In a dark epoch of sorcery, the murderous megalomaniac, King Titus Cromwell, awakens the demonic necromancer, Xusia of Delos, to usurp the throne of the benevolent King Richard of Eh-Dan, enslaving his daughter, and forcing into exile his youngest son, Talon. One violent decade later, Talon–now a great warrior wielding a magnificent triple-bladed sword–returns hell-bent on revenge, unbeknownst to him, however, that the evil sorcerer is alive, gathering his strength for the ultimate battle. Will the dauntless adventurer restore peace to the long-suffering kingdom? Is this the return of the lost prince?

Also Known As: To Spathi ke o Magos, La espada y el hechicero, Miecz i czarnoksieznik, マジック・クエスト 魔界の剣, Talon im Kampf gegen das Imperium West, Sværdet og troldmanden, Julma miekka, Cromwell, el rey de los bárbaros, A Espada e o Feiticeiro, Talen kardja - Harc a mágia ellen, Меч и колдун Soviet, L'épée sauvage, De wraak der Barbaren, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Το Σπαθί και ο Μάγος, Barbarlar, Οι Βάρβαροι, Oi varvaroi, La spada a tre lame, Det grymma svärdet, A Espada e os Bárbaros

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