The rare gift of getting into all kinds of trouble is their family trait. What else can you expect from the ones raised among trolls in snowy lands? But now Kai and Gerda have grown up and entered a new stage – this time they are going to cause a global disaster…

Also Known As: The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, Sněhová královna: Tajemství ohně a ledu Czech, Снежната кралица 3: Огън и лед, O Reino Gelado: Fogo e Gelo, Królowa Śniegu 3: Ogień i lód, Hókirálynő 3.: Tűz és jég, Snezhnaya koroleva 3. Ogon i led, Sniego karaliene 3, Snow: A Pedra dos Desejos, Craiasa Zapezii: Foc si Gheata, Snježna kraljica 3: Vatra i led, Снежная королева 3. Огонь и лед, Die Schneekönigin 3, Karlar Kraliçesi 3: Ates ve Buz, La princesse des glaces, The Snow Queen 3, Snežna kraljica 3: ogenj in led, Snow Queen 3

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  • aaron-simmons
    aaron simmons

    This is ‘the’ worst animation movie I have ever seen. No particular Story/Plot, No Direction, Horrible Script, no coordination between the dialogues and the animation, to top it all Bad Music.. all the basic ingredients for an animation movie missing! I do not know what was the motive behind making this movie. There should be a serious quality check for such movies being produced and marketed. It was a mix of haphazard colored animated scenes with no correlation or story to tie them up.The characters within the movie have no context or place within the loose plot and just keep appearing once a while without a particular agenda.This is a No Watch! Keep Away!

  • lisa-hicks
    lisa hicks

    I AND MY CHILDREN SEE 2 PIECES OF THE FILM. CHILDREN HAVE LOVE THESE cartoon FILMS. They are waiting for the continuation of the history of the Snow Queen, but this is more FILM FOR CHILDREN. On a scale of 1 to 10 he’s definitely a 7.

  • giordano-marini
    giordano marini

    Traditions mean a lot to Russia. There aren’t many of them, but each is very warm and cozy. That’s how, back in 2012, the first Snow Queen animated movie appeared – it won children’s hearts at once as well as made adults believe in magic and hope to see its sequel… Time passes… So, at the end of 2016, the third instalment of the franchise was released already.Some people anticipated it, others were a bit worried – as we’re always a little afraid to get disappointed in something we like. Fortunately, that didn’t happen but let’s start from the beginning…There’s no point in re-telling the plot, as a lot of people have already seen the movie or read other reviews. I’d rather share my impressions and emotions with you instead. What I liked most of all was the fact that the characters had grown up, they encountered problems that I think everyone does encounter, and faced a really hard choice between good and evil. I think I needed more drama and the characters’ inner feelings, but the image itself compensated really well. The audience watches its bright colors and fantastic nature sceneries during the whole movie length, so I caught myself thinking that I wouldn’t have guessed that The Snow Queen 3 is a Russian movie if I hadn’t known it in the beginning.I’d like to mention the music separately. The soundtrack is very positive and stays in your head for a long time after you’ve left the movie theater.In short, I’d recommend the movie to those who wants to keep their New Year and Christmas mood going for longer, to have a good time, and just to get absorbed in the world of magic fairy tales.

  • hans-soderstrom
    hans soderstrom

    About two minutes into the 3D version of this film, I turned to my friend and said, “This is amazing”. And it really is. The depth of color and the quality of the details are simply stunning. However the beauty of the animation wasn’t the only good thing about the movie, just the most obvious. The storytelling was fantastic and fast-paced, weaving a golden fairy-tale with a modern reinterpretation of surrounding events. What really makes the film, as far as the characters go, though, is the personalities that Wizart assigns to the animals involved. The main character’s cute animal sidekick – a pet ferret named Luta – never utters a word, yet it easily steals the show with its clear human emotions and comedic timing. This is definitely a film I recommend, even if you don’t have children

  • ankitaa-joshii
    ankitaa joshii

    I was skeptical when I realized that this is indie studio product, and that it does look a bit like Frozen. Then I realized that “The Snow Queen” is a really high-grade movie with a really nice story, interesting and cute characters and some life lessons, like it’s not just about chasing your dreams, it’s about forgiveness, family and friendship too. I really enjoyed it and it did transport me to that fairytale world, it was an amazing and a very immersive experience! I highly recommend this film for your whole family!

  • jason-travis
    jason travis

    The plot is simple enough for smaller children yet not boring at all for the adults so everyone will surely enjoy it. Some of the jokes and gags are quite memorable and are on par with “Looney Tunes” and “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, freshly reimagined in a very convincing 3D animated world.

  • semat-dilcan-ulker-cetin
    semat dilcan ulker cetin

    MINOR SPOILER ALERT. It’s really funny how someone can comment on how bad a movie is, yet most probably couldn’t film one to save their lives.I would personally disregard any negative review about this movie. I quite enjoyed the animation as much as some of the story line could have been more intense or detailed. This sequel had a few comparisons to the Disney movie, Frozen but as I previously stated the story line could have been handled a little bit better and some of the animations could have been a little bit tidier. Aside from all of that, the movie is quite captivating.

  • caleb-fernandez
    caleb fernandez

    This movie amazed me. It was funny, smart, entertaining, and best of all, it was clean. By clean I mean that I could watch it with my friends and family and didn’t have to be embarrassed or sickened by violence or perversion. This movie had none of that stuff. It was just good clean family-oriented fun. If anyone of you have been searching for a great movie to take your family or significant other to then this is the one. You’ll go away feeling good. Definitely worth the money to go and see or rent. Why couldn’t his other movies be just as good and clean?

  • indrek-kriisa
    indrek kriisa

    The 3D work is quite remarkable, taking into account the rather limited budget (I’ve seen movies budgeted at over 100 million failing to achieve that level of quality). Both the settings and the characters deserve the highest praise. Particularly, the character design is a bit too much Disney, but nicely done anyway, with beautiful clothing and face dynamics. Lighting and texturing is absolutely great. In a nutshell, “The Snow Queen” is kind of a little masterpiece, joining high levels of realism with all the expression one could expect from an animated film. What is more important, all the impressive technical achievement is put to the service of storytelling.

  • univ-prof-else-jessen
    univ prof else jessen

    I was engaged in the movie from the very first note until the last line of credits. The music is magnificent, graphics are jaw-dropping (3D is a must). I watched both versions, loved both but for the short at the beginning the 3D is suggested.There are undeniable similarities with Frozen, on the main character faces and other dynamics in the movie, but it stands by itself for the story, its powerful message and for the best animation ever.

  • brenda-mills
    brenda mills

    Being the third part of Snow Queen franchise The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice has gained and improved its own graphic style and has gotten better in visual effects. I really enjoyed the fantastic scenery the story developed in, all those mountain gorges, snow avalanches, volcano eruptions, a pirate ship skiing in magnificent landscapes and a train made of ice. The thing I also liked is that although being a sequel The Snow Queen 3 is independent from other parts and if you haven’t watched the previous ones it is not a problem at all. You can start watching this part and enjoy it not knowing the previous stories.As for the message of the animation the story tells about vital things: the importance of being a family, the choice everyone makes between good and evil and that everyone should treasure their relations. These themes are important for our children and it is good that animated feature films touch these things in their plots. The final fight scene is very impressive and the evil has been defeated.As for the weak points the thing I lacked is some well memorized and catchy song although the music of The Snow Queen 3 is impressive.

  • jyotsnaa-bhaart
    jyotsnaa bhaart

    The first Snow Queen story by the Russian animated studio Wizart came into being in 2012. Now, in four years after the first premiere, we can see colossal evolution of the Russian animation. The graphics and the characters clean-up have improved – now we see brighter colors, more interesting costumes, and more scenic locations. Of course, there is nothing left of the initial story of Kai and Gerda, children living next door to one another, from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale. The teenagers from the new story have grown up, acquired more difficult tempers, lost their parents, but gained a huge experience in the show business. Then, as one would expect, the brother’s and the sister’s paths separated. She, like any girl, chose to follow her heart as well as the new guy called Rollan, whereas Kai became an animated downshifter – a pirate artist. Both the family division and excessive curiosity placed the whole Troll Country under a threat. It is worth mentioning that the participation of the Hollywood screenwriter Robert Lence and the Comedy Club show stars turned out very useful – the movie became funnier but sometimes, like in all Russian masterpieces, this went a little bit too far. It should also be pointed out that the Russian animation is becoming interesting abroad too: releases in Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey and countries of the Middle East are planned for the beginning of 2017. I would like to wish successful distribution to The Snow Queen and a great enjoyable time watching the movie – to the audience.

  • samuel-webb
    samuel webb

    The movie was excellent and the theme as nice. Its good to see other studios outside Pixar and Disney.I genuinely liked the art style of the movie.The movie had interesting mixture of comedy and action and a fiery ending with a big battle. I wish the movie had more Slavic characters.

  • tiit-oispuu
    tiit oispuu

    Today, my daughters and I watched the third part of the Snow Queen trilogy. The youngest daughter adores this story) The cartoon is about 1.5 hours, but the view flew completely unnoticed. I liked the work of Russian authors. Kai and Gerda grew up, make money for their living stories, miss their parents and will of chance again become involved in the adventure. Very nice characters, especially Gerda. Really, very sweet – I suddenly wanted to put my daughter’s hair like hers! Trendy, slender, charming, and when she finds herself in the outfit of a “half-snow queen” is awesome. How adorable is her love, how familiar these adolescent loving looks are! solid fascination! Animation is very beautiful, good special effects (but a cartoon is not completely overloaded by it), a clear plot design, adventures of heroes, interesting turns… There were several scenes where little spectators had to worry. But the magnificent ending has very pleased me and my daughters! Summary: the movie is absolutely to be seen especialy by young girls!

  • stephanie-townsend
    stephanie townsend

    The Snow Queen sequel even exceeded all my expectations! I think that the third movie is much better than the second one. After the spin- off about Orm, it was great to see Gerda as a protagonist again – it was especially nice to see how much her looks have changed. She has noticeably grown up and is truly about to rank among Disney’s gorgeous princesses. As for the screenplay, Robert Lence was involved in the process of its creation – he is a real master of the American animation and he has worked on dozens of large projects. The results of this collaboration are easy to see: the movie has acquired a good pace and the alternation of lyrical pauses and breath-taking action is done really well – you will surely neither get bored with nor get tired of the movie! The authors tried to tell us how valuable one’s family is and that the most important thing in life is having someone to be there for you when your life gets hard. The movie also says that you should never just throw people out of your life and it is never too late to say sorry. The animated movie has plenty of complicated scenes with various visual and sound effects. You can see avalanches going down the mountains, explosions, volcano eruptions, lava leaking through all the cracks, multicolored magic bursts, an armored train of the purest ice, a ship put on skis. Quite a lot of views worth seeing! I really enjoyed the movie and I wish you to enjoy it too!

  • bay-server-akca
    bay server akca

    Awesome cartoon! Suddenly it was pretty funny. The humor fits well into the narrative and those 80 minutes that lasts the “Snow Queen 3” for small viewers and their parents pass very quickly. And now a few details: Animation is great. Exactly the same as seen in the first two parts. Interesting songs exactly the final one.The characters are the same, but a little older. Heroes involuntarily cling to a history in search of simple family happiness where they have to cope even with the evil from the outside, rather than with their own vices and fears. Children watch the cartoon with undisguised interest and quite sincerely empathize with the heroes. Gerda and her new friend Roland acquire new super powers of fire and ice that change heroes from inside. Confrontation of two desires to become strong or remain kind. What will the children choose: good or strength – we learn only in the final! The third part of the “Snow Queen” unlike the previous two surprised a beautiful, truly happy ending which I know, will appeal to many viewers. With this the whole trilogy “Snow Queen” is perceived as a single, conscious and complete work. I recommend it for both adults and children! Looking forward the Snow Queen 4!

  • mario-silva
    mario silva

    With Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice Wizart Animation joins Disney Studios in rejecting scenario, where love saves the day. Gerda and Kai come from a tale by Hans Christian Andersen and the action takes place in the land of the trolls. Wizart Animation aims for the international market and Snow Queen 3 was released in many countries included Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The film delivers what might be called universal messages. Furthermore, Snow Queen 3 is fully in line with the Disney wholesomeness approach to filmmaking. This film does have its merits! It is strikingly beautiful. The Snow Queen is made in 3-D and it is gorgeous. The fire scenes are especially effective. Rollan with his burning hair and glowing suit is striking, as is Lake Gao, the forbidden lake of fire which Gerda and Rollan must cross. The fire-tossing scenes are vivid as are the scenes where Gerda makes ice formations. Film is highly recommended to watch with the whole family! Everybody finds something interesting in it!