During the middle of the 16th century, Martin Guerre returns to his village in southwestern France, after being away in the war for almost a decade. The villagers who knew him as a young man suspect he is not Martin, but he seems to know all about his friends, his family and his wife, even the most unusual things. Is this man really Martin Guerre?

Also Known As: Завръщането на Мартен Гер, Le retour de Martin Guerre, Il ritorno di Martin Guerre, Die Wiederkehr des Martin Guerre West, Historien om Martin Guerre, O Retorno de Martin Guerre, Martin Guerres återkomst, The Return of Martin Guerre, Powrót Martina Guerre, El regreso de Martin Guerre, Martin Guerre, Возвращение Мартина Герра Soviet, Martin Guerre visszatér

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