A counterterrorism specialist is assigned by the President to track down a terrorist who is suspected of planning to set off a nuclear device in the U.S.::[email protected]

Also Known As: O anthropos tou proedrou 2, The President's Man: Ground Zero, Човекът на президента: Кота нула, El hombre del presidente 2, Misiune pentru presedinte II, Justicia infinita, L'homme du président: Mission spéciale, Человек президента: Линия на песке, Action Force, Az elnök zsoldosa 2: Végveszélyben, O Homem do Presidente 2, L'homme du président 2, The President's Man: A Line in the Sand, McCord - The President's Man II, The president's man - Attacco al centro del potere

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  • katelyn-flores
    katelyn flores

    This incredibly formulaic flick from the “Walker, Texas Ranger” squad contains some of the most unbelievable scenes ever witnessed within a TV movie. In addition, one can pretty much predict the outcome from the get-go. However, it’s a fun little movie that gets the job done: it entertains. That’s all it was meant to do and it does so. The stunts and explosions are fun and exciting and the plot isn’t half bad. The acting is also decent, which isn’t much of a surprise, because everyone knows that Chuck Norris is no Steven Seagal. If you’re a fan of the genre (and of “Walker, Texas Ranger”), you will definitely love this. If not, then don’t waste your time. 8/10

  • jennifer-jensen-dvm
    jennifer jensen dvm

    Too bad Chuck Norris has gone to TV. He made some good movies before he hit TV. This is a typical TV movie intended to pass the time. Unfortunately it wastes Chuck’s talent as an actor. I hope he returns to the big screen some day.

  • dr-birgit-larsen
    dr birgit larsen

    A true hero of modern times , Chuck Norris has left TV “Walker , Rexas Ranger “, and is looking new steps for his artistic career. The President´s man is the second movie of a future TV series , with Norris in the title role, and with young actors like Jennifer Tung or Judson Mills ( one of the young rangers of “Walker ” ) . The old master teachs to young aspirant . It´s one of the most powerful themes of “The president´s man “. In this tima, “A line in the sand ” has reached world surprise for his tratment of terrorism in USA , months before the tragic September 11. Eric Norris, son of Chuck is the director . The movie is amusing, a good action work , plenty of fights and heroism . Chuck Norris have many plans for the future . Bells of innocence , his next picture, will be the following.

  • katie-guerrero
    katie guerrero

    Pretty standard adventure fare. Religious fanatic terrorists plant nuclear device in American city. Chuck Norris and Judson Mills, as super secret special operatives reporting directly to the President, have to save the day. Lots of bad guys get beat up with Kung Fu moves; there is a bomb with a big red digital timer to defuse; bad guys get to fire thousands and thousands of rounds and continually miss the heroes. Hokey scene of Judson Mills training by dodging red balls blindfolded (remember Fred Ward as Remo Williams? Much better – if for no other reason than Joel Grey’s crusty commentary). Still, if you like action movies where the good guy saves the day (hey, that is no spoiler, the good guy ALWAYS saves the day in this kind of movie) it is an OK way to spend a couple of mindless hours. Robert Uhrich, sporting a LOT more pounds than Spenser days, looks reasonably presidential. One other interesting point – I would presume this was filmed prior to 9/11 and the release was delayed – listen for comment on damage to the WTC, suggesting a small explosion, not the devastation that actually occurred.

  • christopher-reynolds
    christopher reynolds

    Ooverall, the movie was fairly good, a good action plot with a fair amount of explosions and fight scenes, but Chuck Norris did hardly anything, except for disarm the bomb and shoot a few characters. The movie was very similar to the events of Sept. 11, with a bin laden-like terrorist sending a video to the president (Urich) and threatening to detonate it. Judson Mills had some superb action roles, taking out Rashid’s compound and various kick-butt roles but, there was a lack of Chuck Norris. Judson took over most of the action, leaving Joshua (chuck) with Que on her computer. But, overall, it was realistic and didn’t lack the action, but only did it on Mr. Norris’ part. I gave the film 7/10.

  • emil-stastny
    emil stastny

    I started watching this – not knowing what to expect – but – hoping that it would be in the same vein as Lone Wolf McQuade. I was wrong. For those folks who see this as an action adventure – I would be more satisfied watching Wide World of Wrestling. Chuck Norris is in the movie – but – his presence is minimal. Watchable – perhaps – but – barely. Made for TV movie – to fill a time slot. Oh well – I’ll just dig through my stacks of DVDs – and – dig out the earlier Chuck Norris movies – which were – of a much better quality in terms of plot – dialogue and action. I understand that Lone Wolf McQuade was made in 1983 – when Chuck Norris was forty-three years old – and – The President’s Man was made in 2002 – twenty years later – when he was in his sixties – but – although the basic idea was sound – (someone ready to retire and who is looking for a replacement) – the execution was poor.

  • cynthia-hernandez
    cynthia hernandez

    ***THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILER(S)*** I’m not a big fan of Chuck Norris as an actor, but I worship him in all other ways. He also have his own fan web site with “Chuck Norris facts” that is really entertaining. But this movie looks like someone was joking with the audience putting all those “facts” into one movie. I really don’t remember when I wasted my time more than with this “action”. I don’t know what’s the worst this movie can offer you: unoriginal and thousand-times-made plot of terrorists who are trying to nuke US by smuggling nuke on US soil or perhaps that “great” dialogs and Chucks words of wisdom about life and everything else. Someone may find the worst that terrorists actually speak English in everyday life. It’s a never ending list of crap. Not to mention huge amount of archive footage used in film, that is kinda annoying. The chief terrorist send his comrades message through the media when he is captured and the only guy smart enough to see the treat is: Chuck Norris, of course. NO ONE else in America is not smart enough to see that! And the whole action in capturing chief is just ridiculous. One man is sent to walk through a whole terrorist camp UNARMED (I’m lying, he had a KNIFE), escapes his stalkers with JET PACK and then para glides for few hundred, maybe even thousand kilometers to nearest shore (Afganistan border is 450 km far away from nearest shore), where he is rescued by submarine. I hoped that at least fighting scenes will be good, but that’s even more funny than the plot. If you didn’t know, 85% of terrorist are masters of some martial art, but Chuck and CO beat the sh*t out of them. Not only they kill them easily, they can kick and throw them away by a single move and the bad guys fly few meters like dolls. You may ask me did I watch this movie to the end? I did. Why? Because I just wanted to see who, of these two super heroes, will defuse the nuclear bomb of few hundred megatons and size of a MICROWAVE. And then I realized what fool I am. Of course, it’s Chuck’s movie after all. And not only he singlehandedly defuse nuke with tweezers, but he do it – TWICE!! I could write a book about all the stupid things in this movie, but I would spend my life spawn.So, makers of this movie made another Chuck Norris fact to be added on his web site: Can Chuck Norris defuse nuclear bomb? Yes and he can do it twice!

  • ase-lunde
    ase lunde

    There are a few spoilers in this comment!!Contrary to the comments I just read by nativetex4u and a few others, I really liked the movie and would love to see it as a weekly series.I am a Judson Mills fan but also a huge Chuck Norris fan and while I’ll admit that a few of the action scenes may have stretched the line a little, the storyline fit right in with other weekly series that are currently being aired.The opening fifteen minutes with Deke running from the bad guys after blowing up their missiles was very action packed. I do fail to see how that many “professionals” weren’t able to hit a moving target, but the action was definitely there and Deke, being the hero, had to survive.As for the comment about needing to “get the movie in the can to fill the time slot after the playoffs.” This movie was not originally scheduled by CBS for a January airing and filming was completed in May of 2001, a good 4 months before the terrorist attacks against the U.S.If the writer of the comment had been paying attention to the movie instead of trying to avoid it, maybe they would have realized the plot of the story: Rashid, a Bin Laden like character, planned to set off a nuclear device in the United States. The President’s Man was called in to locate and eliminate the problem.Perhaps the writer should actually WATCH the movie before attempting to comment on it.

  • milica-balatinac
    milica balatinac

    Good show, very entertaining. Good marshal arts acting. Good story plot. The entire main crew did a nice job from Robert Urich, to Chuck, Norris, Jennifer Tung, and especially a BIG hand to Judson Mills. An especially fine tribute to Robert Urich, in his latter days. A GREAT ! actor who will be truly missed.

  • kari-karkkainen
    kari karkkainen

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing Chuck Norris in film. Although the acting may not be superb, the fight scenes are fantastic. I also enjoyed seeing Judson Mills perform along side him. In my opinion, the Norris Brothers have proven themselves to be fine entertainers and this was yet another fine production! I hope you take the time to view this movie!

  • joseph-grimes
    joseph grimes

    I saw this movie the first time at about twelve o’clock on a Saturday evening. It really is the perfect time for this one. I have never, EVER seen a movie that was actually more predictable and drenched with stereotypes. If you want to see a thrilling action movie, don’t watch it because you might lose the will to live halfway through. However, if you want a good laugh, please watch it! I even bought the Chuck Norris 3DVD collection thanks to my enjoyable Saturday night. What especially struck me is that évery scene that would be expensive to make was copy-pasted from a Discovery documentary or an old TV-special on the US Army. Furthermore I was amazed by the fact that they didn’t put the slightest effort in making the production look real. Afghanistan is, as far as I can remember, nowhere near any sea and yet with a single click Deke escapes from the terrorists sand-castle with his jet-pack and is taken away by a submarine (probably Discovery). Later on in the movie, Deke throws an Islam terrorist against the wall. In the slow motion scene you can beautifully see the long hairs of the Korean stuntman flap in the air when smashed against the wall. Gotta love it. I recommend you watch it with some friends and a good amount of beer though, only then you’ll understand why I’ve been mad enough to spend 6,99 euro’s on the box.

  • albertine-reuter
    albertine reuter

    Hilarious, but only for couple of minutes at the time !!! This is a great insight into the mind of average American simpleminded Islamophobe and self-absorbed chauvinist, suffering from delusion of grandeur. Most amusing part of the movie must be dialog between two caricatures of an Arab-Muslim-Iranian-Punjabi-allinoneAfghan….. um Muslims, during the scene of making “nuclear” device – one has something on his head 🙂 It’s like watching Monty Python sketch.

  • sr-arthur-correia
    sr arthur correia

    Chuck plays a secret service agent alongside his son, Eric, who also directed. This “film” is so filled with stereotypical bad guy Middle Eastern terrorists and the arch villan is so “over the top” it can actually be quite hilarious. It also includes more blatantly ripped off action sequences of the ridiculous and trendy new “matrix style” slow motion and impossible acrobatic moves than any film to date… again these are just so obviously ripped off and unoriginal and fake…its actually quite hilarious.SPOILER WARNING: The story (surprise)revolves around Chuck stopping a nuclear bomb from going off in D.C… The movie climaxes…. (surprise) with a one on one fight to the death with the arch villan. Of course, each of the main characters…like Chuck’s son and the “tough good girl” get their own one on one fight scenes with their respective bad guy/bad girl counterparts at the end as well. The Eric Norris’s fight is especially funny. And of course, the bad guys die in spectacular fashion.The gun play and fight scenes and the way the bad guys get killed are so cheesy it’s actually hilarious. There are also a bunch of priceless special effect snafu’s like where the gun sounds are completely out of sync…or you can see the out of place padding the stuntmen land on. In addition, the story is such a “cookie cutter action movie with the good guys trying to defuse a bomb in time” that I can’t think of a more predictable film. Nevertheless, If your the sort who can sit through other Chuck Norris movies like, “Invasion USA” , “Delta Force” or the classic “M.I.A.” series just for the laugh factor then this movie is highly entertaining. In fact, it’s probably the funniest yet!Again, I highly recommend watching this movie if your the sort that can laugh at stuff like this.

  • robert-rajh
    robert rajh

    OK, so, Chuck Norris somehow found a way to get this sequel produced. I have one question-why? Who read this script and said, “Sound’s great! Original!” This movie is regurgitated crap that I wouldn’t tarnish my toilet bowel with. Of course it is another story, following in the tradition of MIA, Invasion USA, Walker, Texas Ranger, Delta Force and so on in which Chuck Norris, of course, is the one man who can same America from some bad guys. He doesn’t even need a gun most times. It’s stupid patriotic jargon that stales the mind. Big surprise that the only one who will direct these Norris film’s is Chuck’s son Eric. Eric Norris has primarily worked on all his father’s films and TV shows. Doesn’t this strike anyone as a sign that he has no directing talent? Afterall, he’s directing the same people as before in the same stories as before…only difference is the characters’ names. If this is supposed to make me patriotic and cheer for the USA, than our country is in much worse shape than I ever imagined. Hopefully, this will be the nail in Chuck Norris’s acting coffin.

  • toni-misak
    toni misak

    Not as jingoistic as expected, for one thing. “The radical fundamentalist element makes up only about 0.01% of the billion Muslims spread around the world. We can’t condemn them all for the actions of a few”, says Chuck Norris (top government agent, college professor at his spare time!) at one point, and if it sounds preachy or heavy-handed, considering the fact that some people still haven’t gotten that point in the year 2008, it’s quite commendable of Norris to make it in 2001. As an action film, “The President’s Man 2” is above-average by TV standards. Some of the stunts are blatantly unbelievable (catching a knife thrown at you in mid-air!), but what the hell, it’s an action film after all. Chuck mostly sits this one out, giving the spotlight to the young Judson Mills, who is admittedly very impressive in his fight scenes. The best scene of the movie is a friendly training “match” between Mills and Chuck’s on-screen daughter, Jennifer Tung (who is either trained in the martial arts or can fake it very well). Actually, that’s the second best scene. The best is Chuck kicking a terrorist onto a tree like a ball! (**1/2) (By the way, contrary to what another comment says, Mills isn’t Norris’ son, Tung never goes into the field, and there is no bad girl either; seeing a movie before commenting on it is strongly recommended).

  • dyaal-jitendr
    dyaal jitendr

    You know, as much as I like Chuck Norris and the charity and motivational work he does, this made for TV movie really reeked of bad writing, directing and event action…I can tell as most here would agree that this “show” was made as cheaply as it could have been with a lot of high-tech archival footage from NASA, the U.S. military, and a few other sources like CNN and the like, for a current events style appearance to what has happened in this country over the last 6 months since September 11th…This show made no real point, it had unrealistic action, and it wasn’t even really funny if they had tried to make it as such??? Who could tell that, unless they were part of the crew…I have to say that this also looked like they tried to get it “in the can” as soon as they could to release it to the network to “fill-in” some time slot after the playoff games, and even had to get the color announcer on the CBS affiliate to say something to the effect of: “I bet Chuck will kick some serious butt, tonight!” I knew from right there this was going to be really bad…So we went over to a friends house that evening hoping to avoid it after the game, but their kids got hooked into it…sigh…Too bad…But after watching it for a while, it got me to thinking “how bad could this really get…???”But that is why I had to post this…Anyone who sees this in the up coming years will know this to be true if you got hooked into it…Sorry, we couldn’t warn you before hand…My advice to Chuck…Love your style man, but your programs really stink…If I were you, I’d drop those hack you work with, and get back to what you know about…Good luck! NT4U

  • jeanne-lesage-de-la-gilles
    jeanne lesage de la gilles

    Oh dear, Oh dear. I started watching this not knowing what to expect. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were times when I thought it was a comedy. I loved how the government’s plan to capture the terrorist leader is to air drop in one man, who is unarmed, and expect him to capture him and escape with a rocket pack. If only it were really that easy. I’ve finally found a movie worse than “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

  • t-amari-k-obalia
    t amari k obalia

    ***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Most of the time, I prefer a movie that is realistic. Every now and then, particularly when I sit down to watch an action movie, I let some realism be sacrificed for entertainment’s sake. However, the keyword here is SOME realism.THE PRESIDENT’S MAN: A LINE IN THE SAND, sequel to THE PRESIDENT’S MAN (which I have not seen), sacrifices ALL realism. So much realism is sacrificed, in fact, that about ten minutes (no exaggeration) into the movie, I stopped thinking about the plot, or lack thereof, and just kept on thinking how impossible the storyline was. To give you an idea of how unrealistic this film is, read the following: (NOTE: I’m listing these assuming that the film never airs again or never comes out on video. This list might contain spoilers.)~In the opening scene, Deke manages to outrun an entire band of machine-gun-armed rebels who have the worst aim I have ever seen.~The terrorists manage to sneak enough plutonium into the United States to build a bomb big enough to destroy an entire city through two small (as in desktop size) statues.~The bomb, which, in order to destroy an entire city, would have to be at least 1 megaton, is about as big as a toaster oven.~Navy F-16s drop “smart” bombs on the terrorists’ headquarters that miss.~The terrorists shoot down an F-16 using surface-to-air missiles (where did they get those?).~Deke manages to parachute down into the terrorists’ headquarters and kidnap their leader SINGLE-HANDEDLY. He is unharmed.~The President manages to keep Chuck Norris and Co. secret and nobody really even cares how the President can do that which elite Marines can’t.~Chuck Norris actually figures out the terrorists’ code language to the letter.~Chuck Norris and Co. can use satellites to see what happened at any spot on the earth at anytime day or night.~Chuck Norris and Co. have access to any and all top secret equipment they want or need.~Chuck Norris and Deke alone manage to stop the terrorists’ plot.~Chuck Norris and Co. can call the FBI or any other government agency like they are their own personal watchdogs.~Chuck Norris is not only strong and fast, but smart enough to know which wire to cut when diffusing a nuclear bomb. I hope you get the idea. If you don’t, find somebody who taped this movie and tally how many unrealistic things you see. If you get a number less than 1,000, count again.As for all you filmmakers out there, words to live by: Reality can be sacrificed to an extent. But the keywords here are “to an extent.”