What do women want? Don Juan (Douglas Fairbanks) is aging. He’s arrived secretly in Seville after a twenty-year absence. His wife Dolores (Benita Hume), with whom he hasn’t lived in five years, still loves him. He refuses to see her; he fears the life of a husband. She has bought his debts and will remand him to jail for two years if he won’t come to her. Meanwhile, an impostor is climbing the balconies of Seville claiming to be Don Juan. When a jealous husband kills him, the real Don Juan sees a way to avoid jail and get some peace. He hides as Captain Mariano in a small town. After six months, he’s ready to return to society. Can he measure up to the legend, will women find him attractive, and what about Dona Dolores?

Also Known As: Os Amores de Don Juan, Privatni zivit Don Zuana, Don Juanin yksityiselämä, Prywatne życie Don Juana, Don Juan, Los amores de Don Juan, The Private Life of Don Juan, Das Privatleben des Don Juan, Don Juan magánélete, Don Juans privatliv, Le ultime avventure di Don Giovanni, Les quarante ans de Don Juan, La vita privata di Don Giovanni, La vie privée de Don Juan, La vida privada de Don Juan, A Última Aventura de D. João, ドン・ファン(1934), La dernière aventure de Don Juan

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