With the end of the North American Civil War, the manufacturers of repeating rifles find a profitable means of making money selling the weapons to the North American Indians, using the front man John Lattimer to sell the rifles to the Cheyenne. While traveling in a stagecoach with Calamity Jane and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody and his young wife Louisa Cody that want to settle down in Hays City managing a hotel, Wild Bill Hickok finds the guide Breezy wounded by arrows and telling that the Indians are attacking a fort using repeating rifles. Hickok meets Gen. George A. Custer that assigns Buffalo Bill to guide a troop with ammunition to help the fort. Meanwhile the Cheyenne kidnap Calamity Jane, forcing Hickok to expose himself to rescue her.

Also Known As: O arhon tou Notou, Az igazi férfi, Lännen sankarit, Niezwyciężony Bill, Verrat - Ein amerikanisches Duell, En nations helte, Een avontuur van Buffalo Bill, La jornada trágica, El llanero, Человек с равнины Soviet, Ein amerikanisches Duell, Omul câmpiilor, Vår ungdoms hjältar, Der Held der Prärie, 平原児, La conquista del West, Verrat - Die Abenteuer des Buffallo Bill, Uma Aventura de Buffalo Bill, Der Held der Prärie West, The Plainsman, Buffalo Bill, O lytrotis, Une aventure de Buffalo Bill, Jornadas Heróicas, Held der Prärie

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