Leon Bernstein is New York’s best news photographer in 1942, equally at home with cops or crooks. The pictures are often of death and pain, but they are the ones the others wish they had got. Then glamorous Kay Levitz turns to him when the Mob seem to be muscling in on the club she owns due to some arrangement with her late husband. Bernstein, none too successful with women, agrees to help, saying there may be some good photos in it for him. In fact, he is falling in love with Kay.

Also Known As: Occhio indiscreto, A Testemunha Ocular, Gyilkosság villanófényben, Reporter, Paljastava silmä, Oko javnosti, El ojo público, Το μάτι του ρεπόρτερ, Med obeväpnat öga, L'oeil public, Repórter Indiscreto, Der Reporter, The Public Eye, Фотограф, Око на обществото

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