjoy it as much as you will!

  • michael-kolar
    michael kolar

    Wow. I cant get enough of this film. Im not going to compare it with the 1998 version, because even though they have the same name and same basic plot, they are two different styles so how people can say one is better than the other is beyond me. But, the 1961 version IS better. It has everything, comedy, romance, sadness, the acting is superb, not just from Hayley Mills, but you have Brian Keith as Mitch, and Rev. Mosby, ‘Bourbon, Double, On the rocks’. I cannot fault this film and cant wait to watch it again.One of the best films ever made.

  • melissa-flores
    melissa flores

    What can I say, it’s got the Disney magic to it, and a pretty good idea. If you like Disney films, you’ll love this. It’s a true “classic” to be quoted, and can be enjoyed by all ages. Just stay clear of the 1998 remake. 3.5/5 stars–JOHN ULMER

  • ashley-hall
    ashley hall

    My first exposure to this movie was seeing previews on TV. My response was along the lines of “What a stupid, silly, comedy; I’m not going to go see that movie”. Soon thereafter, my parents and I visited for a week with relatives in another city. One day they took us to see; you guessed it; “The Parent Trap”. Fortunately, I was open-minded enough to pay attention to it. I discovered that, instead of stupid and silly, the comedy was clever, original, and most of all, very funny. And, of course, I fell in love with Hayley Mills. She was so much more spunky and feisty than any girl I knew. I loved that line “We submarined her”. Then there was that darling face with, still to this day, the cutest nose I have ever seen.I’ve had the video for years and watch it fairly often. Being nearly 40 years older now, I find Maureen O’Hara as the real beauty of that movie. And my favorite scenes now are those near the end where she and Brian Keith realize that they need to get back together again.But Hayley still does, and always will, occupy a small corner of my heart.

  • larry-graham
    larry graham

    After reviewing much horror I felt I need to change my comment history a bit. This is a cute and totally wonderful Disney-classic with amazing Hayley Mills (“Pollyanna”) in the leading roles as twins. She’s one of the best child actors ever.”Parent Trap” is a movie you can’t dislike. Every family member will love it with its great story and acting. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and I really felt it should had been great if I had seen it when I was a child. Then it had been one of the best movie experiences in my life. It’s so warm and friendly. I feel I wanted to live at that time, in the United States. Sometimes I feel that being young in the 1950-60’s must have been great, even if I really like growing up in the 90’s as well.I recommend this movie to everyone. You can’t be anything else than happy afterwards.

  • james-martinez
    james martinez

    The Parent Trap is a wonderful Walt Disney comedy. It allows us to benefit (in part thanks to the then revolutionary “split screen” technique) from a great performance by two Hayley Mills instead of one! The story of twin sisters discovering each other at a summer camp and trying to rebuild their “broken home” is very endearing. Yet, the emotion is well balanced with refreshing humor and quid pro quo situations. The cast is superb and it is worth mentioning the magnificent acting by the ever beautiful Maureen O’Hara and masculine Brian Keith. There is also a great appearance by Hitchcockien Leo G. Carroll in the role of a really funny Reverend. Still, center stage is Hayley Mills, 15 years old when the film was released, always funny, witty and really enchanting. Eventually, looking back at it now, The Parent Trap also, in my opinion, send us a feeling of nostalgia, like a frozen time capsule of the early 1960’s.

  • isaak-karademos
    isaak karademos

    This film is excellent! It’s the story of two twins who were separated shortly after birth when their parents divorce. The twins (both played masterfully by Hayley Mills) accidentally meet up at summer camp 11 years or so later (each not knowing of the other’s existence), and through a series of hilarious hijinks, realize that they are sisters and plot to get Mom and Dad back together again. This is a movie that reminds us that marriages, even bad ones, are worth working out and fighting for, a message that is missing in so many Hollywood movies these days. Look for really charming, Oscar-worthy (in my opinion) performances by Una Merkel (Verbeena) and Charles Ruggles (Charles McKendrick). ****SPOILER ALERT**** The scene where the twins first realize who they are and what happened is classic, and worth the price of a rental by itself. The dance number, “Let’s Get Together”, which the twins perform again later in the movie, is memorable, and you’ll be singing it to yourself for weeks later! So, if you want to make a ninny out of yourself by not seeing this movie, it’s none of my never mind, that’s why I’m not saying a word!10/10 stars.

  • bayan-nursan-aslan-ulker
    bayan nursan aslan ulker

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Hayley Mills and grew up with her in this type of movie. Like everyone else, I always just figured it was cute and heartwarming, then got to thinking…and I see at least one other reviewer agrees with me.This Disney family classic tells the story of two twins, Susan and Sharon, whose parents divorced shortly after their birth. Each parent assumed custody of one of their daughters, so these twins have been unaware they have a sister. However, the pair inadvertently meet at summer camp, recognize each other (of course, they’re identical), and decide to switch places by going to live for awhile with the opposite parent. Then the scheming but appealing duo embarks upon a mission to reunite their divorced parents, despite the fact that the father is now engaged to another (rather nasty and not at all suitable) woman.First, Hayley Mills is of course an absolutely fabulous little actress here, playing the dual roles of the sisters, Sharon and Susan. She’s bubbly, perky, endearing, charming, and all the rest of it, plus makes you believe there really are two different girls. Also, the parents are well cast, with the rugged Brian Keith portraying the father and the beautiful, sophisticated Maureen O’Hara as the mother.However, I agree totally with another reviewer that questions…what kind of strange, cruel, uncaring parents would split up their kids like this? Talk about dividing assets! It seems these twins have essentially no contact or awareness of the non custodial parent, in addition to being quite oblivious that they have a twin sibling. Furthermore, it is incredible that these parents seem to want no contact with their non custodial child. Such a parent does not come across as very heartwarming to me, even if played by Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara! Thus, the basic premise behind this tale is beyond bizarre. Of course the cute antics of the twins get the parents back together in the end. If this estranged couple is so easily reunited, one wonders why they ever divorced in the first place. However, I could forgive this…we all want a happily ever after ending here…but not the splitting up your children in infancy business.Anyway, it’s a lively, light hearted, entertaining little movie that’s fun to watch, lots of mischievous pranks and so on. But as for a ‘family film’, it has some strange messages. Parents should discuss some of these issues with their own kids while watching it, whether or not they themselves are in a divorced situation. My own child did not grow up with divorced parents, but I would still have wanted to make it plain…this is Disney and makes a cute story, but dividing up your children like this, denying them knowledge of their sibling or noncustodial parent isn’t remotely acceptable in real life.As far as the new 1998 version is concerned, this 1961 Hayley Mills one is a classic and perfectly fine just the way it is. Why must Hollywood always feel compelled to do remakes? It’s like they don’t believe modern audiences can relate if the hairstyles or whatever are a little different. Absurd!

  • destiny-young
    destiny young

    After watching the 1998 remake with Lindsay Lohan, I had to check out the 60’s version which I thought was unbelievably filmed well! Firstly, before I start ranting on how great the film was, I will say that I don’t think that this film doesn’t match the remake. Usually I find remade films worse or less superior than the originals but for some reason I just found some more fun in the remake. The original however I think is still excellent and should still be viewed.The plot centers on two twins who discover each other at a girls camp. They find out who each other’s parents are and then they decide to con-cock a mischievous plan into swapping places and getting to know each other’s parents before meeting again, trying to reunite their parents.The acting, scenery and settings, music score, unique moments and memorable scenes were put together very well and the entire film still holds up to today’s standards.My first thoughts were that the film wasn’t going to be great at all and that it wasn’t going to beat the remake. I was wrong about it being a well made masterpiece, but I was right about it not beating the remake in my opinion.I thought everything was a little different and more absurd whilst I still found more moments (especially the woods scenes). However, I did find the music a little bit too typical (very 50’s-60’s styled themed music, it sounded like anything else).Overall, I do love this film. I don’t have anything negative to say about it, but there’s just something about the remake which I found more special, but then again if we didn’t have this film, we wouldn’t have the remake!!! Anyway, I really believe the film is one of the best 1960’s films, ranking right up with 60’s horror such as Black Sabbath and Rosemary’s Baby. 8.5/10

  • jules-lejeune
    jules lejeune

    Hayley Mills here was just in the right place at the right time and in the right role. It turned out to be one of the finest screen performances by a child actor.That this was comedy made Mills’ work all the more impressive, for this is a difficult, underrated genre in which to excel. Her every line, gesture and expression was perfect. It was Hayley’s greatest work, and a triumph for the Disney Studios.The rest of the cast from Maureen O’Hara (at her most beautiful) to Brian Keith (at his most charming) was ideal. Ditto for the entire supporting cast.A truly wonderful comedy.

  • tracy-decker
    tracy decker

    This movie is one of the best sixties one out there. It is much better than the 1998 version. Haley Mills plays both characters to perfection (as always), and it has a great plot with unexpected twists and turns. You really should see this!!!~Jen

  • csonka-kiss-brigitta
    csonka kiss brigitta

    This is an agreeable updating from an E. Kastner’s story , it deals about two twins little girls (Hayley Mills). When they are in summer holidays and after several antics each other , discover the surprise which they are twin sisters and then they plot change characters with their different parents (Mauren O’Hara , Brian Keith) who are disjointed since the divorce and the girls have been separately raised . The father is going to marry a young woman (Joanna Barnes) and the eleven-years-old girls scheme the parents reconciliation by making impossible life of the father’s bride .The picture contains enjoyable comedy , humor , tongue-in-cheek and being pretty entertaining . This classical Disney comedy was remade in 1998 with Lindsay Lohan and previously adapted to British cinema in a movie titled : ¨Twice upon a time¨ (1954) . Hayley Mills acting is sympathetic and amusing . Hayley plays two sisters and she makes it splendidly . Hayley starred two sequels for Television (1986, 1989). Susan Henning took on the role as Hayley Mills’ body double for several of the twin shots in the film , as part of her contract, she signed away her rights to be credited . The screenplay originally called for only a few trick photography shots of Hayley Mills in scenes with herself; the bulk of the film was to be shot using a body double. When Walt Disney saw how seamless the processed shots were , he ordered the script reconfigured to include more of the special effect . Mauren O’Hara and Brian Keith are magnificent as parents in similar roles later starred by Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid . Joanna Barnes as the unpleasant fiancée is very well , in the remake she played the bride’s (incarnated by Elaine Hendrix) mother . The movie will appeal to family comedy enthusiasts . Rating : Amusing and enjoyable . Well worth seeing .

  • asmat-jalagonia
    asmat jalagonia

    I first saw this movie on Sunday night TV Wonderful World of Disney in 1979 and was hooked. I bought the book at the school book fair and reread it a dozen times.My older sister had seen Parent Trap in the theater and knew all of the parts that 1970s TV had edited out.In the 1980s I finally got to see the whole film uncut on the Disney cable channel and finally got to figure out “the little dolls signing the parent trap song” my sister spoke of (there was 15 minutes I’d never get back)….Dorky animated cupids aside, as a kid I loved the movie’s cross country saga. The camp cabin sabotage, the twins joining forces to prank dad’s girlfriend.Although most kids will still enjoy the original movie’s favorite kid moments of the punchbowl splashing into a chaperon, the timeless cake falling on Miss Inch’s face, and Vicky’s hissy fit, the movie’s long pace might bore todays kids.Although some purists don’t like the new remake of Parent Trap, I thought the remake kept the essence of the original story and updated it to match todays global travel, destigmatization of divorce, etc.

  • rosalba-de-angelis
    rosalba de angelis

    I loved the parent trap. I think that it is an excellent family movie. Too bad that we can’t get back to good family movies such as this one. The only thing is that I couldn’t figure out who I liked best Susan or Sharon.

  • leslie-garcia
    leslie garcia

    Part of the joy of Christmas is all the surprises that come with it. What neat things will I find in my stocking as I sneak downstairs to look in it? What will be in the next present that I open? Will I or won’t I glimpse Santa sneaking around my living room? The greatest surprise of all is realizing that the little babe born in the manger is really the creator of the cosmos and of the very manger he is sleeping in.The Parent Trap is like Christmas. It brings smiles, joys and surprises. Imagine going away to summer camp when you discover someone who looks exactly like you standing in the lunch line. Who are they? And why do they have your face? You mean we have the same birthday? You mean we have the same parents? WERE SIBLINGS!!! What would you do in a situation like this? Why switch places with your newly discovered sibling of course.This film has as much intrigue as a James Bond film and as much mystery as an Agatha Christie novel, as the twins plot to get their divorced parents back together. It’s great to have a film so blatantly say ‘Divorce Really Sucks (the life out of families) And the Sixth Sense style surprises continue to show up throughout the film as the parents and those in the households on each side of the continent realize that the person they thought was one twin really was the other one.Sometimes when the revelation is revealed in a story, the interest level seems to flatten in the storyline, but not in this film. It maintains a high level of interest throughout the film. It’s also interesting to note that in that the high quality special effects that were used in the picture were done in an age before computers were as sophisticated as they are today. It is really convincing that there are two Hayley Mills on the screen at the same time. I once did shot the same person on tape using two different hair styles and made it look like she was talking to herself as a different person. It’s way cool to do if you know how to do that sort of thing. I also shot myself doing the ‘Who’s on First’ routine.The movie has few flaws if any. At times I had trouble telling the two characters apart but that may be me and is not enough to mention as a real flaw. Some of the characters smoke cigarettes in plain view of children. I mean the horror of it. Overall I think cigarettes stink and are bad for children but I am not a smoking Nazi who would sponge all cigarettes from older films. There are some who would actually do this.Another neat little thing is how they talk about sexuality without actually talking about it. The innocence of a family friendly film is still intact with the reality of the meaning of sexuality and martial love weaved into the seams of the film. All of the actors are a delight to spend two hours with especially Hayley and the guy who played the minister. You also get to witness Hayley kicking the crap out of herself. It’s rare you see a good girl fight on film. It’s sexist that only men kick the crap out of each other and never women.Part of the reason I loved this film as much as I did in my reviewing of it, is because I was impressed and pleased that Disney could produce such a high quality, mature looking film. This film is not just good for Disney, its’ a good film in general. Any Disney slapstick happens as a result of the story and not as a result to just get laughs.This is not worth a rental, it’s worth buying and keeping and sharing with loved ones. Rent it by all means if you don’t have the money to buy it. This film is Pure Movie Magic. Disney Gold: A warning: Don’t be tempted to watch the sequel that is on the same DVD disc, it’s bad as the original is good. If the original is Charismas, the sequel is Tax Day eve.

  • omeros-danielides
    omeros danielides

    This movie always brings me back to my childhood days, it is perfect for whenever I feel nostaglic! This version is WAY better than the 1998 remake, for the remake is too silly and cheesy (at least for me!) I always enjoy this movie, and feel good at the end because I have traveled back in time to my younger days. I hope my children will feel the same in the near future. **** out of ****

  • evi-van-poppel
    evi van poppel

    Hayley Mills does a spectacular job playing twins Sharon and Susan who are split up at birth and then reunited at summer camp. Of course they plan to reunite their divorced parents before a new woman can get her hands on their father! It’s not hard to see why this film has remained popular, Mills, O’Hara, and Keith all are wonderful, and even if the story isn’t the most believable it is perfectly suited for younger viewers. Forget the 1998 remake, stick with the original.

  • mrs-shawna-lamb
    mrs shawna lamb

    The Parent Trap is one of those ageless family movies. It is light-hearted and filled with down-to-earth humor. Without a doubt you will see this listed as one of those Disney classics.This is a must see for the whole family but especially for those children with the vivid imagination.Steve Kaden

  • jaromir-bartos
    jaromir bartos

    I love the movie, always have. But then, why wouldn’t I? Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara, and Hayley Mills? Excellent cast. My parents took me to see this movie when I was a kid — [I was born in 1955] so I wasn’t too old and I totally loved it. I own the VHS and will probably have to buy the DVD, if I can find it.Joanna Barnes is the woman you love to hate — god wasn’t she just wicked and terrible in this movie? You just hate her!!! Calling Hayley – pet, in that exaggerated way. UGH! Brian Keith, god I just loved this man! Loved him in Family Affair too! Always such a good actor. [Some other favorites; Those Calloways, The Pleasure Seekers, Nevada Smith, and especially, With Six you get Eggroll.] Maureen O’Hara, what a wonderful actress. I loved her in this movie, but then love her in any and everything she’s done really [some other favorites are; McLintock! and Spencer’s Mountain].Cute, cute movie.

  • gorbunov-mina-egorovich
    gorbunov mina egorovich

    Although the split-screen technique had been around for a decade or so, it was usually more noted for its failures than its success, and the actor required to play dual roles usually took tremendous heat for their failure to create two physically identical but distinctly different characterizations on screen. But with THE PARENT TRAP, with the difficult dual role resting on the shoulders of an extremely young star, Walt Disney struck gold. It would be the single highest grossing film the studio had released up to that time, and even some forty years later the baby-boomers who flocked to see it in 1961 regard it as one of their favorite movie experiences.But THE PARENT TRAP has a lot more going for it than mere nostalgia. The cast is really, really good, featuring the ever-likable Maureen O’Hara and Brian Keith in leading roles and a host of great character actors (including Leo G. Carroll and Nancy Kulp) in minor roles. And then there is Haley Mills. The daughter and sister of noted English actors, Mills was no newcomer to the screen when THE PARENT TRAP went before the cameras–she had even picked up an Oscar for her earlier Disney film POLLYANNA. Even so, this was no guarantee that she could pull off the feat of double roles, something that had daunted even the legendary Bette Davis. But she did.The story has been told so often that surely every one knows it by now. A wife delivers twin daughters–but shortly afterward divorces her husband, and each wins custody of one child. The children are raised without any knowledge of each other’s existence… until they unexpectedly bump into each other at summer camp, put two and two together, and devise a scheme to get their parents back together again.Even today, and in spite of its familiarity, it’s an amusing idea, and while the actual script is weak in spots the cast, and especially Haley Mills, makes the most of it. There’s plenty of slapstick, lots of laugh-out-loud scenes, and enough charm to beguile all but the most cynical viewers. And Haley Mills clearly demonstrates why she was regarded as the single most gifted child actor of her era: although she plays both Susan and Sharon with the same edge of mischievous fun, they do indeed come off as completely different personalities.Of course, digital technology has left the old split-screen technique in the dust, and today its easy to see the flaws in the technique that weren’t so obvious at the time. And the quality of the film transfer is not the best: while this isn’t the worst transfer I’ve seen, it is full of artifacts nonetheless. Even so, the appeal of the story, the cast, and most particularly Haley Mills make up for a lot, and this Disney double DVD comes complete with a host of bonuses (including a making-of documentary and an audio commentary track by director David Swift and Haley Mills) that fans will enjoy quite a bit.If you were a fan of the film then, you’ll remain a fan of it now. And if you want to introduce your family to a truly charming movie experience, you couldn’t make a better choice.Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer

  • dawn-harvey
    dawn harvey

    This is one of the best Disney movies ever made. It is funny, warm, and it is something everybody can enjoy. To watch this in the twenty first century is a wonderful trip back in time. This movie is very 60’s, but that does not make it out of date, the tricks and gags are timeless. I loved this movie when I saw it for the first time many years ago. Therefore, when the new 1998 remake came out, I had to see that too. The new one is also sweet and warm, but the original version is the best. If you see this version first and then all or some of the new afterwards (as I tried, for fun, one was on TV and I have the other on DVD), the new one reveals itself as being superficial and a bit cheasy compared to the original.

  • tincuta-dumitrescu
    tincuta dumitrescu

    “Family” movies usually make me cringe. Saccharine plots, cloying kiddie actors, goopy dialogue…no, thank you! But “The Parent Trap” succeeds admirably as both children-friendly fare and reasonably witty, sophisticated comedy. The high-class production values don’t hurt, and neither does the superb cast, right down to the character roles. The ever-dependable Una Merkel is a gem as the smart-talking maid, having lost none of her streetwise timing since her brassy blonde days in the 1930’s. Charlie Ruggles is extraordinarily lovable as the grandfather, and Cathleen Nesbitt plays wonderfully against type as the domineering grandmother. Leo G. Carroll once again benefits a film simply by his appearance, and even Nancy “Miss Hathaway” Kulp is on board as a butch camp counselor (quite a stretch). Of course, at the heart of it all, is the bravura performance of Hayley Mills as twins Susan and Sharon. She’s never revoltingly sweet–there’s a winning streak of spice in her personality that separates her from all other child stars. Plus, her kicky pre-Beatles British accent and snub-nosed beauty lend her a more worldly air than her contemporaries. The ravishing Maureen O’Hara, in one of her last major roles as the twins’ mother, Maggie, begins the film as a nondescript cipher, but her glamorous metamorphosis in the latter half of the film shows just how funny and sexy she can be. Mitch, the twins’ father, is played by the ruggedly handsome Brian Keith, who generates the right mixture of roughneck toughness and paternal warmth.And the criminally-overlooked Joanna Barnes plays Vicki, the predatory golddigger looking to sink her claws into Mitch. Vicki’s verbal duels with Maggie and the twins are surprisingly catty for a children’s film, and delivered with perfect villainy. The very 1961 flourishes are priceless: the hopelessly tone-deaf Tommy Sands and Annette Funicello “singing” the theme song; the “formal” dance, with the girls all decked out in crinolines and laces; Susan plastering her bungalow wall with pictures of her favorite pin up boys (Rick Nelson!); and, my personal favorites, Sharon and Susan showing each other their parents’ photos: hyper-posed, glamorous Hollywood 8×10 glossies! The plot actually plays like a highly sanitized Rock Hudson/Doris Day bedroom farce, except that Susan and Sharon direct the course of action. You know what the ending will be even before you watch the movie, but it doesn’t really matter. This is a delicious bon-bon of a flick, as irresistible to adults as to their children.