A tale about two young boys, Prosper and Bo, who flee to Venice after being orphaned and dumped in the care of a cruel auntie. Hiding in the canals and alleyways of the city, the boys are befriended by a gang of young urchins and their enigmatic leader, the Thief Lord. From their home base of an old cinema theater, the children steal from the rich to support themselves and soon capture the interest of a bumbling detective. However, a greater threat to the children is something from a forgotten past– a beautiful magical treasure with the power to spin time itself.

Also Known As: Rosvoruhtinas, Herr der Diebe, O arhontas ton liston, 妙手小賊王, Ο Άρχοντας των Ληστών, Il re dei Ladri, Tolvajok hercege, Le voleur de Venise, The Thief Lord, Król zlodziei, Лорд-Вор, Gospodar lopova, Złodziejaszki, El príncipe de los ladrones, Tyvenes herre, O Senhor dos Ladrões

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  • anne-blanchard
    anne blanchard

    I first fell in love with “The Thief Lord” when I read the book when it came out in 2000. It immediately became an instant favorite of mine. I’ve reread the book numerous times but I never thought there would be a movie to go along with it. Then as I was browsing around my local video store I discovered “The Thief Lord” and rented it. It was better than I ever could have imagined. The movie captured all the magic and the mystery of the book and even brought it to life in a way I never could’ve thought. Rollo Weeks played Scipio perfectly. I can imagine no one else for the role. All in all I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for magic, mystery and an all around good time.

  • tuulikki-makinen
    tuulikki makinen

    I have started the book and seen the movie and i could only think of one word: Awesome!!!!! anyone and everyone who has the opportunity to see this film should. Unfortunately it never cam to theaters in Canada, so i would never have seen it if the movie i wanted had been in stock. as to the casting, most were OK, (In my opinion). Except: A) Scipio is supposed to have long black hair that he wears in a pony-tail. B) Hornet is supposed to have long braided hair. C) The Stella (theatre) is supposed to be ratty and in the book they don’t have electricity. D) The book begins after the movie does. They start the movie when Prosper and Bo run away. But the book starts when the Aunt and Uncle arrive in Venice. E)They, in the book, run away from their grand-fathers house. But in the movie Prosper “kidnappes” Bo from the Aunt and Uncle’s house. so there’s my piece!!All in all this is a must see!!!!!

  • cristina-perry
    cristina perry

    This movie was one of the most amazing directing jobs I have ever seen. With every scene I was entranced, not with just the movie itself, but the scenery, the actors, and the amazing writing by Cornelia Funke. Nothing pleased me more than to see familiar faces up on the screen, and the amazing and intriguing setting of Venice, Italy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who asked my particular favorite. At the moment, this movie is #1 on my to-get list. Anyone looking for an exciting movie with a bit of child-like mystery, then look no further. Each scene will keep your eyes glued to the screen, and every word will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed the book, and the movie was definitely no disappointment.

  • remy-marie
    remy marie

    This was a pretty good movie. I read the book as well, and it was much better. I personally expected Esther to be younger, but that’s okay. Scipio and Prosper was each about to be 13, but in the movie Scipio is 15 and Prosper is 15. I liked the beginning scene when Prop and Bo are in the boat with the bike. One thing I liked was Hornet and Prosper at the end. They look so cute together. I wish there were more scenes with them together, and if you rent the DVD, there is a deleted scene with them talking about Prosper’s mom. The cast was so cool. My two favorites are Rollo Weeks, who plays Scipio, and Alice Connor, who plays Hornet. All in all, this movie was pretty great.

  • ermanis-dzenis
    ermanis dzenis

    I loved it! It’s like, reality with the magic and fantasy of a merry-go-round PLUS all the magic of Venice! Rollo Weeks is a great (and hot) Scipio/ Thief Lord and Aaron Johnson is a perfect Prosper. Alice Something {oops forgotten the surname} did a great job as Hornet and so did the guy who played Victor. I liked the movie a lot ‘cos I can really feel the magic and the excitement during the whole movie! The whole feeling was great because I could feel that, when the characters were mad, I could understand why and, strangely, I felt mad with them! This movie is such a delight, I feel like I could watch it for hours! If you need a break from Harry Potter, The Thief Lord is the right movie. In Harry Potter, the magic is obvious {they’re wizards and witches!} but in The Thief Lord, the magic is very subtle and you can only really feel it during the end. But the feeling of magic and excitement is scattered throughout the whole movie!

  • autumn-lynch
    autumn lynch

    This is a great family movie with touching and quite complex performances from many of the young and relatively unknown cast, and very beautiful cinematography.Some of the adult performances are wildly over the top, but serve to underline the fact that in this movie,it’s the children who get things right and have the right values. It is a great shame – and a terrible waste- that the film did not reach the wider audience that it deserves.It just goes to show that, as always, the merit of a movie has absolutely nothing to do with its success. The more money spent on publicity and hype, the more successful the movie, end of story. Without sufficient backing, no-one has even heard of it until they see it as a DVD on the store shelves. With a huge publicity budget, everyone’s heard of the movie and goes along at least once .By the time they find out it’s rubbish, the box office success is already ensured.I can think of a number of high profile examples of this, but won’t stoop to naming them.

  • scott-rogers
    scott rogers

    Rollo is so cute in it and Aaron Johnson is a great actor Rollo too. Rollo is famous for stealing and is known As the Thief lord of all Vince. The 2 run away boys find Rollo. I advise every body to watch this movie I found it so good I couldn’t stop watching it so I thing you should watch it when you can watch as much TV as possible. The thing I liked the most was The end. At the end though Rollo looks ugly until he changes hes clothing. Theirs not much more I can say unless I spoil the movie. All I can say is that I think This is a wonderful movie and I know I keep saying the same thing over and over but it’s true. Thats it I am not telling you any more you will have to see the wonderful movie for yourself and post a comment.

  • bryan-thorpe
    bryan thorpe

    I love this movie. After I saw it, I decided to read the book. I was glued to it. It took me less than 3 days to read it. The next day, I compared the book to the movie and realized that the movie hardly left anything out and stayed very loyal to the book. The movie is one of my very favorites and so is the book. I told my friend to read it and she loved it, too! I suggest to everyone to see the movie and read the book. This movie is amazingly detailed for having the low budget it did. The acting was wonderful and Cornelia Funke (the writer of the book) did a great job writing it. It is just the best. It is the perfect movie for the whole family.

  • andrew-calhoun
    andrew calhoun

    the movie ‘The Thief Lord” was an exciting tale of two boys, Prosper and Bo, who are orphans. their aunt decides to take in Bo and sends Prosper to and orphanage. the two try to stay together and go to their mothers favorite place, Venice. while there, they happen upon a teenage boy, Scipio, who calls himself the thief lord. he takes care of Prosper, Bo,and his friends Hornet, Riccio, and Mosca. Life is good for the little thieves until they are chased by a detective, Victor. as they all help each other, the magic of the city unfolds and secrets become revealed. a “spinning” twist turns this story into a delightful adventure.i loved this movie and was quite pleased when it followed the books plot. those of you who feel in love with the characters can fall in love with them all over again. a few scenes from the book are missing, but over all it is one of Funke’s masterpieces. actually i read the book before i found out it was a movie and immediately feel in love with it! although my friends refuse to watch it (i am completely obsessed) my family found it rather enjoyable and a good movie. i think that its a shame that it didn’t get a lot of publicity, but even without it anyone who watches The Thief Lord is bound to love it!!!!

  • darryl-lopez
    darryl lopez

    ‘The Thief Lord’ is an enchanting little film that will keep people of all ages occupied since it’s executed in a manner that isn’t too childish or sugary. Based on fantasy novel by Cornelia Funke, the film centres on fourteen-year-old Prosper and six-year-old Bo, orphaned brothers who face being split up by their cruel aunt and uncle who intend to dump the elder boy in a children’s home while they adopt the younger child. The boys flee to Venice, a city their mother told them was magical, where they are befriended by the mysterious Thief Lord and his band of street waifs. Stealing to provide for themselves, the children’s lives are about to take another extraordinary turn as the Thief Lord’s secret is unravelled and they discover why Venice truly is a place veiled of magic.The child cast in this film all give decent performances and manage to carry the film well, since it is very much a film that focuses on their characters. Rollo Weeks’ Scipio is portrayed in a manner that shows him to be a less flashy, more troubled hero than Harry Potter of the films (an entirely different character to the Harry of the books). Aaron Johnson is perfect as Prosper, a young teenager caught between enjoying his own childhood and providing a parental figure to his brother while wee Jasper Harris was utterly adorable as Bo, proving that very young actors can still be talented. Their young co-stars of George MacKay, Lathaniel Dyer and Alice Connor are equally as effective in their roles. And the young cast are well-supported by their adult co-stars, particularly Jim Carter as the clumsy Victor and Alexei Sayle as the slimy Barbarossa.As an adaptation, ‘The Thief Lord’ is quite loyal to the books with the characters and the main plot remaining largely unchanged. The story is depicted in a manner that is involving and will endear the audience to the young characters and the musical score fitted the mood of the film perfectly. However, there were a couple of flaws, such as the scenes towards the end with the new ‘children’ (I don’t want to elaborate too much in deference to those who haven’t seen the film) were a bit too slapstick and didn’t suit the rest of the film while the new version of Scipio should probably have been played by someone else since it just looked like Rollo Weeks with a bit of make-up on. And perhaps it should have been established where Proper and Bo lived previously so the audience aren’t left wondering why the citizens of Venice all speak with English accents.That said, I found ‘The Thief Lord’ a charming film that should appeal to all ages of the family. It’s a shame it’s so underrated and received little acknowledgement in the UK since surely we should be supporting our talented home-grown young actors and be eager to show the world that British child acting doesn’t begin and end with the Harry Potter cast.

  • nemes-g-kristof
    nemes g kristof

    I am being nice with the 4, the movie was a horrible adaption from the book. The other characters where basically written out and parts that where suppose to be full of emotion and feeling, where dulled down and made to seem pointless. In the book when “Theif lord” betrays everyone, they hate him. In the movie it was all “oh who cares.” I was more then slightly annoyed by this. None of the other characters seemed to have a story behind them when they all did. Hornet collected books,and the aunt and uncle where way worse then the movie would have led you to believe. Even the way that the two main characters got there was toned down, like it was no trouble at all. I would suggest that you read the book before giving this movie any type of high rating. I will guarantee you that, you will be just as angry as I was.

  • katherine-chavez
    katherine chavez

    It took me about four hours to read the Thief Lord, and four hours for the book to become my all time favourite. And it wasn’t a case of reading a book because a movie’s been made. I discovered the movie after, and fell in love with it. The actors did a wonderful job, and were very believable. And this was Aaron Johnson’s second time being an on screen orphan. He was Charlie Chaplin in Shanghai Knights. The movie didn’t have many changes, but a change that I absolutely adored was the flirtation between Hornet and Prop. I suspected it in the book, and I’m thrilled they got it out in the open in the movie. All in all, it was one of the best movie’s I’ve ever seen, and it remains my favourite.

  • viktor-bazjak
    viktor bazjak

    This was a wonderful movie. It was quite well-acted, despite depending so heavily on child actors (which movies don’t tend to do, unless said child actor is Dakota Fanning). But really, this was quite well done. Star performances go especially to Alice Connor (Hornet) and Rollo Weeks (Scipio) for their roles, as they best fit their book counterparts.My only qualms with this movie were that the grown-ups (namely the Hartliebs) got obnoxious very quickly, and that the movie was far too rushed. Some of the good acting had to be done very quickly, and it made it seem far less believable. Also, the Hornet/Prosper bits which were thrown so well into the book were suddenly awkward in the movie. Besides these hindrances, this was a wonderful film, which I would recommend, not to ‘Harry Potter’ fans, necessarily, but to fans of anything with this sort of feel… Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or even Narnia.

  • jarkko-riihimaki
    jarkko riihimaki

    I picked up this DVD because my son read the book and said it was great. So what happened??? Where was the character development? Where was the emotion? Where was the memorable score that left you humming when the film was over? The original story was good but you never really see the relationship develop between the kids, especially Scipio and Prosper. When they discover that Scipio is a bit of a fraud, nobody cares that much. When Scipio and Prosper have to make their decision regarding the merry-go-round, it just falls flat. No angst…little emotion…a disappointment. The whole thing seemed very amateurish to me. This film could have been better than Harry Potter or Narnia or Series of Unfortunate Events and should have been much better than it was. Instead, it never made it to the theaters. Hope they do better with Inkheart.

  • nisa-blonk
    nisa blonk

    I have read the book and I have seen the movie. I love the book when it came out and I have read it more then 5 times. when I saw a preview for the movie I ran around the house telling my parents. Today my sister gave me the movie. When I got home the first thing I did was put the DVD in and sat down and watched it. Unlike some people I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Yes some of the characters could use more MAGIC but I still liked it. I love the way that they talk and I may not have much to say because i think that Rollo Weeks AKA the Thief Lord is HOT!!!! But I still believe that its a great movie. But I Do like the book much more than the movie, but I still like the movie. Well its late I’m out Thanks Bye!!! LOVE YOU ROLLO WEEKS

  • sig-ra-enzo-piras
    sig ra enzo piras

    I just want to say that I adore The Thief Lord book and when I found out they made a movie from it, I almost fainted with joy. The story’s about little Bo and his older brother Prosper. Their mother died and they are placed under the care of their Aunt Esther and her husband. Aunt Esther only wants Bo because of his angel face and plans to place Prosper in a boarding school (it’s an orphanage in the movie). The siblings refuses to be separated and runs away to Venice. There they meet Scipio (aka Thief Lord) and he offers them Stella, an old rundown theatre, as a home. There they meet other orphans like them: Hornet, Riccio, and Mosca.Bo and Prosper’s aunt and uncle goes to Venice and hires a detective named Victor to find them, because they knew how much the boys love Venice, from the stories their mother told them. There’s a souvenir shop owner by the name of Barbarosso and the orphans sell the treasures that Scipio steals to him. Barbarosso has a costumer that wants something precious stolen and the Thief Lord accepts the job. It’s a wooden wing that belongs to the merry-go-around of the Merciful Sisters, claimed to do magical wonders. If I continue, I’ll spoil the delightful surprises.After seeing it, I was disappointed. What happened to the characters? Where’s the sparkle? The characters seem shallow comparing to the ones in the book. The movie really did stick to the plot of the book but it seems they were so obsessed in keeping the story line just right that they forgot the characters. Plus, the English accent was so thick that I had a hard time understanding what they were saying.There are wonderful scenes in the movie that really shone forth. I love how Bo and Prosper met Scipio, the camera following him crawling on rooftops. The awesome escape the gang made after Victor found them in the Square. Victor and his mustache collection that he keeps inside his jacket. The beautiful mask shop.Maybe I’m just too faithful to the book. This movie will be great for those people who haven’t read it yet.

  • anna-johansson
    anna johansson

    This movie is a surprise, much more entertaining than many of the kids movie I have seen in quite sometime. Though the morale movie won’t teach the kid anything good but the movie is quite impressive.Synopsis: After their parent pass away Bo was adopted by relative while Prosper was send to orphanage. With the dream of fantastical adventure that they late mother always talk about, the two run away to Venice and befriend with The Thief Lord.Everything about this film is quite impressive actually. The story that been transform into the great screenplay and what I like the most was the characters development, despite having five main characters, there is a great balance between them. Though the story is a little bit slow and quite brief at the end I don’t really mind it.The casting of the kids are brilliant. They all work out really well and are adorable together. And though their acting is not the top but convincing enough. The locations of Venice add an extra freshness to the movie and also the score is not bad at all, fit really well with the style of the film.Overall the film is really well done and I would my recommended to the kids to watch it. It is a definite fun for the whole family.Reason To Watch: The Kids, Brilliant Solid Story.Reason Not To: Dislike of Kids Movie.Rating: 8/10 (Grade: A-).Rate After Read (Y/N) Thanks

  • shak-ro-giorgobiani
    shak ro giorgobiani

    I had read the Thief Lord, and really liked it, but the ending never really clicked with me. Suddenly, Venice seemed almost supernatural, which came completely out of the blue, and Scpio’s decision to become grown-up (although you understood why it was done) seemed like a huge mistake. I had really enjoyed this book, until that part.But of course, when I saw that it was made into a movie, I had to see it. I was fully prepared to be completely disappointed with the movie, and complain that it was nothing like the book, but I was pleasantly surprised.The movie was absolutely wonderful! The story was summarized to the main plot very nicely and most of the dialogue seemed to come straight out of the book. The acting was superb. The soundtrack was great. And, most importantly it visually answered my questions.When Bo sees the creatures from the Merry-Go-Round, you actually believe Venice (and the Merry-Go-Round) has these magical powers. Also, I was more acceptant of Scipo’s life-altering decision, after seeing how he contently fit in to the adult world (something that I thought was never done to my satisfaction in the book).Although, the movie is obviously a low-budget film. I found the special effects quite refreshing to today’s computer-generated creatures. For some reason, I found it to be even more believable that way.There were only two problems I found with the movie. One was the lack of knowledge you had for the supporting characters. For instance, I didn’t even get that Hornet had a crush on Prosper, until after it was said. I understand that you can’t fit all of the character’s history from the movie into the book, but a little would be nice.The second problem I had with the movie was that I didn’t know about it until I saw it on DVD! I can only assume that it was because it didn’t make enough money in the box office. My question is WHY?!? This is probably one of the best family films I have seen in a long time and would please adults and children alike. SO WHY DIDN’T THESE PEOPLE SEE IT! TO MAKE UP FOR THIS CRIME THAT YOU HAVE Committed ON YOURSELF, YOU MUST GO AND RENT THIS MOVIE. You won’t regret it.

  • phillip-gibson
    phillip gibson

    After finishing reading the book, I heard about the movie coming out in 2006. Of course I didn’t expect much, only because books being turned into movies turn out bad. But i have say, this movie was probably the best movie i have seen in many years. This movie just blew me, and not only me, but my family away. The film was amazingly detailed and explained the character very well. The effects for this movie were just magical. This film isn’t the blockbuster of the year, but this movie did have amazing acting, the effects were really well done for a low-budget movie. And, the most important, it did stay very true to the book and left very little out. Looking back on some book/movies, they leave a lot out and some of the movies don’t turn out that great for some people. But this movie left out very little, and a lot of people will be very pleased. The movie overall will get a 10/10 because Cornelia Funke is just an extremely amazing writer, and the movie was just so magical and exciting, all people of any age will love it. And don’t forget to catch Cornelia’s soon to be made into a movie, Inkheart.

  • ludmila-kolarova
    ludmila kolarova

    Cornelia Funke is my favourite author, due to her natural characters, rich imagination & the vivid scenes she paints. (In the imagination.) Yet I had no idea The Thief Lord was being made & only discovered by chance that it was on release. Very minimal publicity indeed compared to the over-hyped Harry Potter films. As a fan I wondered if it had suffered under the film-makers’ knife. Whether it had been drastically altered. Well, there is occasional alteration & several scenes cut, but otherwise one of the more faithful adaptations. I was impressed by Scipio in particular, but I thought everyone was good. The adults were a little OTT, but not bad. Archers fans will recognise the distinctive voice of “Lynda Snell” (Carol Boyd) as the aunt. The score is dramatic & the effects wondrous. I’d rather see this than Harry Potter any day. Thief Lord has genuine heart & doesn’t rely on constant flash & show. It’s real storytelling for a change. It’s just a shame it will be lost beneath the heavyweights of X3 & The Wild. 9/10

  • katie-santiago
    katie santiago

    Excellent! The book was spectacular as well as the movie! I recommend this to everyone. It comes out on DVD on March 14, 2006. You should most definitely watch it!Cornelia Funke did a wonderful job thinking up such a story. This has a spectacular cast. Rollo Weeks is, in my opinion, the ONLY choice for Scipio aka The Thief Lord.The plot is that with a surprise ending. My favorite character is Scipio. This movie is perfect for males and females of all ages. It was originally made in English but was dubbed for German theaters. So, every one who speaks English, don’t worry! You can still see this wonderful movie!If you see it and just love it(which I know you will) you should recommend it to all your friends!

  • indy-den-teuling
    indy den teuling

    Cornelia Funke’s novel has been turned into a very good “family” film. How I hate to use that term but unfortunately its true. This is the story of a couple of orphans who high tail it to Venice in search of the magic that their mother always spoke about. Their they fall in with the “Thief Lord” and his band of orphans who steal in order to survive.This is a really good movie. I really do like it a great deal. The film is well acted by all concerned. It has great effects and is extremely well made in pretty much every area. And that is what was wrong with the film, it looks too good. Everything is picture perfect and neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film where Venice ever looked this neat and clean. It takes the film out of being very real to being a a bit of lets put on a show. Its a grand and very enjoyable show, but its a show who’s technical excellence keeps you at arms distance. Maybe its just a bit of disappointment on my part, I wanted to fall into this film and enjoy it from on the inside, instead I was forced to see it through a looking glass of picture perfect perfection.Still see this movie. If you have kids sit them down and show them this movie, it will keep everyone entertained. Its a film that people should be seeing and talking about since its too good to have get lost and disappear.7.5 out of 10.

  • kaalidaas-krssnnmuurti
    kaalidaas krssnnmuurti

    The Thief Lord was released in my country a couple of months ago and for some reason this movie almost immediately caught my attention. A German family adventure/fantasy movie with English language and with English actors – all of that seemed quite unusual and therefore interesting to me. At the same time I never heard of Cornelia Funke’s novel of the same name so I didn’t know exactly what to expect from the movie. I watched Thief Lord today and actually I liked it. It was really fascinating to see something fresh and different from typical and often annoying Hollywood family stuff. For young ones Thief Lord is an enjoyable family adventure with talented young cast against the background of one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, Venice. For grown-ups besides that it’s a story of bitter loneliness and sometimes misunderstanding which unite most of the characters. Two brothers, fifteen years old Prosper and much younger Bo, after death of their parents are separated. The younger goes to the old childless relatives and Prosper has been sent to an orphanage. But brothers can’t live without each other and for six years old Bo Prosper is the only person who cares about him and loves him so much. Desperate, they run away. They have nowhere to go in the whole world and they are heading to Venice, the city that their mother loved so much. But the city is not welcome to runaways with no money and only unexpected help of a mysterious boy, who called himself Thief Lord and saves them from more troubles. Bo and Prosper join him and his team of orphans who find a refuge in a deserted movie theater. Soon our heroes learn that ancient city is full of surprises and what’s is more that some strange magical things can happen there. They become involved into rather unexpected events and lives of different characters collide in Venice. We meet a lonely wife and husband, who also heading to Venice, trying to find a runaway child, who was merely a way to suppress their own loneliness, a lonely detective, who was hired to find Bo and some other characters. However, finally for many of our heroes resolution salvation of their personal problems will come in a rather unexpected way for each other. But the loneliest and most suffering from that is mysterious Thief Lord himself who is trying to keep his secrets inside of him. This key character is playing by Rollo Weeks, who looks very good in his rather complicated part. Both Aaron Johnson (Prosper) and Jasper Harris also left very positive impression from their acting, self-reliance and naturalness. Despite rather short running time of the movie the development of most main characters is not bad. We know enough about them to feel sympathy or antipathy to them and we are not indifferent to them, which is very important for such a story. The acting among adult cast was also not bad with most memorable and likable performance from Jim Carter as Victor. Thief Lord in the beginning the movie is fast paced and probably a little too short but mostly it’s exciting well-filmed film with interesting and original story. The soundtrack one it’s own looked very good and it’s a very good addition to visual part even if sometimes the music is abstracted from what we saw on screen. And let me to say that visuals for such low-budgeted production were also not too bad. If you are looking for a good non-American family adventure film on English language as an alternative for Hollywood production featuring talented cast, probably you would be unable to find better choice than Thief Lord. Also it’s worth to notice that the movie mostly successfully avoids typical and clichéd for American family films crude humor and language.I know possibly I’m too generous and surely Thief Lord is not a flawless masterpiece but I rated it 9 out of 10. Unfortunately such enjoyable and beautifully shot family movies so rarely appear in our movie theaters or video stores. And the last one thing that I almost forgot to mention. The title song “Orphan skies” is pretty cool and I liked it very much.

  • lisa-rinaldi
    lisa rinaldi

    Sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie and overlook some minor imperfections. You judge it by how you feel when the movie ends. A movie that the whole family can enjoy, sans profanity, nudity, complex themes or juxtaposed subplots.Great music, a great story and well executed direction. This is one movie that will not disappoint you as long as you understand that it is a children’s’ movie with simple and easily understood dialog and story line. Surprisingly, the adults equally enjoyed the production.The characters are very convincing and the script is believable. Overall a very positive experience.

  • glenn-martin
    glenn martin

    When I was about 9 or 10, I read the book. I loved it, and it deepened my love for the city of Venice. The movie is about two boys, Pop and Bo, who get separated when their mother dies: 6 year old Bo has to live with his terrible aunt and uncle, 15 year old Pop ends up in an orphanage. The decide to run away to Venice, a city their mother had always loved. Without money or home, they meet the 16 year old Lord of the Thiefs and get to live with him and his gang of orphans, and get a dangerous mission to steal a wooden wing…The actors were well chosen and played even due to their young age very well, the pictures of Venice are beautiful and the music was thoroughly fitting. Only 9 stars, because notable changes were made from the book, though it wasn’t too tragic.