Following the death of her father, a teenage Dot moves into the home of her godparents and their teenage daughter Nina. Dot arrives wrapped up in the silence of being deaf-mute. She finds a different kind of silence waiting for her in her new home, for this home is a place with a dark secret involving Nina and her father. At first, Dot and Nina seem to be polar opposites. However, they gradually realize how much they have in common. Bringing them together catalyzes a series of events in which both reveal their secrets and shed their double lives. A violent consummation almost destroys them. Yet they find hope for the future in the quiet after the storm.

Also Known As: The Quiet - Segreti svelati, Dot, Тишината, La calma, The Quiet, Csend, Душа тишины, Un alma en silencio, O Preço do Silêncio, The Quiet - Kannst du ein Geheimnis für dich behalten?, Secretele tacerii, El silencio, O ihos tou tromou, Le silence, W ciszy

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