When a pearl with a sinister reputation for causing misfortune to its owners is stolen from a museum by a master criminal because of Sherlock Holmes’ show-boating, he is naturally obliged to find it. Soon, he learns of a series of brutal murders that seemed to have been commited by a malevolent man mountain known only as the Creeper. Now, Holmes must deal with the seemingly overwhelming menace of this man and his boss in order to retrieve the pearl.

Also Known As: The Pearl of Death, シャーロック・ホームズ 死の真珠, Sherlock Holmes - Die Perle der Borgia, La perla fatal, Шерлок Холмс: Жемчужина смерти Soviet, La perla della morte, Die Perle der Borgia East, A Pérola da Morte, Den ödesdigra pärlan, Sherlock Holmes et la perle des Borgia, La perla maldita, Exi Napoleontes, Die Perle der Borgia, Kuoleman helmi, Sherlock Holmes in Pearl of Death, La perle des Borgia, Sherlock Holmes: A Pérola da Morte, Перлата на смъртта, Sherlock Holmes és a halál gyémántja, Pérola Negra

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