In French ruled Vietnam in 1922, the French and Vietnamese officers plot to sniff out arch-rebel De Canh. But, Officer Cuong is disabused. He and De Canh’s daughter, rebel Vo Thanh Thuy, are unwittingly used as bait. A bloody climax ensues.

Also Known As: Dòng máu anh hùng, The Rebel, Grammi aimatos, O Rebelde, Мятежник, Zbuntowany, Dragon Dynasty - The Rebel, A lázadás

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  • asemakes-romaiou
    asemakes romaiou

    Combining the elements of period drama, action & romance into one patriotic thriller yet failing to keep a tight grip on the viewers till the end, The Rebel could’ve benefitted from a more refined script, quicker pace & tighter editing but it still manages to give us a glimpse of the untapped potential Vietnamese cinema has in store

  • aghasi-adeyan
    aghasi adeyan

    The movie is quite good. However, the action screen was taken advantage of quite a lot of martial moves with legs. The logic content is not tight.

  • antonela-dochioiu
    antonela dochioiu

    Action movies generally can’t deliver much in the story department. So even a slight/slim story as shown here, that is decent enough is a pretty good deal. A good one to watch and enjoy so to speak. The main actors do their dramatic parts convincingly enough and the action scenes are pretty good too (which of course it the main selling point here too).You might recognize the main actor here from other movies. Especially if you have watched a few Thai action movies. He’s doing a great job here, being likable, even when he shouldn’t be the one to cheer for. This movie delivers on it’s premise, the only question that remains, does this premise suit your taste?

  • nathan-gibbons-parkes
    nathan gibbons parkes

    I’m a huge fan of martial arts movies and I’m trained on it a bit myself, so I know good genuine action when I see it. While this movie may not be a Hollywood blockbuster it surely holds its own which cannot be matched by most other action movies. Johnny Nguyen is at his best in this movie. Incredible display of martial arts from him which looks even more convincing than Tony Jaa on screen. They made sure the opponents also have good amount of fighting skill which makes it a real treat to watch the fight sequences. The girl also shows what she can do and wow, can she fight or what.This is a must watch for martial arts fans out there.

  • dr-tulin-erdogan-akar
    dr tulin erdogan akar

    I am very happy with the success of Furie (2019) in its homeland and overseas because after 12 long years Vietnam finally got another proper good action movie that represents how talented the industry is if they truly care about what their audience wants and not looking for few quick bucks so today I want to shed a light on “The Rebel” a movie that paved the way for the action scene in Vietnam long before Furie ever a thing. Starring 3 undisputed champion of Viet-action off all time Johnny Nguyen, Veronica Ngo and Dustin Nguyen The Rebel tell the classic story of the bravery of a small band of people who dare to fight back against the tyranny of a wolf in sheep’s clothing country with all the charms for it to be both exciting and heartfelt when it needs. Despite receiving poorly in the box office from the homeland country there already a script for the sequel but for some unknown reason still not take off and I hope Furie keep working its magic overseas for us to see The Rebel 2 one day

  • theodoros-tsentouros
    theodoros tsentouros

    I am so impressed with this movie! The casts were awesome with top notch and real action. All the kungfu was much much better than expected and felt so real! The story was evolving with nice twists. Who would have thought that it is such a great movie from rather low budget film. So much admiration for the crew and love Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van. Excellent film that I haven’t seen for a long time! Ngo Thanh Van acted brilliantly, not just with her jaw dropping kicks but also her talking eyes. I felt the heat, the hatred, the desire….in her eyes. Dustin Nguyen also had an excellent performance. I think this is a great success and an A+++ action drama film from Vietnam

  • lucy-gomes-perret
    lucy gomes perret

    Imagine the action of Ong Bak combined with a good story about the french occupation of Vietnam in the 1920’s and you will get a feel for the film “The Rebel” starring Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo. Nguyen stars as an agent taking out his own country’s people that are fighting for freedom but eventually has a change of heart. This movie has hard hitting and acrobatic fight scenes similar to what we have seen coming out of Thailand recently. What’s surprising here is that the story, acting, and cinematography are just as impressive as the fight scenes. You actually care what happens to these characters. This film marks an impressive debut for Veronica Ngo. You would never know that she had no martial arts background before preparing for this role. Very reminiscent of a young Michelle Yeoh. Johnny Nguyen is impressive in the lead as well. You may recognize him from the Tony Jaa film “The Protector aka Tom Yum Goong”. “The Rebel” is both beautiful and brutal in the best way possible. Highly recommended.

  • judith-rogge-karz
    judith rogge karz

    to be honest, when i saw this film, i was so eager and surprising because i didn’t believe that they could do a great job like this. After seeing the movie, i decided to come back to see it again, again, again and again (total…13 times) but i felt that i was still exciting, and came to see it till the day the movie theater change other movies hehehe. i love this film so much because i am a action genre fan. I love the script, i was moved and surprised when i heard the script, so awesome, intelligent, authentic, this movie has done the job that other movies before could do, good script. maybe no need to say about the action, marvelous. the action scenes were so realistic, heavy and tough. i admired Ngo Thanh Vân very much, she did great job though she had little martial arts background. nice actor. overall, this is the best film i have ever seen. 2 thumbs up!

  • sirio-galli
    sirio galli

    The Rebel is a slam-bang martial arts romp that has pretty much everything you want in a cinematic experience. Excitement, romance, escapes, betrayals and much much more all jammed into just over an hour and a half of breakneck pacing. Set in the seldom used backdrop of France’s colonization of Vietnam, the film starts off almost immediately with a chaotic assassination setpiece and doesn’t let up from there. The characters are believable and I held a rooting interest for them throughout the running time of the film. Some of the action is so fast-paced and so well-choreographed that you’d swear these crazy guys were fighting for realsies. If you’re looking for your daily fix of action, look no further than The Rebel.

  • pippa-rijks
    pippa rijks

    How is this for a change of pace – a martial arts flick from Vietnam! Johnny Nguyen (TOM YUM GOONG) stars as a Lieutenant enforcer for the French occupiers in the 1920s. He ends up sympathizing with the indigenous rebels and helping their cause when he falls for the leader’s daughter (Thanh Van Ngo). This is a really entertaining film because it balances fantastic martial arts sequences (choreographed by lead Nguyen) against some good drama. The real standout here is former 21 JUMP STREET-er Dustin Nguyen as the main bad guy. He has a real Simon Yam-like presence and appears to do a lot of his own fighting. My only complaint would be the film does tend to drag during the middle section set in a work camp.

  • jade-lewis
    jade lewis

    I saw this movie left on a movie shelf and bought it just out of my curiosity. However, this movie turns to be a amazing action/drama/love story which i haven’t seen for so many years from Vietnam. The action scenes are much more reality and intense than nowadays Chinese Kungfus. The story line is quite good which brings you back to year 1920s where Vietnam was ruled by French. The building & stuffs are definitely those furniture 90 years ago. Doubt the team did a good research job. The acting is very good for all actors, especially the bad side haha. However I feel that the English subtitle is short and can not deliver the whole movie’s plot. But who cares, thumbs for the action! Highly recommended!

  • thiago-gomes
    thiago gomes

    I’m totally impressed and surprised. To be honest I hadn’t seen any good Vietnamese action movie at all in my entire life until I watched this one. The story gets more and more interesting as it goes toward the end. The martial art is awesome, gravity realistic unlike those Hong Kong suedo martial art movies where you can always feel the “invisible” wire on the actor’s back. The actors in this movie are so beautiful and sexy; especially Ngo Thanh Van, she got the best look ever. Hopefully more movies like this will come out. I wanna learn more about Vietnamese history.When this movie is on DVD?

  • mr-joseph-green-dds
    mr joseph green dds

    I’m half Vietnamese and a fan of Johnny Nguyen. I was looking for a really good Vietnamese movie and I found out about “The Rebel”. I was blown away. Johnny Nguyen gave an excellent performance in this movie, as well as Ngo Thanh Van, and showed his true abilities as both an actor and a martial artist. Between fast paced action sequences (which specialize in the Vietnamese martial art of “Vovinam”) and the powerful emotional scenes depicting the struggles of Vietnam during the French Colonial rule, this movie definitely delivers a punch.(Fun Fact: Johnny Nguyen, Dustin Nguyen, and Ngo Thanh Van all dubbed their own voices in English on the 2-Disc DVD.)

  • antonino-rossetti
    antonino rossetti

    I’m Italian and I saw this movie in the original language with subtitles in English. the acting could be better, but it’s not so bad, the main characters are well acted. One of the best part of the movie is the fighting: the martial art used is Vovinam, a Vietnamese arts, obviously. The fighting scene are full of realism and action, very good I think. The conversations are pretty good, nothing to say. Another good point is the beautiful landscapes of the Vietnamese country. i think it’s a good movie, great and realistic fight. the plot is simple but well made, with suspense, romance, action…i hope it’ll arrive in Italy or at least in Europe 🙂

  • jessica-do-rodrigues
    jessica do rodrigues

    The most expensive Vietnamese film ever (it cost USD3 million to make – probably the lunch budget of Stallone’s Rambo) is a rousing action/romance expertly directed by the Vietnamese/American filmmaker Charlie Nguyen. The old-fashioned story is about the 1922 rebellion against French colonialists and follows a familiar but pleasing path. However, if you are a martial arts fan, the film will be of particular interest for its excellent action scenes featuring little known Vietnamese martial art, Vo Thuat. Originally based on Northern Chinese Wushu (Chinese were the first superpower to invade this luckless land), Vietnamese martial arts system has developed incorporating the elements from the fighting styles of neigbouring countries. For many centuries it was the main form of defense for these people because their invaders (Chinese, French, Japanese) stripped them of all weapons. Both leads Johnnie Nguyen and the gorgeous actor/singer/model Vo Thanh Thuy are accomplished practitioners of the style and their prowess is obvious in the film. Dustin Nguyen (no relation, every second person is called Nguyen in Vietnam) makes a worthy villain with his own expertise in various Asian styles.A must for martial arts fans. It will also be enjoyed by those who like a rousing action/romance.

  • tania-amelia-escalante-pizarro
    tania amelia escalante pizarro

    I haven’t seen many Vietnamese films, but The Rebel was certainly a surprise. The trailer didn’t do much for me, but I was able to see this at the VCFilmFestival in Little Tokyo, and was impressed. Just about everything involved in this film was well done and kept things entertaining and exciting.The film tells the story of Vietnam, circa 1922. The French have occupied the land and to combat a rebellion against the French occupation, they enlisted several Vietnamese agents whose job it is to sniff out members of the resistance, and above all, catch their leader. The agent leading this pursuit is Van Cuong, whose questioning of his own actions eventually lead him to help the rebel leader’s daughter, Vo Than Thuy.The film is action heavy, and the action scenes are not only masterfully filmed, but authentic. There are no wires or cg, just raw, powerful martial arts that is well choreographed. These only add to the story and acting, which tell of an interesting part of history that is rarely explored in films. It’s nice to see a Vietnamese film get some of the spotlight. Even though the film isn’t entirely original, it is highly entertaining. The story itself is something we’ve seen before, where a man on the wrong side of justice eventually must defend the right side. However, the way it is portrayed makes it enduring and the characters are very interesting. Overall, I have only positive things to say about this film. But go and see it for yourself if you can find it. It’s a good, slick, entertaining movie that should suit any fan of martial arts or dramatic films.