Three young people head to a remote holiday apartment complex, left vacant during the off-season, for a drunken weekend. They are Alice, her best friend Lizzy, and Lizzy’s perverted, douchebag boyfriend Carl. There is not one redeeming quality to Carl. This is a man who can only get an erection from smelling his own excrement. He is a textbook bad cad sleazy enough to make perverted passes at Alice when Lizzy isn’t looking, yet charming enough to remain inappropriately entertaining at party time. Things quickly take a turn for the worst. The group gets trapped in one of the high-floor apartments, unable to escape. No one knows they are there. They have no way to contact the outside world. Food and water grow scarce. Desperation sinks in. Is this all just a series of unfortunate events, or is there something supernatural behind it?

Also Known As: The Snare, The Hellion, Kapan, La trampa, Ловушка

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  • theophrastos-ioulios-papagiannes
    theophrastos ioulios papagiannes

    Just do not waste your time not worth watching It does not deserve to write much about it nasty film and director and author of garbage Just do not waste your time not worth watching It does not deserve to write much about it nasty film and director and author of garbage Just do not waste your time not worth watching It does not deserve to write much about it nasty film and director and author of garbage

  • april-krueger
    april krueger

    Honestly I’m not one for bad reviews BUT this movie was such a waste of my time. Usually I would check before-hand IMDb’s rating on such a movie but this one I was totally unprepared for. The acting was so awful and the story-line, oh the story-line…..it was such a mess. I’m not sure what all of the other viewers gained from the movie to have such high ratings but for me personally this movie just doesn’t cut it, AT ALL. I absolutely love my horror movies and know a good horror movie when I see one, this to be quite honest just reminds me of those poorly made movies that have gruesome blood scenes with pretty woman that try to amplify the movie. FAIL.

  • conny-mortensen
    conny mortensen

    In fact i did not understand well what the story saying ? But i like such type of mystery movies , specially Hitchcock old movies , but really this movie confuse me , and i did not understand it well Some awful scenes in fact also I did not understand the scenes of child’s with Alce And also the old woman , her husband relation The British movies are good in most cases Photgraphics are good Music and sounds are fantastic Last scene is confused as well , what the young man relation , Mystrey and mystery , more details are missing form the movie I hope if someone explain to me. , more details about this story and the writer Also to indicate the meaning , the site write more in the plot

  • sean-martin
    sean martin

    A survival movie, kind of like The Martian but not as difficult.The characters are very whiny. Especially Lee Sharpe. The main girl was strange and always tried to egg the guy on. The blonde girl was lazy and didn’t offer anything.There were 2 main messages behind this movie. 1) team work and 2) not to rape others.If at any point they pulled together as a team, they could have put their heads together and figured a way out. There were at least 3 ways of escaping. One was to break the door down. Taking turns to damage the door over a few days, until eventually weak enough to kick down. If they worked as a team, they wouldn’t have ended up how they did. Secondly, if the guy didn’t try to rape, he wouldn’t have got killed by that cable. Also, if the girl didn’t get raped by her father, she wouldn’t have been messed up. No good comes from raping others, and it should not be done under any circumstances.

  • francisca-del-guerrero
    francisca del guerrero

    Uuummmmm… Yeah.i checked the may contain spoilers box cause I’m not quite sure if i will spoil it or not i had no clue what happened! Lol.. Didn’t get it, don’t understand all the raving reviews. Don’t eat while watching this or if you have a queasy stomach OR if you actually want to watch a good horror flick! Stupid stupid movie 👎👎👎

  • borisova-margarita-nilovna
    borisova margarita nilovna

    The movie is a waste of time. DO NOT WATCH. The ending is the worst ending ever, the story line is the worst story line ever. Nothing is good about this movie and I do not recommend anyone to waste their time to watch this movie. If you want to watch the most boring movie in the world, go ahead and waste 1 hour and 32 minutes of your life.

  • richard-leon
    richard leon

    It boggles my mind that somebody watched this and thought “yup, this is it”.Annoying main character with no depth, literally only makes a forced stare.No scares whatsoever.Gratuitous, poorly done violence.Unnecessary child sexual violence only to add depth that wasn’t there.Awful casting choices.Constant failed attempts at artsy cinematography.It’s quite obvious this was not a well-thought-out movie.This movie was so bad I made this account to write this review.If you enjoyed this, you should feel bad about yourself.

  • dr-shane-porter
    dr shane porter

    First, it’s nothing like the blurb. I’m thinking there was some demon or ghost that haunted this apartment that prevents these people from escaping.However, I can only conclude these were three people with mental issues in the first place who became stuck in this apartment due to some technical malfunction of the building, or some nut doing the “Human Experiment Project”. What happens is it caused the paranoia to kick in or it was some drug induced psychosis which brings out their inner fears and or psychotic disorders.For instance if you were abuse as a child and pushed it out of your mind as an adult it manifest in flash backs and attacks of crippling terror. That’s what a lot of this film felt like. It’s like flashes of your worst personal nightmare. Such as…you are a heartless sexual sadist who hid behind a mask of wholesome goodness then you find yourself in a situation you can’t hide your afflictions and you give in to your basic animal urges.All I know about this film is I needed to be smoking whatever all those who left these raving reviews were smoking.Honestly, peeps, this is another one of those films that is all about shock value and an attempt at avant-garde cinema. Good attempt; but this type of film has been done better and at the very least has left you thinking about it long afterwards. Not this puppy. You want to forget you stupidly sat there until the end, thinking if you keep watching it will make more sense at the end.Okay, here goes my honest opinion, want it or not. This film would have been better off if it had been about vacationers fighting against a actual demon are ghost that wouldn’t allow them to leave this apartment instead of this metaphorical mess. In my determination, they were only prisoners of their own minds.

  • josette-bernier
    josette bernier

    You would be better off going to the bathroom for an hour and half than watching this movie. You would get more out of it. That said, the story is about 2 women and a man that go off for the weekend and get trapped on the top floor in their room. They start seeing freaky stuff that is really pointless basic nonsense. Since there is no real plot to follow the movie is unnecessarily gross to try and add something to a weak plot. But what drives you crazy is the fact that there is multiple obvious ways for the 3 to try to escape. If you are starving and about to die, try anything but laying around!!! They could use the linens, clothes, and other things to make a rope to go down a few floors at a time. They kind of do this but drop it, but there is still clothes and sheets afterward, HERE’S AN IDEA: TRY AGAIN AND DON’T DROP IT THIS TIME. OR just go down one floor, open the elevator doors and climb or slide down the cables. YOU ARE DYING, STOP LAYING AROUND. The building must have failed fire code because they have fire, SET OFF THE FIRE SYSTEM. When they had water, flood the room until the rooms below all flood. At one point the man beats on the floor with metal but just can’t get through. Later after he is killed for attempted rape. The girl cuts him up with an electric knife to eat him. REALLY!!! You have an electric knife and haven’t tried cutting through a wall or the floor with it, after a month of laying around dying. It goes on and on…. This screams of the girl running away from the monster past the obvious running car and into the woods. I don’t know who gave this good reviews, must have watched a different movie.

  • marta-toma
    marta toma

    The story was some how good but there was no plot of logic throughout the movie. They stood trapped all the time rather they had many ways to get out from that apartment. They had long curtains in all rooms through which they can climb out from the attic by joining them all. They had to throw all of the stuff from the height to the bottom of the building so that people may know somebody is struck up there. No plot, no logic just some terrifying common scenes and body cutting making the movie creepy than horror.

  • rein-kalm
    rein kalm

    What got me interested in watching this movie was the trailer, which turned out to be very misleading. It made it look as if it was going to be a bit of a creepy jumper horror, however it was quite the opposite. Scenes that were meant to be creepy were boring, and there was one scene that makes you jump throughout and it wasn’t anything terrifying. Any movie producers that feel the need to mislead viewers with the trailer must know that their product is garbage. Good notes would be the acting, as always with most British movies it is spot on, and the way it is shot is pretty good especially that end scene of the apartment they were trapped in. However that does not justify the unbalanced way the plot plays out, and how it drags without anything interesting happening.So much potential not reached.

  • spencer-moses
    spencer moses

    Really not very good at all. It doesn’t make sense, there’s no continuity. Also pretty gross for no reason, the characters could have avoided the gross stuff easily but I guess that’s part of trying to be scary. The only good thing were the actors performances, they looked really scared even though I wasn’t. I feel like the makers of this movie were really trying to make a statement and do something artsy and it just really didn’t work. This really was pretty awful, I definitely feel like I wasted my time and took away nothing from this movie.

  • alf-ostlund
    alf ostlund

    Three young people– congenitally uncomfortable Forward, her best friend Warren, and Warren’s crude boyfriend Paton– enjoy a secret and illicit holiday on the top floor of an unused resort. Their first morning, the elevator stops working (as well as the emergency stairs’ door). Then, the nightmares start.The Snare actually starts off strong (and in the closing camera-work, Cooper finally shows what he could have accomplished had he put his back into it.) But this film, which is primarily about 3 people’s boredom, is itself just as boring.The characters throw their hands up helplessly very early in the film– despite having access to much that they could use to try to escape, from fire, to water, to heavy toilets. This film could have chronicled their descent into helplessness, echoed in the transformation of his set, but Cooper’s characters are helpless from the beginning, and his movie is static because of it. Forward’s initial discomfort is believable, and suggests the potential for transformation– but no, she never moves past her unease, and Cooper never gives her the opportunity to deviate from the single expression she wears throughout the film.What about the supernatural element? The creep value? The earliest scenes are good, but The Snare runs out of steam fast, quickly settling into a junior high level of creep, down to the hackneyed phrases carved on the walls, down to the junior high notebook art.The first thirty minutes of The Snare aren’t bad. But the last sixty aren’t only bad, they’re unchanging. And it’s such a shame, because in that first thirty minutes lies the potential for a great film. I’d recommend passing on The Snare.

  • mirian-ch-xikvaze
    mirian ch xikvaze

    I got 18 minutes in before the combination of bad jump cut editing, sound (CONTINUOUS CHEWING OF SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES BY AT LEAST ONE ON SCREEN CHARACTER), and nonsensical overacting killed any desire I had to watch it all the way through. I only recommend this movie if you’re in serious need for background noise during some sort of other activity or if you’re extremely inebriated. I couldn’t see myself getting through this movie even if I were on ALL OF THE DRUGS AT ONCE. I would rate it lower than a 1 star if I could but that was not an option. Good luck to all future attempts to watch this video, may your mind be distracted by something else other than how awful this movie is.

  • brandon-morrison
    brandon morrison

    Three young people, two girls and a lad, go to stay in a hotel that belongs to one of the girl’s father and which is closed down for the winter. After a couple of days things start to get a little strange. One of the girls starts having strange dreams and they start to turn on each other.I can’t say anything else without a spoiler alert, but if you’re easily disgusted and get a bit queasy over people being ill, I would give this a wide birth. Although they go for realism, it’s the kind of realism that most of us like to avoid in life. The acting was quite good and realistic, to a point, but, although I don’t get queasy, or easily put off, the slowness and the lack of any interesting events (though there were some) made this a difficult movie to get through. In other words, I found this a little boring! I really wanted to turn it off at one point, but there was only twenty minutes left so I persevered. Am I glad I did? Well, let’s just say I wasn’t too disappointed at the end, but I wouldn’t want to sit through this again.

  • mari-myhre
    mari myhre

    BUT I cannot with good faith give this film a high ranking based on the techniques that that filthy monster C.A Cooper did to the poor talent. It is all in the trivia section. He basically scared one of the actors half to death w/ spiders yet screamed louder than my 3 year old when someone said he had one on his back. The only stars given are for the good acting on behalf of the cast. But then again, when the director forces you to basically live like the captives that their roles call for, how can you really fake it?

  • iustina-barbu
    iustina barbu

    The first reaction that rose to my conscious mind is that this movie is about the subconscious. The blurb indicating some demonic paranormal entity is wrong: what is truly frightening in this film is what’s called “life.” Life is an experience from which there is only one escape – DEATH. But, death also holds an irrevocably horrific place in our psyche. Such is the case with Alice, on whom her mother’s death unleashed hell in her young life, i.e., her father’s abuse (which began the day of her mother’s funeral). Ashamed of her own sexuality, afraid of any type of emotional connection, and utterly introverted, the empty apartment building (indeed the entire complex!) is The Snare – Alice’s life, from which the only escape is suicide (pills on the floor), madness (the evocative darkness of her journal) or old age (her mother/herself as the old woman and a corpse). So, when we see her finally escape, we expect her to be stronger, to escape and break away from her life. But where do we see her in the end? In the same Hell that the film began in, even in the same bedroom. Perhaps there is an echo of Sartre’s “No Exit” – Hell is other people. All in all: creepy, disturbing, dark, thought-provoking and an excellent vintage.PS – Did no one notice that the old woman bore a striking resemblance to Alice?

  • dr-kis-jozsef-krisztian
    dr kis jozsef krisztian

    Taking a trip into the wilderness, a group of friends on a retreat to a remote seaside lodge find themselves alone and stranded inside a cursed apartment complex by a malevolent entity that holds a powerful spell over them and forces them into desperate means to get away.For the most part, this one was a decent if unspectacular effort. Like most modern British horror films, the film is really undone by the languid and wholly uninviting pacing that just really drags this one out far longer than it really should be. The first half of this one is a prime example as this one just goes through such a sullen and drowsy tone that just starts this one off on a downbeat feel showing them at every stop along the way, taking their time getting set-up in the building and their initial interactions together makes this one feel quite challenging. That it takes a while for them to realize they’re trapped and for the horror to kick in makes this one feel like so many of the recent British efforts which utilize the same factors, taking far longer to get its main point across since it spends far too long on the plodding build-up rather than anything else. That there’s not a whole lot of intensity or energy to the proceedings as everyone tends to offer up no urgency in their actions really completes the picture for this one in how dull and drab it really sets itself up as being, and with the whole build-up taking so long this one does have some problems to work through. There’s also the rather troubling issue here with this one really leaving a lot of elements open to speculation, really not letting it’s burning mysteries get explored in any shape or form as so much of this one goes unexplored or unanswered throughout here. From the source of the visions showing the mysterious children playing in the woods, the scenes of her watching her memories from her abused childhood or the whole point of luring them to the complex in the first point, there’s a lot on offer here that doesn’t make much sense and it really lets a lot of questions go unanswered. These here hold it back somewhat even though there are some rather engaging elements within it. One of the film’s better features is the fact that this one really manages to evoke a creepy and somewhat unsettling atmosphere with the way it builds itself up along the way. Once we get the impact realized that they’re stranded and isolated together, this one offers up some great ideas of their plight together as the fear and paranoia they experience is manifested in their behavior as well as the increasingly strange and mysterious visions. Those are where this one really picks up, going from the quick flashes of people wandering down by the sea to the full-bore visions showing the happenings of the strange cult and how they end up altering her version of reality that really brings up quite a lot of nice freak-outs here to go along with that burgeoning paranoia. That all leads into the fine finale that brings about quite a shocking conclusion to it all as the revelation given here is quite a striking and shocking conclusion that wraps it all together quite nicely offering some decent blood and gore along the way. It’s certainly good enough, but it’s just too flawed to be higher.Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity, a sex scene, Rape, drug use and close-up shots of dead animals.

  • rhita-shahinyan
    rhita shahinyan

    First off, let’s get one thing clear. THE SNARE is nothing like THE EVIL DEAD. The comparison seems so far off the mark to me it’s as if the guys on the marketing team who put out that press release comparing it to EVIL DEAD haven’t even watched this movie.Secondly! After all that said…Wow this is a great movie! It’s utterlly relentless with what it throws at you….Starts slow at first but then it just hits you again and again and again.Gripping, believable performances, a rich, foreboding atmosphere and extremely harrowing to watch all round.DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE…I totally get why some people wouldn’t enjoy this, especially if you’re going in expecting something like the Evil Dead. I’d say that as a movie its much closer to THE SHINING in style but is different enough to be it’s own thing.Like I said, some people really won’t like this but if you fancy something different and a genuine scare then this one is certainly worth a watch, even if just for the experience!!!But not when you’re eating!

  • richard-guillon
    richard guillon

    Very much enjoyed this movie – thought it was strong from a variety of aspectsTo put this style of movie out there I was concerned it’d be cheesy and not effective however it was crafted carefully and creatively and didn’t follow the typical cliché in terms of which way it was taken, it instead teased with the narrativeI enjoyed the different layers within this film, it has the jump factor for those watching it on a visual viewing level alongside the deeper and more twisted psychological levels which can leave the viewer feeling uncomfortable and distressed – exactly what you’d want from watching a horror!A strong movie which clearly had a lot of though put into the creative process – some of the beautiful scenery shots were very aesthetically pleasing and the horror sequences later in the film were crafted and edited together perfectly.Well worth a watch whether to be enjoyed on a disconnected, just watching a film level or on the deeper level – reminiscent of how I felt watching movies by Guillermo Del Toro (The orphanage/Pans Labyrinth) Well done credit to the team who created this movie

  • hazel-gould
    hazel gould

    Start with this, English in not my mother language. My apo’s for spelling mistakes… How’s your Dutch btw? :-)The general opinion doesn’t seem to agree with me. 3.4 vs 9??? Well, I’ve read the user reviews already here. And Shining, well (only applies to movie not book) always has been a little overrated to me. But I can see the parallels that were drawn. Alice in Wonderland? The woman is slowly descending into madness. If that’s a reference to Alice in Wonderland I can see one in every movie. Just take it for what it is pls.I just think it does not have the aspiration to be like that movie (Shining). At least not intentionally. I just watched it for what is was, and these are my personal conclusions:It’s a slow burner. You have to like that kind of movie. I know that put’s off a lot of people. It relies heavy on it’s creepy atmosphere. You have to invest in the movie to get really into it. The acting of the lead actress is outstanding. Her mental descent and physical transformation are really impressive. For me seldom seen in low budget movies. (The original Martyrs comes to mind as another exception) It is very scary. Not only by atmosphere but also by jump scares. It is visually stunning in it’s simplicity, because it does not have that “Hollywood film” over it and yet it’s able to grab you by the neck. It looks “European real (for lack of better words) It’s also somewhat gory. Depends on what you are used to I guess. But there are definitely some stomach-turning moments. It is also erotically charged in a sick kinda way. First seduction and innocent flirting, then animal instincts taking over. And damn it is so creepy!!!Watch this movie if you like slow burnin’ horror movies. If you have a short attention span, go watch ghostbusters (n.o.) You have to like the genre, if not, that’s the only condition I can think to let this one slip.And for the love of god. For once they showed a boob. Just because it happened to be there… on a chest… of most women…

  • julianna-slyk
    julianna slyk

    So many layers, so much going on, difficult to take it all in on the first watch. Certainly requires a second viewing.If I had to be really critical I would say that I feel like maybe they should have tried harder to find a way out of the apartment and should have tried to find alternate exit routes. It felt as if they gave up a little too easily….but then again, this is no ordinary scenario, since there is this evil demonic force manipulating things from below the surface.My partner and I talked for ages afterwards trying to unravel what it is that actually dwells in the apartment and whether or not it was real or part of some strange fantasy concocted by the main character.Don’t watch whilst eating…..felt so sick watching parts of it but totally worth it.Ain’t gonna be able to put this one out my head or a while.

  • rita-avotins
    rita avotins

    For starters, good movie, really enjoyed it. Strong on atmosphere, great performances, a real sense of mystery throughout and nail biting suspense.However, I would say that it is weaker overall in terms of story and character, although I don’t feel this hurts it too much because of the type of film it is.This film is more about an experience….an emotion driven, mood driven and tension driven piece and that is where and why I feel it excels.It doesn’t matter whether the characters are likable or not in this context. It’s apparent from the get go that this film positions the audience as the cold spectator so that they can witness the horrific events that take place and then draw their own conclusions. It doesn’t hold your hand, it’s up to you which characters you like or not, feeling connected to them and empathizing with them is not important or essential when it comes to watching this.Likewise, similarly to The Shining, which was obviously an influence, I get the impression you’re not supposed to get all the answers, its not supposed to make complete sense, that’s the very nature of what makes the paranormal frightening if you believe in that sort of thing.It’s what makes you think about it afterwards and keeps you talking about it.Would recommend a watch.

  • pani-larisa-ostapchuk
    pani larisa ostapchuk

    Must say, am not a huge fan of this movie after watching, as I feel it did have some issues. Although this is to be expected of course given the natural limitations of a low budget horror.Despite it’s flaws this movie does get a lot of things rights and is a very bold attempt to try and do something different and for that alone I highly commend it as this was so refreshing to see. Was relieved not to have sat through another empty rehash.It must’ve took real f****** balls to make something like this in a market that’s over- stuffed and over-filled to the brim with generic middle of the road SAFE horror pics.Some genuine creepy moments in this too. Like on a whole another level of CREEPY!!!!As for it’s flaws, it would have been great to have seen more of Alice’s backstory so that we can understand more about her relationship with her father, although I understand why a lot of this was left ambitious and open to speculation.Also, some of the best bits of this movie are when the two girls are uncovering the fate of those who were trapped in the apartment before they were (won’t spoil it here) but it would’ve been great to have explored this more and to have seen more evidence of ‘those who came before’Certainly don’t regret watching and would recommend.

  • tracy-cross
    tracy cross

    As a horror movie that frankly spooked the socks off of me, I gotta say this movie deserves more love. It is not lame like some of the Ouija releases. It does not, in my opinion, try to be ‘The Shining’ or overreach its artistic capabilities. In fact, a close comparison would be ‘The Hole’ (2001), with more elements of the supernatural mixed in.The characters are obnoxious but believably real. The film uses several slow shots to build suspense and tension, and this only adds to the general sense of creepiness and unease. I jumped at least three times during this film. Not a fan of jumpscares? Don’t worry, there are at least two more mediums of horror used in this film (survival horror and mental illness) so there’s something for everybody! The story is not really original (like I said, The Hole did it before), but its not really predictable and its nice to see the writer make some bold choices. There are plenty of shocking scenes that already make this film stand out from contemporary ‘safe’ Hollywood horror.A must see for a horror lover like myself, this will fix you up for a while! 7/10.