The Revisionaries looks at the politicization of the Texas Board of Education and how a few conservatives on the Board have been pushing to change textbook requirements to reflect their ideology. They demand creationist friendly language against the theory of evolution and push Christianity and capitalism into the teaching of social studies.

Also Known As: The Revisionaries

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  • terry

    I have listened to arguments for and against the creationist view and indeed the scientific view of which I hold both in the highest esteem. However what is being presented here seems designed to butt heads by saying either one or the other is true. Both can and in my view probably are true. So what if science dictates evolution and creationism dictates that we just turned up. The whole intelligent design theory can be true of both. Entropy, the scientifically proven fact that can be accepted by everyone dictates that over time everything falls apart. It’s a universal constant. In Eden the animals were already present so the world didn’t come into being just for us humans. One thing goes against entropy and that is life itself. instead of falling apart it gets more complex. So by putting that intelligent design back to the beginning of the earth we can see the hand of god at work. All the evolution, all the creation are all by design. There is no this must be and that must be. It simply is. However I will say that comparing science with religion is akin to comparing the tangible with belief. In my country we have classes on religious education and I am certain that this would satisfy the belief side. It is up to the individual what they want to believe. Whilst I personally believe that science proves the hand of god is at work via that law of entropy. I also believe that given that there is no need to argue about the creationist viewpoint as it is already proven. Keep science scientific and keep religion religious. There is no need to tear down the tenants of one to prove the existence of the other.