Tony successful fighter pilot during World War II marries into the family of a wealthy oil magnate who also designs airplanes. The movie traces the company’s attempt to break the sound barrier, as well as tensions between father and daughter. Lots of footage of early 50s jet aviation in Great Britain as well as shots of the Comet airliner, world’s first jet passenger plane.

Also Known As: Der unbekannte Feind, Probijanje zvučnog zida, Wolkenstürmer - Kühne Piloten, bangende Frauen, De geluidsbarriere, Svindlande rymder, Sin barreras en el cielo, La barrera del so, Ali del futuro, Bariera sunetului, Звуковой барьер Soviet, Der unbekannte Feind West, Звуковата бариера, La barrera del sonido, Sem Barreira no Céu, The Sound Barrier, Breaking Through the Sound Barrier, Le mur du son, Gennem lydmuren, Pyrpolitai tou ouranou, Breaking the Sound Barrier, A Barreira Sonora, Bariera dzwieku

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