Joe Ross has developed a process that will make his company a fortune. It will also make whoever has it a fortune, so the details are kept secret and secure. However, the executives at the company seem reluctant to commit to bonuses or royalties for Ross, so he starts looking at his options. He also has a new friend, the wealthy Jimmy Dell, and he is happy to give him advice on the matter.

Also Known As: Konspirationen, A spanyol fogoly, Den onda cirkeln, Stimeno paihnidi, Prisionero del peligro, Hiszpański więzień, İspanyol Mahkûm, スパニッシュ・プリズナー, A Trapaça, Στημένο παιχνίδι, Испанский узник, La formula, 西班牙囚犯, La trampa, Spanski zapornik, Испанският затворник, The Spanish Prisoner, Die unsichtbare Falle, A képlet csapdája, Іспанський в'язень, La trama, O Prisioneiro Espanhol, Španski zatvorenik, Mannen fra St. Estephe, Il prigioniero, La prisonnière espagnole, Espanjalainen vanki, Ha-Oketz Ha-Sfaradi

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