A Sheriff goes into Mexico in search of a man wanted back in the States. Finding him, he starts back. But it’s a long way back, he has a reluctant captive, and there are unfriendly Indians along the way. The Sheriff admits his life has been a failure but this mission he plans to accomplish.

Also Known As: O Retorno Sangrento, El retorno del forajido, Ritten tillbaka, Der Ritt zurück West, Tuomio odottaa, La chevauchée du retour, インディアン峠の死斗, The Way Back, Sheriffens fange, The Ride Back, Dia pyros kai sidirou, Potera za beguncem, Der Ritt zurück, A Volta, Regreso al honor, Jornada Infernal, Jornada Inesquecível, Homem para Homem, L'ultima cavalcata, Calaritul indarat

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