Baron Frankenstein escapes from the guillotine and goes to Germany. There, he names himself Dr. Stein and plans to restart his experiments by using parts of dead bodies.

Also Known As: I Frankenstein, フランケンシュタインの復讐, Blood of Frankenstein, Месть Франкенштейна Soviet, Zemsta Frankensteina, Frankensteins hämnd, Frankenstein bosszúja, Frankensteins blodiga hämnd, La revancha de Frankenstein, La revanche de Frankenstein, La vendetta di Frankenstein, Frankensteinin kosto, La venganza de Frankenstein, La venjança de Frankenstein, A Vingança de Frankenstein, Frankensteins Rache West, De wraak van Frankenstein, The Revenge of Frankenstein, Η Εκδίκησις του Φρανκενστάιν, Ich bin Frankenstein West, I ekdikisis tou Frankenstein

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