“Some people lose their faith because Heaven shows them too little,” says Thomas Daggett. “But how many people lose their faith because Heaven showed them too much?” Daggett nearly became a priest; now he’s a cop. He may want to put religion behind him, but one morning a weird, eyeless, hermaphroditic corpse turns up. Suddenly he is on a path that will put him right in the middle of a war in Heaven. And once again, Heaven will show him too much: gore, blood, charred flesh, living corpses and much worse. Even more central to the heavenly war effort is a young girl. This American Indian child has something Gabriel wants. And Gabriel is willing to kill her and anyone in his path – or even reanimate a corpse or two – to get it.

Also Known As: L'ultima profezia, Apuesta final, Seraphim, Пророчанство, Angyalok háborúja, God's Army - Die letzte Schlacht, O Exército de Deus, The Prophecy, God's Secret Army, Пророчество, Ángeles y demonios, Soldados de Dios, Paholaisarmeija, Angeloi tou skotous, La prophétie, La armada de Dios, ゴッド・アーミー 悪の天使, Armia Boga, Пророчеството, God's Army, Anjos Rebeldes

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